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Last additions - Kifan's Album
muffinzelda.JPGMuffin Zelda157 viewsSorry I haven't been on in a while. You can slap me if you'd like. (not hard) .So I doodled Zelda with a muffin hat. It's random, I know.9 commentsKifan12Jul 22, 2009
ropezelda.JPGAngry Zelda with a rope159 views I just felt like coloring something and I couldn't think of anything, so I just did Zelda with a rope. She is wearing clothes, but I forgot to color them. (whoops). I did the backround with MS paint.4 commentsKifan12Jun 20, 2009
triplets.JPGPrincess Of Twilight's request-- School uniforms214 viewsI messed up because I'm so terrible at going over thing with pen! I can't get ovre how Link looks kind of like a girl...Well, I did this in colored pencil and the scanner, yet again, brought out how scribbley I color.
I hope you like it, Princees of Twilight.
11 commentsKifan12Jun 03, 2009
sleepingbook.jpgSleeping Zelda155 views Zelda sleeping with a book on her head. I made this awhile ago...but my personal life is veeery busy. So....yeah. I hope people come baaack! (\_/)
( '-' )
( uu ) Attempting a bunny....
8 commentsKifan12May 14, 2009
sunmidna.JPGSun Midna sketch142 views I dressed Midna as Sun from Mamotte Lollipop. Sun's personality is a lot like Midna's because Sun is cute but can be cruel. You don't see the markings on Midna's legs because she's suposed to be wearing tights. Yeah, I'm so lazy. Comments are welcome, y'know. Don't be afraid of me. I'm only extremely lazy.7 commentsKifan12Apr 13, 2009
midnaeastercolor.JPGMidna Bunny Colored122 views I colored it! I hope you like it! Happy Easter :) !
Please don't be afraid to comment. I want to know if you like it or you think it's a load of crap.
3 commentsKifan12Apr 11, 2009
midnaeaster.jpgChibi Easter Bunny Midna116 viewsAugh! I want to color it but I don't know how I'm going to!2 commentsKifan12Apr 11, 2009
sariarif.jpgSaria sketch133 viewsI was just doodling around and drew Saria and her fairy.3 commentsKifan12Apr 10, 2009
sariajpg.jpgSaria plays peek-a-boo145 viewsLaugh at the horribly drawn grass behind Saria! Those little floating dots behind Saria are supposed to be fairy dust thingies or something...That's all I have.

I am also deciding whether or not to make my drawings ratable anymore...

6 commentsKifan12Mar 29, 2009
bored2death.jpgMidna wearing..a dress?167 views I just thought that I've never seen Midna wear a dress...So yeah. That's all I've got....

I draw random stuff...ok?
14 commentsKifan12Mar 22, 2009
Chibimidna!!.jpgOld Chibi Midna!137 views I found this ancient picture in a folder! I think it's cute.2 commentsKifan12Mar 01, 2009
azuria2.JPGColored Azuria140 views Okies..this is a finished picture of a painted sketch I made of her...I'll explain who she is later. Her outfit kinda looks like Linebeck's, but different.3 commentsKifan12Feb 28, 2009
celiawouldlaugh.jpgJust a little stupid laugh for you..maybe211 views Thank you Zeldadreams for making the Linebeck for me (that I crapily traced over with black). Yeah, It'll be kinda funny if you've played the "Phantom Houglass" game. So...yeah. I hope you think it's funny because it's supposed to be.

5 commentsKifan12Feb 26, 2009
lradsword.JPGLink_Rules_All Good Dark Link's sword with Hylian letters 211 viewsI hope you're ok that I colored it too! The sword says "this sword holds the power of hope" (that's all I could fit on there). I hope it's good, LRA!!! 9 commentsKifan12Feb 19, 2009
konatalink.PNGKonata Link140 views Yeah, I tried to make Link look like Konata from Lucky Star. I looked off of a BIIIIIG picture of Konata for this. Link's supposed to be resting on sand.
I can't think of anything else cause I'm so tired. I hope it doesn't look crapy...

G'night :)
4 commentsKifan12Feb 11, 2009
toon-link.JPGToon Link?150 viewsThis is supposed to be Toon Link but he looks a little weird to me (maybe the colors are wrong). Maybe someday he'll look right. Well, I hope it doesn't look too bad..

Hi :)
8 commentsKifan12Feb 07, 2009
picture2.JPG Midna :)161 views A Midna picture!! I looked off of official art to make her helmet. She looks more like a little person than an imp. I hope it looks ok.

Midna(c) Nintendo
9 commentsKifan12Feb 02, 2009
shadow_and_jasmine2.JPGLittle Shadow Link and Jasmine180 views I can't think of anything to say for this. I hope it looks ok.

Shadow Link(c) Nintendo
Please comment! Pretty Please?
11 commentsKifan12Feb 01, 2009
zoralinkiscuute.JPGZora Link....duh208 views Jusr cute old Zora Link :). I almost gave him a belly button, then I realized he.....wasn't human. Hope you like it...3 commentsKifan12Jan 25, 2009
coloredpirate.JPGPirate from Majora's Mask212 views A drawing colored with the computer that took me almost 4 hours because I shaded it in then had to erase all of the shading. It was hard but I'm pleased with the results :D. Hope you like it too.

14 commentsKifan12Jan 24, 2009
deku.jpgCrooked Deku Princess136 views The scanner made her crooked. Darn scanner. Anyways, the Deku princess is one of my favorite characters. I just wish she wasn't crooked.

2 commentsKifan12Jan 15, 2009
yuinafullkinda.JPG Bigger Yuina (kind of)217 views My printer is scary. I put a piece of paper in it nice and flat and then the printer sucks it up, crushes it up and doesn't spit it back out. There should be a horror movie where all of the printers in the world go bad. I'll get back on subject.

Well, Yuina is weird. I like Shadow Link and Jasmine in the back. :)

I'll take requests. I don't think were having school for the rest of the week. Happy!:D
5 commentsKifan12Jan 15, 2009
saphero2.jpgSaphero redone on the computer137 viewsI decided to redo Saphero with the computer. I hope she doesn't look too bad....Is it better?

4 commentsKifan12Jan 12, 2009
akako2.jpgAmy122's Princess Akako127 views Here's Princess Akako! I really wanted to make a picture of her, and I'm sorry it's dark. I tried brightening it up, but then it looked really bad. Yeah, hope you don't hate it, and tell me if there's something seriously wrong with it (other than the fact that you can barely see it).4 commentsKifan12Jan 12, 2009
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