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Last additions - myzeldamyrules' album
Sumi.jpgSumi77 viewsThis is Sumi, the Twili. She is going to be in a fan fic I'm going to write. The quote on the side is her main quote. And yes, she does have a wolf tail and ears! She is different from other Twili. She was orphaned and raised by wolves.myzeldamyrulesSep 02, 2010
Modern_Zelda.jpgModern Zelda133 viewsThis is a picture I drew of Zelda if she was born in the future. I imagined her being kind of athletic and popular.3 commentsmyzeldamyrulesSep 02, 2010
Baby_WolfLink.jpgBaby WolfLink141 viewsThis is a picture I drew of what WolfLink would look a baby! Do you like it?

P.S. Do you guys want to see more of Mimi?
4 commentsmyzeldamyrulesSep 02, 2010
Epona_Colored.jpgEpona- Colored120 viewsThis is a pic of Epona, colored with colored pencils. 2 commentsmyzeldamyrulesAug 20, 2010
Unnamed_TwiliGirl.jpgUnnamed Twili Girl!186 viewsThis is a twili that I made up. She doesn't have a name yet :) Do you have any suggestions? I think the name Mimi would be good for her. :)5 commentsmyzeldamyrulesAug 20, 2010
Unnamed_TwiliGirl2.jpgUnnamed Twili Girl137 viewsHere's another picture of the twili girl that I made up. I like the fact that she has A LOT of hair!! :)

P.S. I also realized that nobody's looking at my album. It might be because my album is on the last page! >_<
3 commentsmyzeldamyrulesAug 20, 2010
MidnaMakeover.jpgMidna's Makeover85 viewsThis pic is of Midna. I put her in imp form, but gave her the skirt she wears in her true form. I also gave her a different hairstyle.myzeldamyrulesAug 17, 2010
TP_Animals.jpgTwilight Princess Animals75 viewsThis is of Ooccoo, Ooccoo Jr., Louise, and Epona. I don't like how Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. turned out, but my favorite was Epona. :)myzeldamyrulesAug 17, 2010
WolfZelda.jpgWolfZelda144 viewsThis is Zelda as a wolf! If Link was a wolf at one point, why can't Zelda be one, too??5 commentsmyzeldamyrulesAug 17, 2010
Zelda_sNewMakeover.jpgZelda's Makeover121 viewsThis was a picture I drew a while back. I don't like the eyes that well, so me and my cousin were trying to come up with other ones on the side. I just left it, though :)myzeldamyrulesAug 17, 2010
WolfLink1_001.jpgWolfLink70 viewsThis is my first picture of WolfLink that I have posted!!! It's not supposed to be completely dull and serious, so that's why it looks a little cute. :)myzeldamyrulesAug 13, 2010
Anouki_Link.jpgAnouki Link120 viewsThis is a picture of Link as an Anouki from Phantom Hourglass. Anouki Link is sporting Link's hat (of course, you can't go wrong with that), a scabbard, and - look!- the Master Sword in dagger form! I altered the regular Anouki face to make it cuter, not that it wasn't was cute to begin with. :)1 commentsmyzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
OoT_AdultLink.jpgOcarina of Time- Adult Link80 viewsYee hoo!!! (Lol, that's strange...) This is one of my favorites. It is a picture of Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. Sorry, the shield is WAAAAAYYYY >_< But anyway, it took my like, a little over an hour to draw this because I can NEVER get the HANDS right!!!!myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
Simplified_TPZelda.jpgPrincess Zelda72 viewsThis is a simplified version of Twilight Princess Zelda. There are not as many details, she is cuter...(more chibi, I guess), and her crown is different. myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
ToonLink.jpgToon Link78 viewsThis is a picture of Toon Link. I was looking at a picture of official artwork online and decided to draw it. :)myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
LoZ_Catgirl.jpgLoZ Obsessed Catgirl75 viewsLet's just say this catgirl likes Legend of Zelda...Way too much... >_< The picture originally was going to be Zelda as a catgirl, but it came out like this. Do you still want me to draw Zelda as a catgirl?myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
Makeover_Zelda.jpgZelda- Makeover77 viewsThis is a picture of Zelda, but I put her in a different outfit.myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
Master_Sword.jpgMaster Sword78 viewsThis is the Twilight Princess version of the Master Sword. myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
Midna_Imp.jpgMidna In Imp Form70 viewsYet again, the title explains it all. This is Midna in imp form. I decided to make her hair spikey on the end instead of chunky/block-ish, because I'm horrible at drawing it chunky/block-ish. :) But now that I look back at it, the hair looks kinda stupid. >_< Sorry.myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
MinishCap_Link.jpgMinish Cap Link80 views(YAY! First picture after my big clean-up!)This is a picture of Link and Ezlo form the Minish Cap. I made up Link's stance by mixing alot of official artwork together and it came out like this! :)myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2010
Epona_Link.jpg0_o Picture of Link and Epona63 viewsThis was the pic from a LONG time ago, the only one I left after my big album clean up. I have to say, this drawing makes me go all 0_o when I see it 'cuz it's REALLY bad and REALLY old...0_o But it's still kinda cute. The only thing I like about it is Epona...:) *sigh*myzeldamyrulesAug 11, 2009
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