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Howl_by_Woodland_Mel.jpgHowl196 viewsThis was NOT finished. There is no chain because I stopped working on it. Find info and a description for this here: commentsMeloraDec 14, 2008
I_will_have_you____by_Woodland_Mel.jpgI will have you...221 viewsFind info and a description for this here: commentsMeloraDec 14, 2008
Trade__Snowfall_by_Woodland_Mel.jpgSnowfall215 viewsFind info and a description for this here: commentsMeloraDec 14, 2008
Twilight_Wolf_by_Woodland_Mel.jpgTwilight Wolf194 viewsFind info and a description for this here: commentsMeloraDec 14, 2008
process.jpghuggles-progress399 viewsJust showing how I work from start to finish.
And since someone at DA asked me if I use anything special in Photoshop to get "this?" look, I'll post my reply:
I just use the flat round brush (I don't really ever use feathered edges) between 50 and 70 opacity and the size of the brush is usually between 5 and 19 (unless I'm filling in a very large area.) Sometimes I use the smudge tool to brush out/blend color areas, but I try not to unless I need too. I'll also, sometimes, put highlights or colors in another layer and adjust the transparency (I did that here for the shine on his hair-- because I just wanted to paste it on real quick.) Or use the overlay layer effect for shadows. Just 'cause that's all even easier to adjust and redo. But what I just described, the way of painting, it takes me a really long time. It's just the only way (flukes not included) I seem to be able to work :/
1 commentsMeloraDec 29, 2006
_huggles_v2.jpg*huggles*967 viewsA trade with Chibi Rinku. I don't usually do trades/commissions/request but it was a special LJ Christmas thing some friends were doing and I was in the spirit. I *hope* that's her doggie X) Done 100% in photoshop with a tablet5 commentsMeloraDec 27, 2006
Twilight_Winter.jpgTwilight Winter517 viewsKarma bit me in the butt; I was supposed to be working on something for my grandfather but instead I did this- and I managed to save over the large 1117 pixel wide one when I shrunk it to the 349 wide size it is now to see how it would look as a site header. *doh* I haven't done that in ages! I don't know how I didn't notice until it was too late. I was going to crop it and use it for a xmas card, but now I'd have to draw over it so I could make it larger again ;>_> *crap* I don't think I have time for that. So, anyway, yeah. This is it (*sobs and laughs at self*)8 commentsMeloraDec 20, 2006
libra-1680x1050.jpgLibra543 viewsPart of my Zodiac series. Formatted to be a widescreen wallpaper. The map is a somewhat inaccurate LttP lightworld on the left and darkword on the right. This background killed me. I finally just gave up and called the whole thing done.6 commentsMeloraNov 11, 2006
Welcome-To-Twilight.pngWelcome to Twilight678 viewsThe title doesn't make a whole lot of sense, considering it's day-time in the drawing- but it's late, I'm sleepy, and that means I just thought it sounded good enough. It is, after all, SLIGHTLY Twilight Princess inspired... I'm not on model at all though *lol* I didn't use any reference and it shows- but hey, I just wanted the *feel* of... whatever it feels like. Lets see, what else.... Oh, it was done on an Oekaki -one of those PaintChat-Like programs, I used a tablet, and it took 138 minutes. I was learning to use the program, it's different than Oekaki's I had worked on in the past, so I had to fiddle around a bit more.4 commentsMeloraJul 15, 2006
taurus_1680x1052.jpgZodiac - Taurus908 viewsI think I might try a zodiac series for my Sisters of the Heart fanlisting: We'll see how far I get! This is number one, Taurus with Princess Zelda. -Even though the colors and image is kind of based on another myth. It was going to be just a tiny quick drawing, but I don't know when to stop myself, so I ended up doing way more than I originally wanted. I know there are problems, comes from the fact that I WAS only going to do something simple- by the time I realized I was really going to work on it, it would have taken so much work to fix the really obvious ones. There's also the chance that I just got lazy one some things- or something. Done in photoshop with a tablet, it's wide screen wallpaper size, I'll eventually have multiple sizes up on SotH for downloading.9 commentsMeloraApr 29, 2006
melora_louisa22.png380 viewsA silly oekaki I did for a friends birthday :31 commentsMeloraMar 25, 2006
melora_blargh.png253 viewsI just found this sitting in some tucked away folder, just thought I'd add it to help make a complete collection ;p Just an Oekaki1 commentsMeloraMar 25, 2006
melora_capcom.jpgWatching her Hero614 viewsPrincess Zelda in the style of Capcom's remake for A Link to the Past. Her hands and arms are kind of screwie, I was just having problems drawing them that day. Drawn with pen, colored in photoshop. She should be sitting on a moss and fern covered fountain in a courtyard- but once again, I'm a lazy artist5 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_zelda_night.jpgZelda Night390 viewsA quick pen sketch I colored with prismacolor marker2 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_zora.jpgRiver Zora's351 viewsEver notice that there are a few types of Zora's? Some come on land, some don't- and then we're not even getting to the blue talking kind.2 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_zoras_falls.pngZora's Falls421 viewsI always loved this area in A Link to the Past, I thought it would be nice to nap there if the Zora's weren't trying to blast you. Done with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program3 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_summerdays.jpgSummer Days961 views--Very Large File-Wallpaper Size--
Done for a little fan art event I was having at my site, this is just a bunch of the characters coming from the beach. I was tired of the fan idea that Malon and Zelda would be fighting over Link for some reason, so they're friends here AND ignoring him as much as they would be anyone else. :p I drew a quick sketch and did most of it in photoshop
12 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_sheik.jpgSheik409 viewsA weird little drawing of Sheik/Zelda. Colored in Photoshop3 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_sketch.jpgSketch222 viewsMy first sketch of OoT Link ever. My friend had just shown me some art that was floating around the net and I was droolingMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_sleeping.jpgSleeping416 viewsA very quick sketch of Link sleeping.4 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_zelda_light.jpgZelda Light261 viewsA little sketch of Zelda done with crayola pencilMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_zelda_link.jpgLink and Zelda555 viewsAn unfinished sketch and acrylic painting of Link and Zelda. (plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture)3 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_oracle2.jpgPractice Sketches321 viewsJust some practice sketches of the official Oracle series art done in pencilMeloraMar 22, 2006
melora_oszelda.jpgOld School Zelda472 viewsI was just trying a style out, didn't come out quite how I had planned. Sketched on paper, colored in photoshop2 commentsMeloraMar 22, 2006
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