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waiting for hero to return-color.jpg
waiting for hero to return-color.jpgWaiting for her hero to return339 viewsI got strict orders to color for Girlink,and this is what has come to be..hahaha.
anyway, Thanks too GL for letting me post them too,because if you had wanted to post them it would be no probulm..hehe I added the almost forgotin tear.
I love my spriting skill with MSpaint.
Hope everyone bows to the SKILL that is GIRLINK!!
8 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 14:06star_breaker: Is she pregnant? im confused.... good job guys!
Vatti Pulse WP.jpg
Vatti Pulse WP.jpgVatti PULSE -wp221 viewsHadn't done a MC wallpaper yet so I did this one of Vatti.
its ruffly the size it should be for a wallpaper..
I thought it turned out EXELLENT!!

his heart beats with a slow cold steady rythum his negetive energy spilling out from every orifiss his one mighty red eye gazeing through his hair
6 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 14:05star_breaker: thnis looks good... I like it, espcially your desc...
Twilight princess banner.gif
Twilight princess banner.giftwilight princess banner181 viewshmmm...looks diferent alittle after I downloaded to get my wolflink scanned...hope..fully this still intrests people...$-$7 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 14:04star_breaker: I liek it, but it;s a bti small... DTE has a point...
tplink2006.jpgTPLink 2006 color213 viewsNEWYEARS LINK IN COLOR!!!8 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 14:00star_breaker: I noticed coz I am cleevr nice pic he does look ol...
TPLink 2006.jpg
TPLink 2006.jpgTPLink 2006179 viewsMy newyears pic,.
pencil version
I havn't finished the colored one yet,.
But I'll get to it,.
My Link didn't have a good newyears,.and nether did I,.
I never seem too,.
4 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:55star_breaker: Lol i like this pic, add me on your contact list p...
TP-Link-Light my way-.jpg
TP-Link-Light my way-.jpgTPLink-Light my way247 viewsJN05Fyrborn
-Light my way-

Through the dark, with nothing but my wits.
To find what must be fate,and wet my lips.
With the cold willing potion of courage.
I may journey through a lonely life.
Through steps of crimson,and dreams of shadows.
My life might swim through the deep resesis of battle and death.
But in the end,I am alone.
In the darkness.
In the shadows.
Beyond the trees.
Past the evil.
Will you...
Light my way??
7 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:54star_breaker: You make my sketches at home look rubbish thanks a...
TP Link coloredpencil.jpg
TP Link coloredpencil.jpgTP Link coloredpencil158 viewssecond part of art set.
Twilight Princess Link done in colored pencils...its uncanny resemblince to the markered one is because of my talent of keeping something the same..color wise.
3 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:48star_breaker: I like it, it's awesome... itl ooks dark and m...
thelegendofzelda cardset.jpg
thelegendofzelda cardset.jpglinkstuffitem link1 cardset323 viewsthis is the first set of ten cards from the nintendo game/trading cards that were made back in 1998...these are all ten of the series 1..all kept in good condition..cept I lost at most of the scratchoffs..these were sold in packs of about 9 for like a buck I think and featured other game charecters like mario...I think I have most of them that were made...I used to buy them all the time..makes me wish I didn't give away my doubles.9 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:47star_breaker: weird, isn't it?
ThecreationofHyrule.jpgHyrule history part1-The creation of Hyrule194 viewsAccording to the Hylian scrolls, the mythical gods descended from a distant nebula to the world that was and created order and life. The God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land. The God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to nature. The God of Courage, through justice and vigor, created life-the animals that crawl the land and the birds that soar in the sky. After the gods had finished their work, they left the world, but not before creating a symbol of their strength, a golden triangle known as the Triforce. A small but powerfull portion of the essence of the gods was held in this mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life on the world of Hyrule. Although it was an inanimate object, the Triforce had the power to bestow three titles which gave the person who recieved them great powers: "The Forger of Strength", "The Keeper of Knowledge", and "The Juror of Courage". 8 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:46star_breaker: oooo, I remember this from one of the manuals... I...
theadventureoflink cardset.jpg
theadventureoflink cardset.jpgLinkstuffitem Link2 cardset254 viewsI knew I still had these some one of my card binders.
these were trading/game cards that came from nintendo in1998..many other cards had mario and other charecters..each pack of about 9 also had a sticker card at random.
this is all ten the adventures of Link set of cards..there kind of played like you would a scratch ticket..I lost at most of them..
