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Last additions - cyen's gallery
lostwoods_sm.jpgLost Woods131 viewsPicture done for Melora as part of the Zelda Exchange back in 2008. 1 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
010411e.jpgLink and Zelda155 viewsFirst finished picture of 2011 after a two year drawing hiatus. Not too horrible for being so rusty. XD This was a gift for someone in DeviantArt. 3 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
013011finweb.jpgLink vs. Stallord153 viewsFirst boss fight picture ever.2 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
010411bgsm.jpgA Moment of Peace143 viewsLink and Zelda pic with background.1 commentscyenFeb 20, 2011
boat_color_small.jpgBoat Ride310 viewsA Wind Waker/Super Smash Bros fanart... I drew this for the Zelda Anthology Project ( in which I'm one of the editors. We just sent our book off to the printer and hopefully the fruit of our labor will be seen very soon. For larger version of this pic, you can find it on my personal site or Deviant Art. No critique is necessary. I'm not going to work on this pic anymore.2 commentscyenMay 07, 2008
lasthope.jpgHope and Courage186 viewsRound 2 gift for someone over at the Zelda Exchange. It was fun drawing headshot and full figure in one picture though doing the poses was quite challenging. As always larger version can be found at DA or my site.7 commentscyenNov 06, 2007
readytogo.jpgAnticipation - no background122 viewsNo background version for a better, close up view of Link without the distractions from the background.1 commentscyenOct 18, 2007
readytogobg.jpgAnticipation158 viewsNewest Zelda fanart so far, and I actually really liked the lineart itself even though I already spotted quite a few mistakes. The figure itself and all his stuff took me around six sheets of paper to piece together. Background was done straight into the computer. A lot of details were lost when I reduced the image to a more web-friendly size, but you can find the larger version either at my DA gallery or personal site.2 commentscyenOct 18, 2007
sheiknobg.jpgPensive Sheik - no background104 viewsNo background version of another picture. 1 commentscyenOct 18, 2007
sheikbg.jpgPensive Sheik130 viewsI drew this for someone at the Zelda Exchange. This is the first time I drew Sheik. I accidentially drew very womanly hips and tights. That'll teach me to draw on multiple sheets of paper. Originally this was just a simple coloring test so I didn't plan on doing any fancy linework for it. I'm not looking for critiques for this pic because it has gone through quite a fews rounds of critiques and I already know what I'll need to do next for improvement. 1 commentscyenOct 18, 2007
linkinred.jpgLink in Red161 viewsYet another oldie from around 2004. Despite some weirdness with the background and the pose, I still like this pic even today. Link looks awesome in red, and that's why I drew this. :D1 commentscyenSep 12, 2007
linknsaria.jpgLink and Saria161 viewsOne of my first Zelda fanarts. This was done in 2004... Saria's one of my favorite characters from OoT. I'm actually not so keen about the official art of kid Link so I ended up drawing him and Saria in a style closer to my usual style.1 commentscyenSep 12, 2007
fruitstand.jpgFruit Stand216 viewsNot sure why I forgot to upload this... Anyway, I got this idea for the picture when I was playing Twilight Princess. In the castle town is a market where flowers, fruits, bread, etc were sold. Unfortunately, the game kept giving you excuses for Link not to pick up those random items. Apparently, all that bling Link's carrying is only good for buying supplies that he'll need for fighting.4 commentscyenSep 12, 2007
strolling.jpgA Walk in the Forest241 viewsDrew this as a gift for someone in the Zelda gift exchange that I'm running. She wanted Link, Ilia, and Epona and that's what I drew. Hardest thing to draw was Epona.4 commentscyenAug 21, 2007
ordongoat.jpgLink and Ordon Goat161 viewsYeah, very exciting title... I just wanted to draw Link and Ordon goat and practice shading fur. Those goats are so cute. 5 commentscyenAug 21, 2007
zoraarmorlink.jpgZora Armor Link326 viewsFirst LoZ fanart in a very long time. I fell in love with the design of the Zora armor and it inspired me to draw this pic. It's surprisingly hard to find good references online, but I got some help from some nice people.15 commentscyenJun 21, 2007
wwlinknco.jpgWind Waker Bunch239 viewsSomething from 2006. I really, really love the art style of Wind Waker and I just wanted to see if I can draw in that style. The poses are boring, but I was more focused on learning to draw that style. The result is taller than the three-heads like the official art, but it's all right.8 commentscyenJun 21, 2007
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