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Random files - Fan Art Gallery
LoZ1--Wooden_and_Magical_Boomerangs.jpgLoZ1 Boomerangs18 viewsThe Wooden and Magical Boomerangs from Zelda 1.

I used the official manual art as reference.
kuzzle01.jpgbehold the weirdness of kuzzle206 viewsOh, the humanity!
Will you ever forgive me?
For I have written a fan-fic with my limited english!!

This here is Kuzzle, the wizard that summons Link to "test him and stuff". There is a reason for his actions, and he's "kinda" stupid.
2 commentsAltaire
NO.JPGOola and Nemekeh171 viewsCharacters from my fanfic-The Hilt of Hyrule. My scanner is finally working again!Miss Fearsome Pirate
Zelda(oot).jpgPrincess Zelda (OoT)2582 views29 commentsMagalink
twighlight princess copy.jpg
twighlight princess copy.jpgtwilight princess181 viewsfor the new zelda twilight princess another legend
in english it says:
the end is nigh darkness picks at the charred bones of the world
skeletons walk the earth no place is safe this is our final hour
the hero fights the darkness but their numbers are great
this evil is nameless
a fear so great it has swallowed the hopes of the people
they show no emotion they are the souls of pain hate greed and shadow
the hero beats back the endless waves of night walkers
this evil is nameless
lit by the last moons of the world the hero does battle with the evil
darkness shrouds the future and covers the past
but there is hope some say the hero is winning he persists
o hero thine will is stronger than a thousand swords
there will be no respite for this evil
their cursed blades will be crushed by the strength of the hero
the hero is known only as link
i believe him to be the hero of legend
the descendant of the hero of the winds although he is much older
the power of the gods shines forth from the back of his hand
his courage is endless farore would be proud
the evil has met its match
3 commentsthechroniclesofjim
sleepy.jpgEllvyre and Enway, "Do we have to be awake?"39 viewsThey're so sleepy, they must have stayed up too late or might have had a tiring day. Yep...
Ellvyre, Enway, art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
jeezfarore.PNGFarore84 viewsNo clue why I drew this, just felt like drawing a crazy person with green hair. They both aren't that good, so yeah. I like the crazed Farore personally! Drawn on paint with a laptop mouse pad.
Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
LoZ2--Moby.jpgZelda 2 AoL Moby97 viewsThe experience-stealing bird from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I used a sprite as reference for this one.

Take it down before it steals some of your hard-earned EXP!
3 commentsDBoyWheeler

Last additions - Fan Art Gallery
4ae34a27ea227b241e402481297eeef0.jpgWoop! Woop! DA FOUR SWORDS WITH SHADOW LINK!262 viewsWooooooooooBEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
vaati_zelda_by_kiru75-d34rzoc.pngVaati and Princess Zelda(doesn't exactly look like Zelda, but it is)335 viewsYay?BEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
creepy_pasta_card_5th_ben_drowned_by_gatanii69-d6twz1p.jpgBEN Drowned311 viewsYouv'e met with a terrible fate, haven't you?BEN DrownedNov 16, 2014
The_Twilight_Princess_version_2_by_kisssh0t.jpgThe Twilight Princess - Version 2423 viewsThis is an updated version of my Midna drawing that I did last year.

You can compare it against the old version if you want, you will notice I have drawn a new face, fixed her neck to look less doll like and added some extra glow effects to the pattern across her body. I have also made color alterations to her body as a whole.

The reason for the update? I felt I needed to fix some things because at the time I rushed the image.

KissSh0tAug 21, 2012
memory_photos_007.JPGLinks loftwing original343 viewsThis is a photo of the other pic before I uploaded and painted it on the comp :)GoldEyeJul 21, 2012
Link_s_loftwing2_redone.pngLink's loftwing flying370 viewsHi!! this is Link's loftwing as you can see. This is totally different to my usual style, but thats cos its just a play around that took about ten mins. To be honest i'm not amazingly happy with it but there you go, lolGoldEyeJul 21, 2012
kargaroks.pngKargarok369 viewsA kargarok from Legend of Zelda Wind WakerBarqueroJun 08, 2012
Bokoblin0.pngBokoblin395 viewsA red Bokoblin from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword BarqueroJun 08, 2012