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TP Link markers.jpg
TP Link markers.jpgTP Link markers186 views3rd part of art set.
Twilight Princess Link done in markers and ink..
6 commentsFyrbornJul 27, 2005
Zeldalegendsnews#1.gifZelda legends news #1343 viewsthe TOOL thing came around when I was talking with my sister..and well then I thought..A organization of link..heheh TOOL so this ani was created. tell me if you want to see more ZL news!!16 commentsFyrbornJul 16, 2005
ThecreationofHyrule.jpgHyrule history part1-The creation of Hyrule194 viewsAccording to the Hylian scrolls, the mythical gods descended from a distant nebula to the world that was and created order and life. The God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land. The God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to nature. The God of Courage, through justice and vigor, created life-the animals that crawl the land and the birds that soar in the sky. After the gods had finished their work, they left the world, but not before creating a symbol of their strength, a golden triangle known as the Triforce. A small but powerfull portion of the essence of the gods was held in this mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life on the world of Hyrule. Although it was an inanimate object, the Triforce had the power to bestow three titles which gave the person who recieved them great powers: "The Forger of Strength", "The Keeper of Knowledge", and "The Juror of Courage". 8 commentsFyrbornJul 06, 2005
My wolflink.jpg
My wolflink.jpgMy WolfLink197 viewsvery happy at how this came out...took awhile mainly cause the upload was down and my scanner wouldn't do what it was supposed to do...hope you like it Girlink!!^-^6 commentsFyrbornJul 02, 2005
LinkVSDlink.gifLink VS Dark Link326 viewsafter a small small talent animation..finally gave birth to..this...its kind of cheesy but my gifanimator is cheesy...not to mention my way with sprites..I think it came out took me like 5 or six hours to do..time I should have been sleeping...hope you guys like^-^.....will link servive..15 commentsFyrbornJul 02, 2005
Twilight princess banner.gif
Twilight princess banner.giftwilight princess banner181 viewshmmm...looks diferent alittle after I downloaded to get my wolflink scanned...hope..fully this still intrests people...$-$7 commentsFyrbornJun 30, 2005
Linkwalk.gifLOZ2 Linkwalk..369 viewsthis ones alittle different then dlink cause I wanted him to blink as he walked..both dlink and link were..edited from there original colors cause...the first colors were weird...links sword was skin colored and his green color was so dull..hope you guys like it^-^ @-@ maybe I'll do a fighting one next..9 commentsFyrbornJun 30, 2005
Dlinkwalk.gifLOZ2..Darklink228 viewsbeen so busy lately..and with upload down for awhile..did this and two other ani's over the weekend when I had him walk..been tooling around with a different animator...hope you'all like it^-^8 commentsFyrbornJun 30, 2005
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpg
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpgLink's sin...Ganon's death.281 viewsI wanted to do a ganon peice,on him being dead at the end of Oot...mainly cause this just came to one time..but also I don't have any recent ganon pics...hand drawn and colored with markers and colors...and edited with photoeditor...can you find the triforce...theres two...his death is white space dreamy.12 commentsFyrbornJun 20, 2005
link 4swordwall.jpg
link 4swordwall.jpgLOZ-4SWORDS wallpaper236 viewsI decided to post the four wallpapers I did about a year ago or so...a four part series, at least till make ones of the other lozgames...this is number4 it was done using pics I found and a rendered background I created using mspaint and a photo took me atleast two hours...and I still couldn't get the links all the same size.6 commentsFyrbornJun 18, 2005
my dark link.jpg
my dark link.jpgMy Dark Link179 viewsFinally got around to doing a dark link version...yes very sinister...when I get around to it I'll post his poem that I wrote called- INTENTIONS-4 commentsFyrbornJun 10, 2005
my style zelda.jpg
my style zelda.jpgMy style Zelda193 viewsI was tinkering with a new style for Zelda...this one was one of the best I came up with, I think because it has good emotion to it.5 commentsFyrbornJun 10, 2005
mid transformation link.jpg
mid transformation link.jpgMidTransformation Link240 viewsIf you thought my adult link looked mean...I wouldn't want to meet this link in a dark hall. I was fairly empressed with myself,with this pic...just think I made his ears to close together...but it works.9 commentsFyrbornJun 10, 2005
Oot group.jpg
Oot group.jpgOot group188 viewsanother oldy that I scavenged out of my artwork...I like zeldas eyes...and the design on the wooden shield...hopefully someone will like it ...kind of.3 commentsFyrbornJun 08, 2005
link doodles.jpg
link doodles.jpgLink doodles203 viewsjust something I drudged up while cleaning through some papers...I drew it around the time I was playing Oot...I like the dead tektite even though tektites aren't in Oot, or were they...uhh...ohwell. 3 commentsFyrbornJun 08, 2005
triforce1.gifTriforce258 viewsFROM THE DEEP resessses of my computers small memory...I totally forgot I had this...I seem to remember getting this from a friend...but it's been awhile, thought it would be a nice touch...mainly because I havn't posted any gifs yet.
14 commentsFyrbornJun 02, 2005
little wolf link.jpg
little wolf link.jpgLittle wolf Link259 viewsalways thought of Link having a connection with wolves since the comic of link to the past, and so I started out with a young wolf Link,I plan on doing a adult wolf link,in the future.10 commentsFyrbornMay 27, 2005
generation next Link.jpg
generation next Link.jpgGeneration Next Link...and Toffar.230 viewsthis costume I saw, and just thought it would look great on Link...kind of a future Link. might do some other future his new male fairy Toffar? thanks to the manga- Tokyo babylon-for the costume idea.7 commentsFyrbornMay 24, 2005
my style manga Link.jpg
my style manga Link.jpgMy style manga Link198 viewswanted to do a simple but younger looking Link, so I drew up this one...I think I made his eyes look too cute.5 commentsFyrbornMay 24, 2005
Sheik.jpgShiek204 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece on Shiek, zelda's alterguyego.
who always seemed to me, to be a ninja.
5 commentsFyrbornMay 24, 2005
The big O.jpg
The big O.jpgThe Big O451 viewsAh..yes the insitefull and everyonceand awhile bothersum owl...but I always liked him. shout out to the owl, I have dubbed Big O.16 commentsFyrbornMay 24, 2005
My style Link.jpg
My style Link.jpgMy style Link248 viewsThis out of the newest ones I did lately this is my fav.
I almost think I draw up close stuff better then farther away...
14 commentsFyrbornMay 13, 2005
Alone hero.jpg
Alone hero.jpgAlone Hero408 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece like this with the older style Link, but had never gotten around to it...200513 commentsFyrbornMay 13, 2005
Omega Maximus Link.jpg
Omega Maximus Link.jpgOmega Maximus Link238 views I Originally wanted to draw Link as a serpent, kind of that what if Link succumed to his evil side, type thing but it became alot more, the more I drew...still not quite happy with how the wings turned out though...20058 commentsFyrbornMay 13, 2005
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