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link3.jpgPrincess's Studing323 viewsThis is Princess Zelda and Princess Akako *from my fan fic* the background was WAY hard I had to remember doing the school hallway back in my 9th grade year that was in Art 1. I'm going to redraw this one! UPDATE: this one is current being redrawin.10 commentsAmy122
link2.jpgXmas Day446 viewsThe red head is ME! I was thinking of this while thinking of christmas. Mai Valentine is my other nickname my nicks are Ami or Mai Valentine. BTW check out my other Drawings in my files!1 commentsAmy122
link5.jpgPrincess Zelda305 viewsThis is how Zelda looks in my Fan Fic. I hope you ppl will enjoy it cuz soon i'll draw Link!! Enjoy. Update, Zelda does no longer look like this! She has been updated!12 commentsAmy122
BIGGORON_S_SWORD.jpgBIGGRORN'S SWORD151 viewsHere's the Biggoron's Sword WITH no folding lines! I have to find the other sword on my cd's and save it to my computer!Amy122
Knife.JPGKnife171 viewsI dunno maybe I should shrink it? Other than's okay really............2 commentsAmy122
SWORD.JPGSword150 viewsHere's the same sword....with NO folding lines again! Maybe I should try the Master Sword Twilight Princess???Amy122
Akako.JPGPrincess202 viewsI took this pose from Akane. I know it's been a while since I posted art up here. Now, all my art is here Enjoy. Btw, I'm working on updating her.2 commentsAmy122
Lady_Aneko_by_Amy122.jpgLady Aneko159 viewsI so don't like the way her hair is, so I updated her. It'll be a while. Anyway, Aneko is one of Akako's handmaidens, and yes she's a Gerudo, her cousin is Nabooru. Her outfit has been updated as well.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and vote.
6 commentsAmy122
Light_Sword.JPGSages Sword157 viewsOK, it's finally done. Sage's sword from Twlight Princess.


Sage's (c) by: Shigeru Miyamoto

Art and style (c) by me
1 commentsAmy122
TP_Master_Sword.JPGTP Master Sword157 viewsHere it is, it's offically done. Next I'm going at the Master Sword from Ocarina of Time. Then try to find a picture of it from Wind Waker.


Master Sword (c) by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Uncle_s_sword~0.JPGUncle's Sword109 viewsI'm sure a lot of you are working, 'WTF, what does this has to do with Zelda?', remember when in A Link to the Past, where Link wakes up and his uncle goes out and then he goes after him and finds him seriously injured and he gives him his sword and sheild? Well this is suppose to be his sword :pAmy122
Gilded_Sword.JPGGilded Sword81 viewsHere it is, done. I had to use reference, from a friend. I use his desgins on his sword, mostly the hilt and the blade. But the color is mine. I would say I asked but, since he's been offline for IDK, there's no point in asking.

Gilded Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

The friend I used his desgin is DarkBountyHunter. Half of the desgin on mine may be different. If you think that it's too much like his please tell me and I'll remove it.
2 commentsAmy122
DoubleHelixSword.JPGDouble Helix Sword94 viewsHere it is, Oni-Link's sword. I don't like the way the tip of the blade came out. I tried to look up it from someone else in MS Paint to see if they had done it so I could use reference. Which I found none. I don't think I'll ever redo this again.

Double Helix Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Sword-2.JPGMaster Sword130 viewsHere it, the A Link to the Past verison of the Master Sword. What next? Well....I can BOTH verison of the Kokiri Sword OOT and MM, Razor Sword MM, Master Sword OOT, Temper Sword ALTTP, Both Master Swords from WW, the Four Swords FS, Phantom Sword PH, Zelda's sword TP, The Great Fairy's Sword MM, Ganondorf's sword SSBM and I guess try to do Sheik's knife OOT.

Master Sword ALTTP verison by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
3 commentsAmy122
Razor_Sword.JPGRAZOR SWORD94 viewsHere's the Razor sword ready for use :) Enjoy

Razor Sword MM verison by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

IF this looks too much like DarkBounty hunters sword then I'll remove it, just tell me Cause I had to use his as a reference.
Four_Sword.PNGFour Sword81 viewsOMG, I haven't posted anything in a while. God, my fan-fiction gets in the way and my other art does too. I've had this on hold for a good while now. >< I love how it turned out, the only thing that needs to change is the side things. They need to be a bit more out.

Four Swords by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

P.S. If I find anyone stealing this which I doubt you can cause I have my username on the blade. BUT, if I find someone stealing this, I will seriously make you PAY!
3 commentsAmy122
Master_Sword-1.JPGMaster Sword87 viewsHere's the complete verison of the Master Sword. And I must say it came out better than the first one I was doing. I still have the Great Fairies sword to do, the WW sword, WW master sword and the Phantom Sword...maybe Sheik's knife too....

Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

BTW, Please ignore the P.S. in the last one...I have that on my SA account cause there's a lot of art thieves out there. >O
5 commentsAmy122
Hero_s_Sword.JPGHero's Sword134 viewsBOOYA!!! Here's the Hero's sword that Link gets before he leaves Outset Island.

Hero's Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
4 commentsAmy122
Knife.PNGShiek's Knife122 viewsHere it is finally, her knife. I know there's a lot of fights on the internet about her gender, BUT. Sakurai said 'her' so it's official that Sheik is a female. ONE, I'm sick of the fights over her gender, and SECOND. She may look male, but her voice in BOTH Melee and Brawl gives it out that she's a female. Anyway, I might try to do more details to the hilt and extend the blade more.

Shiek's Knife by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
SWORD.PNGAkako's Sword79 viewsI had this laying around in my pictures, I never got to complete it. It seems to me that half of the blade is needs some sort of Design.....I"m not sure what kind...

Princess Akako by: me
4 commentsAmy122
OrdonSword~1.jpgOrdon Sword Redone68 viewsI made the blade longer, I think it could be a bit longer the hilt does need to be longer. I'll do that another time. Anyway, I think it came out a bit better. I'm going to try to redo the Double Helix Sword....let's hope it comes out better...

Ordon Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
SWORD~0.PNGAkako's Sword-184 viewsI took advice from hauu13 and Princess of Twilight and added Hylian Text onto her sword. Really, all it is, is a bunch of random letters. I know it's hard to see with my watermark over it. I changed the hilt from a light black to black. Maybe I should have made the text's going to be hard now to redo it....

Princess Akako by: me
5 commentsAmy122
Golden_Sword.PNGALTTP SWORD62 viewsSince now i have watermark, I had to put my water mark on this. Nothing has changed.

Golden Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

Btw, I'm open for requests, drawing Freehand or even MS Paint swords just leave a message :)
4 commentsAmy122
New_Biggorons_Sword.PNGOOT Sword80 viewsI had to move my user name over onto the blade and I added my watermark, for those who are new to my swords, NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE like art thieves. Not even me. So I add not only my username, but my watermark onto the blade to keep thieves from trying to take it....

Biggorns Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

I'm open for requests
2 commentsAmy122
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