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Last additions - Oekaki of the damned
zelda_copy.pngThat Zelda babe - drawn in 30 seconds121 viewscolored in about 3 minutes

1 commentsachitkaMay 11, 2009
dunno_yet_copy2.pngCrackly link93 viewsjust felt like drawling a link from the past4 commentsachitkaMay 11, 2009
just_no_copy.pngLink argues with a speck91 viewsbit heavy on the green - must have been close to st patty's day 2 commentsachitkaMay 11, 2009
nappielinkcopy.pngNappy time114 viewsmust be tired from all that treasure hunting >.>2 commentsachitkaDec 24, 2008
5000_color_thanks_copy.pngTetra - alot younger102 viewsmaybe 6 or 7 she's so cute tooachitkaDec 24, 2008
artpad_no_go.PNGHail the fishing pole of DOOM!!110 viewsI love that fishin' pole - so shinyachitkaDec 24, 2008
ummm_yeah_smaller.JPGJust a bit of Signature fun136 viewsa sig I made - cause it seemed like a good idea at the tim2 commentsachitkaDec 24, 2008
Linkseaside_copy.pngSeaside Link180 viewsHe's just too cute not to draw - is that windwaker boyo

1 commentsachitkaDec 24, 2008
Tetra_new6.pngRandom drawing of Tetra116 viewsOh myachitkaJul 31, 2007
loachcopy1.pngLoach!!123 viewsWell maybe, I was actually too lazy to pull up a reference for it, but it could know if you don't look too closeachitkaJul 31, 2007
KORL.pngLong Live the King124 viewsOf all TWW characters I've never drawn this look I didachitkaFeb 06, 2007
So_whose_next__by_Achitka.jpgSo who's next?150 viewsSince I've drawn most of the other Link's, I figured I add the Twilight Princess Link - no background and his shoulder but whatever. It really looks better bigger for some odd reason.achitkaJan 23, 2007
Linky2.JPGA Disturbing Developement128 viewsWhat's that you say - that's not Link? Well in my fan ficcy world - yes it is. It really is best no to dwell on such things...

Surprisingly this is not an oekaki - I recently got a tablet - why? 'Cause my credit limit said I other reason than that. I know it's sketchy but I've never used one of these before - so there bound to be a HUGE learning curve (HUGE)

Link is the propehteh to those fine maker o' teh Wii - of in Japanese - Nintendo
achitkaNov 07, 2006
purple.pngFor the Love of Pancakes...155 viewsokay so not the best of titles...I never said I did titles. This is based loosely on the end of my ficcage - I'd explain that but ...I dun wanna anymore

I drew a version of this on the indiezelda oekaki board - didn't like it so I messed with it a bit and I like it much better now

anyway - if you want to see what spawned this - nah nevermind is too scary
achitkaSep 09, 2006
GANONDONE.pngGanon - from the LOZ cartoon174 viewsI made this for a contest - I'm not entirely sure I followed the rules - since it was supposed to show Link being defeated by some monster or other...

achitkaMay 22, 2006
the_end_doner.pngStupid Box199 viewsThere's an interesting title neh? Well what can I do, is almost a scene from the end of my ficcage...anyway that chick - she be Tetra...a little older than in the game - but that needs be

yesh - she is also owned by the fine folks of nintendo -

hmm almost like de ja vous
1 commentsachitkaMay 20, 2006
NSS_Chapter_Four.pngMmmmmm coffee....162 views*yum* more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitkaApr 30, 2006
NSS_Chapter_Five.pngHarmony151 viewsmore of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... dunno - just seemed like a good idea at the time.achitkaApr 30, 2006
NSS_Chapter_Six~0.pngEveryone knows it's windy....158 viewsCrazy orange (some days pink) ind god from the Wind Waker...more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitkaApr 30, 2006
NSS_Chapter_Seven.pngThis could be a problem...140 viewsI hate those stupid miniblins...more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitkaApr 30, 2006
NSS_Chapter_Eight.pngSaimon Says176 viewsmore of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitkaApr 30, 2006
mirror.pngmirror mirror221 viewsHey, haven't drawn anything for a I thought I'd stop in. Is a scene from my fic. I'm in the middle of the chapter I am working on and I needed a break anyway.

She picked up one of the larger pieces and stared at her reflection. A crack running through caused her image to skew. Broken images fell like scattered raindrops in her head and Kageri felt ill. Master Hito was so sure that they’d killed the intended Hero when he was still an infant. Perhaps they did; she and Kage had sickened many children that year, though it was still possible that some might of escaped. Mournful cries floated up from her memory as bits and pieces of her broken past vied for her attention. It was always part of the plan, but the tekuragari regretted the taking of innocents.

She really isn't a very nice'd be better off staying away from this one.

So many things are wrong with that picture...ah well - hope you like
achitkaMar 21, 2006
dark.pngA little bit of dark166 viewsI am feeling rather colorless - so everything gets to be3 commentsachitkaDec 04, 2005
zill_BW01.PNG*stuff*212 viewsJust messin around - but the java applet froze - so it's not quite done >.<2 commentsachitkaDec 03, 2005
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