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Last additions - Tai's Pics
Link_The_Business_Man_-_Sm.JPGLink The Business Man178 viewsThis was based off a pen sketch i drew like 3 years ago or so when i was 13 or younger prolly. Anyway, that one sucked but i loved the concept of it so i did a redraw.
And BTW the signature says WolvesKin cuz that's my deviantart account, not cuz i stole it from someone and was stupid enough to leave their signature, XD lol.
Anyway, hope ya like it.
MysticWarriorTaiOct 09, 2007
Link_N_Lloyd-3.JPGLink 'N' Lloyd174 viewsAn illustration for the cover of a fanfic a friend and i made up. I found a copy of the 3rd chapter in my room and decided to do a cover sketch for it, lol. I may try to color it in with GIMP sometime in the future. I've also thought of turning the few chapters we have into mangas, but who knows if that'll happen or not. Anyway, enjoy!MysticWarriorTaiJan 24, 2007
SketchyMSpaintLink.JPGSketchy Link155 viewsA sketchy drawing of Link, done in paint.1 commentsMysticWarriorTaiJan 20, 2007
Kokiri Kids.PNG
Kokiri Kids.PNGKokiri Kids203 viewsTo left we have Saria, Sketched with pencil. To the lower left I used MSpaint to color in Saria. And finally, on the right we have... Just a plain Kokiri kid. Nothing specific just a Kokiri kid.1 commentsMysticWarriorTaiDec 15, 2005
Sketchy Link face.gif
Sketchy Link face.gifSketchy Link Face183 viewsThis is a sketchy drawing of link's head. MSpaint of course.
It blinks! I did that because it was too boring as it was. So it blinks. Often.
3 commentsMysticWarriorTaiNov 01, 2005
Emerald Flame.PNG
Emerald Flame.PNGEmerald Flame295 viewsThis is a sword i made in paint. The blade is supposed to look somewhat like an emerald. I think it looks good. What do you think?12 commentsMysticWarriorTaiOct 15, 2005
!!SIG!!!.gifLink vs. Ganondorf sig1059 viewsThis is Kind of like the battle against ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. I just couldn't find a sprite showed ganondorf using his cape so i made that wierd block. Plus their aren't any light arrows involved. So it is only like the battle against ganondorf in the power ball way. Except that he didn't charge the really powerful ball. Oh, well. It is just a power ball volley i guess.20 commentsMysticWarriorTaiJul 28, 2005
Link forum sig.gif
Link forum sig.gifLink Signature522 viewsA Link Sig I made for myself at one point.20 commentsMysticWarriorTaiJul 26, 2005
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