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Last additions - Princess of Twilight's fan-art
fourever_friends_by_princessoftwilight72-d4bj41c.pngFourever Friends486 viewsThose lovable Four Swords Plus Links. <3 Be sure to download Four Swords Anniversary edition on your DSi or 3DS while it's free. :D3 commentsPrincess of TwilightOct 14, 2011
resting_at_the_ruins_by_princessoftwilight72-d42t72q.pngResting at the Ruins252 viewsSkyward Sword comes out next month and I'm majorly excited. :D I hope it is as awesome as it looks :) Enjoy guys!!! 3 commentsPrincess of TwilightOct 14, 2011
WindWaker_Hakumei___PT72.pngWW Hakumei230 viewsMy Twili OC done in WW Style as practice. :) Hope you all like it! :3

Hakumei and Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of TwilightMay 26, 2011
The__Voice_of_Time________by_____PT72.pngThe Voice of Time200 viewsOld quick drawing of Nayru, Oracle of Ages. :) I liked how it looked so I figured I could post it. Please enjoy! ^^

Nayru, Link, Ralph (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of TwilightAug 10, 2010
VioXYami.pngCuddles!366 viewsJust some cute littledrawings of Yami x Vio. :3

6 commentsPrincess of TwilightMay 24, 2010
Zelink___I_Shall_Never_Forget______by_PoT72.pngI Shall Never Forget...520 viewsHi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I'll try and be more active and comment on stuff.^^ Once again, sorry about the dissappearance.

I drew this awhile ago, and I hope you like it!^^ It's Zelda x Link moments based on Spirit real spoilers I think necissary to note. :/

Zelda, Link (C) Nintendo
Art (c) Me
7 commentsPrincess of TwilightApr 14, 2010
TetraXBLue______Princess_of_Twilight.jpgBlue X Tetra (Again...)595 viewsI don't have much to say about this one and It's pretty straightforward. Lol, I like how Tetra sees their little love-hate relationship. xD Shark was drawn in like two seconds. So....please enjoy, and no fihgting over pairings please.

Tetra (C) Nintendo
Blue (C) AKira Himekawa
Sharks (C) Nature
Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of TwilightMar 14, 2010
A_Twilight_Rose_____by_PrincessofTwilight72.png.::A Twilight Rose::.199 viewsYep, it's Midna!^^ I drew this awhile ago, but I don't think I got around to posting it here, so I might as well do so now. I really hope you think it looks good! :3

Midna (C) Nintendo

ART (C) ME! :D
3 commentsPrincess of TwilightMar 12, 2010
Twili_Zelda.pngRQ- Twili Zelda245 viewsWell, ALyssa ALeida, here's the TWili Zeld you requested.^^ My sis helped me with the design, so the credit for most of it goes to her. I can up with the markings on the cape and so forth.

Design (C) Zelda: Princess of Hyrule

Art (C) Me

Zelda (C) Nintendo
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightMar 12, 2010
Four_Swords_Plus__Anime_Screencap___Red_and_Blue___HUGGLES!_____by___PrincessofTwilight72.pngFour Swords Anime!?!326 viewsLol, it's a fake screencap I made of Four Swords, and what the anime would look like If I made it...^^; I love Red's little cute expression. ^^ Hope you all like it.

Red and Blue (C) Akira Himekawa

Art (C) Me

Alyssa Aleida: My scanners been acting up a little bit, so when it works, I'll post the Twili Zelda.^^
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightFeb 26, 2010
Zelda_X_Link___Spirit_Tracks___by_PrincessofTwilight72.pngIf Only You Could Feel This...404 viewsZeldaXLink.

100 % Colored Pencils excluding the sun

Next thing posted : Twili Zelda^^

Zelda and Link (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Me
7 commentsPrincess of TwilightJan 26, 2010
Bedtime_by__PrincessofTwilight72.pngBedtime?212 viewsJust a pic of my Twili OC Hakumei.^^ I drew this randomly lol. The next thing I post will be a Twili Zelda. :3

Hakumei and Art (C) Me

Twili (C) Nintendo
7 commentsPrincess of TwilightJan 18, 2010
Shadow_and_Vio_by_PrincessofTwilight72.pngShadow and Vio229 viewsThis one has been sitting on my computer for awhile....I don't really know why I never posted it lol. So I guess I'll just do that now. Note: This is not yaoi...unless, you want to think of it that way...then be my guest. Anywyas, hope you like it!^^

Shadow and Vio (C) AKira Himekawa
Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of TwilightJan 09, 2010
Twili_Tetra_by_PrincessofTwilight72.pngTwili Tetra199 viewsVery random I know, but I wanted to do a concept of this.^^ Enjoy!^^

Tetra (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Me
4 commentsPrincess of TwilightJan 09, 2010
BlueXTetra__In_the_Sand_v2_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngIn the Sand201 viewsOne of my fav couples from my fic.^^ Blue X Tetra! in this pic it seems they're actually getting along for once...I wonder how long that will last. XD This pic was drawn with a mechanical pencil and shaded with one too. I blurred and colorized it in paint Shop Pro, but I sort of like the original copy better...oh well! I hope you guys Like it!^^

