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Practice_Sword.pngPractice Sword178 viewsThis is the first sword Link gains in Skyward Sword! After this he obtains the Goddess Sword, which I'll do later.

Practice Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Princesses,_Pirate_and_a_Bounty_Hunter.jpgDifferent Version231 viewsIt's the same only difference is Samus, her hair is long, she has platform shoes and her suit is different...I finally found a Concept Art of Samus's Ze5ro Suit which I'll use for future ref. unless they (nintendo) comes out with a new metroid. Speaking of Metroid, OTHER M SUCKS! WHERE THE (beeping, beep) is Samus's (beep) FAN FARE? HUH WHERE IS IT? SHE'S SUPPOSE TO HAVE IT WHEN SHE FIRST APPEARS!! >O Sorry for the language. For those who's play Fusion and beat it, Nightmare is in Other M, Ridley dies in Other M by the Metroid Queen. And of course Mother Brain is back in a human android body. >< the only thing I liked was seeing Samus actually talk, and she DOES actually cry when Adam dies.

Too much spoilers....

Okada Christine and Princess Akako © by: Me
Princess Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Samus Aran © by: Yoshio Sakamoto
Metroid Other M and Zelda Twilight Princess © by: Nintendo
7 commentsAmy122
Princess_Akako.jpgPrincess Akako213 viewsI figured it was high time to give her a new look. I shorten her hair and all. I think she came out very lovely. I hope this is the last time I update her...

Princess Akako © by: Amy122/Me
5 commentsAmy122
Razor_Sword.JPGRAZOR SWORD115 viewsHere's the Razor sword ready for use :) Enjoy

Razor Sword MM verison © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

IF this looks too much like DarkBounty hunters sword then I'll remove it, just tell me Cause I had to use his as a reference.
Skyward_Sword_Master_Sword.pngSkyward Sword Master Sword146 viewsNintendo Claims that this Master Sword is suppose to be the same one from Twilight Princess but, they're wrong. Look at the difference between this one and my Twilight Princess Master Sword.

Anway, I just used Twilight Princess Master sword instead of creating a new one. Had to do a lot of changes too..had to change the color of the blade, take out some gold marks that was on the sword...even some that was on the blade...Other than that eh, it's good I suppose.

Skyward Sword Master Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Stalfo_s_Sword.PNGStalfo's Sword81 viewsI do hope you guy's recoginze this sword :D the bottom was a bit hard to do. Other than that I had fun doing it :) Only one more secret sword to do. But I'll have to look it up on You tube since, I can't find no official art of it or screenshots of it :D

Stalfo's Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
4 commentsAmy122
Stell.jpgStell82 viewsI have plans for him to appear in chapter two but, since I need inspriation that may take a long time to even do...anyway, he dislikes Orge Deity a lot and he's a 'demon' hunter. He falls in love with Akako and doesn't see why she's in love with Deity really.

This was taken by my phone camera and uploaded on here, I wasn't able to get to a scanner until last night, and right now it's ready for the second coloring and ink and it'll be done.

Stell © by: Amy122
Stell~0.jpgStell160 viewsHere's the colored's scanner cut off his name and made his other view the way it is....I can't do anything about it...sorry.

Stell © by: Amy122
4 commentsAmy122
Stell~1.jpgStell92 viewsSince I got a new Power Supply, I was able to get the full version of this drawing up, and it looks better than the one I have currently up.

Stell © by: Amy122/Me
Sword-2.JPGMaster Sword154 viewsHere it, the A Link to the Past verison of the Master Sword. What next? Well....I can BOTH verison of the Kokiri Sword OOT and MM, Razor Sword MM, Master Sword OOT, Temper Sword ALTTP, Both Master Swords from WW, the Four Swords FS, Phantom Sword PH, Zelda's sword TP, The Great Fairy's Sword MM, Ganondorf's sword SSBM and I guess try to do Sheik's knife OOT.

Master Sword ALTTP verison © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
3 commentsAmy122
SWORD.JPGSword160 viewsHere's the same sword....with NO folding lines again! Maybe I should try the Master Sword Twilight Princess???Amy122
SWORD.PNGAkako's Sword95 viewsI had this laying around in my pictures, I never got to complete it. It seems to me that half of the blade is needs some sort of Design.....I"m not sure what kind...

Princess Akako © by: me
4 commentsAmy122
SWORD~0.PNGAkako's Sword-1101 viewsI took advice from hauu13 and Princess of Twilight and added Hylian Text onto her sword. Really, all it is, is a bunch of random letters. I know it's hard to see with my watermark over it. I changed the hilt from a light black to black. Maybe I should have made the text's going to be hard now to redo it....

Princess Akako © by: me
5 commentsAmy122
The_Princess,_the_Pirate_and_the_Bounty_Hunter.pngThe Princesses, the Pirate and the Bounty Hunter86 viewsI was looking around some of Princess of Twilight's files of her drawings and caMe across The Princesses and the Bounty Hunter and thought of this. I love how they came out too ^^ I'm working on coloring it now too :)

Akako, The Pirate Christine Okada © by: Me
Zelda, Samus Aran © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Metroid © by: Makoto Kano

I'm accepting requests for either MS Paint or Drawing.
22 commentsAmy122
The_Princesses_the_pirate_and_the_Bounty_Hunter.jpgThe Princesses The Space Pirate and the Bounty Hunter127 viewsOkay I've been working on this for a while, I would have had it done sooner but, I was sick this morning...unlike I had some cold Chicken to settle my stomach.... anyway, as you can see, they're all holding weapons and both Zelda and Akako are holding their books. As for Okada, she's suppose to be holding a knife in her right hand but since Zelda is in the way, you can't see it, in her left is her gun that she keeps under her jacket, the necklace some random guy who was dying ran into Okada and gave it to her.

Remember: MORE than 2-4 comments to keep me posting art on here!

There's going to be another one like this, because Samus has officially changed esp her Zero Suit.

Okada Christine and Princess Akako© by: Me
Princess Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Samus Aran © by: Yoshio Sakamoto
Metroid Other M and Zelda Twilight Princess © by: Nintendo
4 commentsAmy122
TP_Master_Sword.JPGTP Master Sword173 viewsHere it is, it's offically done. Next I'm going at the Master Sword from Ocarina of Time. Then try to find a picture of it from Wind Waker.


Master Sword (c) by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Uncle_s_sword~0.JPGUncle's Sword118 viewsI'm sure a lot of you are working, 'WTF, what does this has to do with Zelda?', remember when in A Link to the Past, where Link wakes up and his uncle goes out and then he goes after him and finds him seriously injured and he gives him his sword and sheild? Well this is suppose to be his sword :pAmy122
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