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Last additions - Kifan's Album
lelda.jpgPrincess of Twilight's Lelda127 viewsWell, to me, she looks a little weird, and tell me if I messed up really bad. I didn't scan it (like I should have) because my scanner is going screwy too. I hope you don't hate it.5 commentsKifan12Jan 11, 2009
guerdoj.jpg A character of mine called Jasmine162 views Jasmine is a demon who's half wolf and is a guerdo, and Ganondorf is her father! BLECK! She is an old character of mine. Yeah.. and Jasmine loves Shadow Link.

Ganondorf is yucky. Also is an OOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDD picture.
9 commentsKifan12Jan 10, 2009
Saphero.jpgRequest for Link_Rules_All: Saphero169 views It's Link_Rules_All's OC Saphero! I gave her have chubby cheeks and made her wear girlie clothes ( because I'm that) ! Hope you like it, and it was fun to draw!

10 commentsKifan12Jan 10, 2009
Malon.jpgHappy Malon125 views Ha! I gave her a nose! I think I made her outfit wrong, though. Obviously, I made this on the computer and I just notcied that one ear is bigger than the other, but that can be ignored.

6 commentsKifan12Jan 10, 2009
purdy.jpgKitty Midna163 viewsI found this in an old file and thought it was cute! All I can say is that I made it a while ago.

P.S.~ I may take requests! :)
7 commentsKifan12Jan 10, 2009
gownZ.JPGSimple Zelda141 views I made this on the computer in about 15 minutes or so...This week has been busy. NOTE: I didn't make the grass, there was this button called "hose" that poured out cool images and I found grass! Well, I hope you like this quick pic.

7 commentsKifan12Jan 09, 2009
true+impish.JPGImpish Midna with a peach145 viewsI wanted to have Midna eat something and I thought a peach was cute, so here she is! She looks kinda impish (like what the title says). Please enjoy!

5 commentsKifan12Jan 07, 2009
scary!.jpg Creepy Midna136 viewsI drew this on the computer and it looks creepy! But I kinda liked it, so I thought I should scare you guys.

I'll do requests. I promise you I wont draw them on the computer
6 commentsKifan12Jan 07, 2009
M+Z2.JPGMidna and Zelda!148 viewsHaha! Here's Princess of Twilight's request! I got it on before school! Yay! I hope you like it. I kind of simplified their outfits, so enjoy!

4 commentsKifan12Jan 05, 2009
2009_0104puffers20011.JPGCute Zelda242 viewsI came up with a cute Zelda! She's wearing a straw hat. I realized this picture of Zelda kinda looks like me!! AHH! Well, I hope you enjoy it!

9 commentsKifan12Jan 04, 2009
vaati.JPGVaati and a flower160 viewsYay! Here's hauu13's request! This is the very first time I've ever drawn Vaati! Hope you like it! I made Vaati's cape longer so he would look eviler. If that's even a word.

I'll still take requests. ;D
6 commentsKifan12Jan 04, 2009
midnabad.jpgMidna143 viewsI was runnning out of ideas of what to draw and I decided to draw Midna. I'm bad at drawing her, really. I have decided I may take some requests, because I can't really think of anything to draw. Enjoy!5 commentsKifan12Jan 03, 2009
kaboom.JPGA gift for Tingle159 views Just a doodle that turned into Tingle about to get bombed. In the backround, Tingle is saying, "Kooloo limpah," or whatever he says. Enjoy... 5 commentsKifan12Jan 03, 2009
earplugs2.JPGNavi being annoying294 views I thought that Navi needed to be annoying in at least one picture, so enjoy!5 commentsKifan12Jan 02, 2009
sliponice.jpgLink on ice122 views About a month ago, I slipped on a patch of ice and bruised my tail bone, so that reminded me of Link in the ice temple. Enjoy, please.1 commentsKifan12Jan 02, 2009
workplease.JPGModern Zelda284 viewsI think this is what Zelda would wear if she was in the 21st century. I had to take a picture of this because the scanner went loopy took a lot of time to get it on here.4 commentsKifan12Jan 02, 2009
zellsie.jpgZelda staring out of a window188 viewsI kinda messed up on this picture....But I still like it. Zelda is staring at whatever pleases you. I hope you like it!3 commentsKifan12Jan 02, 2009
ZeldaandNavi34.JPGZelda and Navi200 viewsNavi and Zelda living peacfully together. It took me five times to crop this picture to the correct size. I'm just happy it was uploaded. Zelda has WAY too many details.6 commentsKifan12Jan 01, 2009
plushieheart.JPGLink Plushie135 views A plushie of Link I wish I had. It's kind of cute. I drew this on the computer.

NOTE: I stink at drawing on the computer.
5 commentsKifan12Jan 01, 2009
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