Blue Akira Himekawa

Tetra Nintendo
Art Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of TwilightDec 29, 2009
Winter_Red_by_PT.png Red Adorable Pose185 viewsOkay, this one was actually drawn out of the blue one day and I thought it was adorable! :3 So I inked the drawing and scanned in the lineart, then I decided to try something different and color this pic COMPLETELY in Paint Shop Pro, with various effects.^^ I was going for an anime styled sorta thing for the coloring, but over all...I hope you all like it!^^

The Adorable Little Red is (C) Akira Himekawa/ Nintendo
Art (C) Me
6 commentsPrincess of TwilightDec 16, 2009
LoZ_Spirit_Tracks.png.::Spirit Tracks::.292 viewsA little bit of fan art for the legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks! ^^ I can't wait until December 7th which is when it comes out, this picture is basically just one of Link in his conducter outfit with Ghost Zelda too. All except the logo (which is copyright Nintendo) was hand drawn and colored. Please enjoy!

Link, Zelda, and game/logo (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightNov 27, 2009
Zelda_Halloween_PT.jpgHappy Halloween! (lol)275 viewsYes, I am aware that this is very, VERY late, ut I wanted to post it anyway.^^ I really haven't had time to get this on, so I'm posting it now. It's pretty clear as to who everyone is, but if you want reasons as to why they are what they are; let me know. I'll add it to the description later.^^ I hope you like it!
Zelda, Midna, Green, Blue, Red, Vio, and Shadow (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Me
9 commentsPrincess of TwilightNov 14, 2009
Dark_Link_Dark_Zelda_and_Vaati_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngDark Link X Dark Zelda...and Vaati1024 viewsHi everyone! I have't gotten around to posting anything really since I've had a lot of homework recently. T^T Anyways requests are getting done, but taking a little longer. Sorry to whoever has one. >< I'll try my hardest to get them done!

I found this pic in the bottom of my drawing pile and it was already drawn so I just had to ink it, color it, and get it up here.^^ It's a pic of Dark Link, Dark Zelda, (they look happy together as far as evil people go lol )and a very angry and very little Vaati. XD I tried to stick with a consistent color scheme of red, black, white, and purple because I thought it looks nice that way.^^ I hope you all like it!^^

Dark Link, Dark Zelda, and Vaati (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightSep 20, 2009
Midna_Dansen.jpgCaramelldansen Midna 279 viewsWell, this was requested by Alyssa Aleida awhile ago, she wanted a picture of Midna Caramelldansen.^^ I hope you like it, I personally think Midna looks adorable!^^ Enjoy!

"Caramelldansen" (C) Caramell
Midna (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightAug 03, 2009
Red.pngRed190 viewsJust a cute little picture of Red from Four Swords using his power over fire, and his Fire Rod.^^ Background was created in Paint Shop Pro. I love how this one came out! I hope you all like this! Please comment.

Red (C) Akira Himekawa

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of TwilightAug 03, 2009
4Swords_Red_Caramelldansen.pngCaramelldansen529 views Once you hear this song get's stuck in your head....(So don't even listen to it if you can't stand little, cute voices!) So I just decided to draw Red Caramelldansen for no real reason. XD Probably because he's the cutest out of all the Links and the song is sung by a cute little voice. X3 The background (as simple as it seems) was hard to do, since my computer was acting stupid! >< Anyways, I hope you all like it!

Red Akira Himekawa

Art Princess of Twilight

"Caramelldansen" Caramell
12 commentsPrincess of TwilightJul 16, 2009
HadesRox-RQ-Midna_on_Wolf_Link-by-_PrincessofTwilight72.pngMidna and Wolf Link383 viewsThis was originally a request pic for someone on DA, but I wanted to submit it here for you guys too!^^ I love how Midna looks, she's adorable. X3 Wolf Link...could use a little work, but overally I'm pleased with this picture and I hope you guys like it too!

Next pic....Modern Zelda Characters, Shadow and Vio! (yes I'm bored)

Things used: Mechanical Pencil, Pigment Pens, Manga markers, manga eraser, Prismas, and Paint Shop Pro ^^

Midna & Wolf Link (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
12 commentsPrincess of TwilightJun 24, 2009
ShadowXMidna-The_Hour_of_Twilight.pngThe Hour of Twilight316 views A Shadow X Midna picture (since that's a pairing in my fic^^), which I think is a really cute one!^^ I was testing out my new scanner and it is leaves a lot of white speckles, so I had to fix that in Paint Shop Pro...I also added the sunset effect to this picture to set a nice mood in PSP as well....the rest was done with my Prismas!^^ Hope you all like it!

Midna & Shadow Link (C) Nintendo

This Shadow Link's design (C) Akira Himekawa

Art (C) Me! ( Princess of Twilight)
21 commentsPrincess of TwilightJun 23, 2009
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