3 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:45star_breaker: I think Zelda would make a very good movie, but it...
Strickin with Steel.jpg
Strickin with Steel.jpgStricken With Steel220 viewsDid this pic for Girlink for her defeat of Toot,..showing Ganon's last death throll before transforming,into MEGAPIG..he's nekid cause his musculs ripped his clothes off..and I was to lazy to draw them..haha.
for those who never saw him chuck red blood in Toot,can see it here,..none of that green stuff here...
7 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:37star_breaker: I like it! I am glad you stopped there, though! ...
Sheik.jpgShiek204 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece on Shiek, zelda's alterguyego.
who always seemed to me, to be a ninja.
5 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:34star_breaker: Nice picture... those coulors bring out Shek;s dar...
Rainstormed.jpgRainstormed...219 viewsForest Minish, stuck in the rain... yay new stuff!
Just got to dig those feather tails. 2005
7 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:33star_breaker: Aww, how cute! the little picori thing form the m...
party links.gif
party links.gifParty Link's333 viewsjust a short gif I did of dlink and link gettin down with there bad selves..
go on you know you wanna,chant
18 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:32star_breaker: It's random rubbish> i lvoe it! Go Link! ...
Oot group.jpg
Oot group.jpgOot group188 viewsanother oldy that I scavenged out of my artwork...I like zeldas eyes...and the design on the wooden shield...hopefully someone will like it ...kind of.3 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:30star_breaker: I like Ganon, he looks very freaky there! Zelda&#...
Oot blue bubble.jpg
Oot blue bubble.jpgOot blue bubble166 viewsOot Oot blue bubble spooky.
wonder if it would fight with Girlink's Poe? that would be an evil fight..
the clash of the skulls!!
wings and robes flapping!!
umyeah..whooo E_V_I_L!!
5 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:28star_breaker: He looks great! veyr evil and scary! That would ...
oneonone2.jpgOne on One196 viewsjust a doodle I drew when I was kinda's myself training with the future1R Link from my fanfic..I don't talk much about my fanfic. but anyway I wished it would have came out clearer then this though.
links fairy Toffar hmm still need to draw him..but he's here in light form.
the two swords are Link's MasterCrimson and my Bone sword of the warrior. Links sheild shows the insignia for the house of Guardion. links face didn't turn out as great as I had hoped..FIGHT ON!!
6 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:27star_breaker: I like it a lot, it does have ana ancient feeling ...
Omega Maximus Link.jpg
Omega Maximus Link.jpgOmega Maximus Link238 views I Originally wanted to draw Link as a serpent, kind of that what if Link succumed to his evil side, type thing but it became alot more, the more I drew...still not quite happy with how the wings turned out though...20058 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:26star_breaker: I like it!
Navi.jpgNavi...214 viewsI like this sketch alot and so I wanted to give it very flowing color with keeping its sketch like design..hope you like it GL!!
Sweet how you made her eyebrows look like antenni!!
4 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:25star_breaker: It looks ncie! Aww. she's very pretty, but sh...
myfanfic Impa.jpg
myfanfic Impa.jpgMy fanfics present day Impa170 viewsthis is Impa and how she is shown in my fanfic.
in the later future of Oot about 30 years she is married to Ganon after he returns 20 years before..that scar is from Ganon, he attacks her after feeling she has betraid her.leaving her with his son Gandorious.
7 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:23star_breaker: I like the sonud of your story, and Impa looks gre...
My wolflink.jpg
My wolflink.jpgMy WolfLink197 viewsvery happy at how this came out...took awhile mainly cause the upload was down and my scanner wouldn't do what it was supposed to do...hope you like it Girlink!!^-^6 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:22star_breaker: wow.. i like it... very detailed...
my style zelda.jpg
my style zelda.jpgMy style Zelda193 viewsI was tinkering with a new style for Zelda...this one was one of the best I came up with, I think because it has good emotion to it.5 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:20star_breaker: I like it! Zelda looks a bit vague though. could ...
my style manga Link.jpg
my style manga Link.jpgMy style manga Link198 viewswanted to do a simple but younger looking Link, so I drew up this one...I think I made his eyes look too cute.5 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:19star_breaker: fibre pemns are great for drawing a blaxk outlnie ...
My style Link.jpg
My style Link.jpgMy style Link248 viewsThis out of the newest ones I did lately this is my fav.
I almost think I draw up close stuff better then farther away...
14 commentsFyrborn08/09/06 at 13:17star_breaker: I like guys with personality! and any guy that lik...
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