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abday.PNGHappy B-Day Ami!122 viewsI'm a terrible person, I forgot Ami's birthday! I didn't mean to! Well, um, Link looks sadistic. I think he's going to hurt me for forgetting, or go and throw a rotten tomato at the next door neighbor girl, who concidently is named Susie...
Link (c) nintendo
Calvin and Hobbes, Susie (c) Bill Waterson
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
bday_color.pngKR and Achitka367 viewsA bg made for ZLFF's first birthday, it depicts the fanfiction admins, using heavily edited WW art. Works well for centering on larger screen resolutions.1 commentsKoroks Rock
birthdaylinkweb.jpgHappy Birthday Amy-san!368 viewsHere is a little present for Amy122...(I wrapped it myself...*grin*) haha Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a good one! (pencil sketch, ink, photoshop)
8 commentsGirlink
cake.jpgMy B-Day Cake162 viewsThis cake was for my Birthday. I'm pretty sure you all recognize the picture. X3 It was really cool and really good to eat! =P My dad really liked this picture, so they put it on my cake without me knowing, so I was surprised to see it....I apologize for the poor quality of the image, I had to take it with my cell-phone. ^^U I hope you enjoy the pic.
Art on cake (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
happy_birthday_eponagirl_final.jpgAncient Hero302 viewsJust a silly sketch i colored for a friend for her birthday :)1 commentsbrigette
HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_hauu13!.pngHAPPY BIRTHDAY hauu13!!!365 views Happy bithday hauu13( aka Neko-san) It's your gift! YAY! Vaati and Ganondorf got you a pie (any flavor you want it to be) So I hope you like it, and HAPPY birthday!14 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Happy_Birthday__by_Red_Fan.jpgHappy Birthday?78 viewsA birthday picture I did for a friend I long time ago.2 commentsRed_Fan
IM_A0010.JPGWW collage209 viewsSo, I did this two years ago for my now ex-boy friend's birthday. Edited in Photoshop (which i don't have on this computer....arg.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
Lokomo_Sword.PNGLokomo Sword96 viewsWell, I'm back once again, IDK for how long, I'm going to try do to a manga of Okada. But I haven't gotten anywhere other than her face and half of her arms. Other than that, my 24th birthday was Wednesday which seriously sucked, I've had better b-days when I was growing up. I think my best b-day was my 17th, my friends gave me b-day presents. Anyway, I wasn't about to color the blade green, or yellow, I have never seen a blade that was green or yellow. And it looks like it doesn't have any kind of desgins other than those triangle marks but I think that's just apart of the shading. I'm going to make the Hilt a little longer. After this I'm going to work on Phantom Ganon's sword, those stupid Dark Nuts sword from WW, then Ganon's swords from WW since that's been on my list for IDK how long...

Lokomo Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
9 commentsAmy122
LRA_BDAY.pngBirthday Pic114 viewsWell, this took me WAAAYYY longer than I had hoped due to schoolwork. T^T Anyways, it's two months over due, so...Happy Belated Birthday LRA!^^
L.J., Sadaka, and Saphero (C) Link_Rules_All
Ruto, Navi, and Pit (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
12 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Map.jpgJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 2135 viewsI'm so sorry this took so long to update. I tried to draw it out, the first part came out great but I ran out of room so I tried to draw it on another page and it came out bad. It came out too big. So I took this from Gamefaqs. Then I had a problem uploading it, finally I said "Let's try Photobucket." I uploaded it on there and it worked, so I'm sorry if it's too small. My birthday and Sims 2 Apartment life might get in the way.

"There is a land, it's beautiful, and big, and it splits into four lands. Ordona province, Faron province, Eldin province, and Lanayru province, and these four province's lies in the land of Hyrule, there are two lands in Hyrule that don't have a province or that are protected. And those two are called, Gerudo Desert and Snowpeak Mountain."

OC's, Storyline, style by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Map by: GameFaqs
5 commentsAmy122
melora_249.pngHappy Birthday Kitty271 viewsI did this for a sweet girl called Kitty that was at my forums when they were up-- a long time ago. Done with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS programMelora
melora_louisa22.png360 viewsA silly oekaki I did for a friends birthday :31 commentsMelora
Mikebdaygiftrsze_01.pngFriendly Races727 viewsBirthday gift for my cousin. Its of his character, Razz Jade and the king of the Dark World,Helmasaur King.
This is also a lil' preview of the next boss I'm working on.
They're childhood friends and usually have races for fun. Here they are..years later still having races for fun.
The b/g is a screenshot I found of Hyrule Field.
Mike turned 14 this past Wensday. X3
8 commentsMariaGemini
narsbday.jpgbirthday link231 viewsdone as a gift for one of my friend's birthdays. XD yum.cerasly
race.swfMinish Race545 viewsA simple flash game, crafted for Zelda's 20th birthday (as far as japan is concerned).

It's definately not finished, but it's the beginning of what I hope will be a community effort. It needs a few levels to beef it out, a little introductory explaination, me to figure out how to get the water spills working again, etc, but it's playable as of right now. Just grab a buddy and enjoy riding around on an octo as a Minish.
6 commentsKoroks Rock
shadows_birthday.pngShadows' Birthday718 viewsThis is my contest entry for the contest that the Shadow Link club on deviantart are doing (
My username on DevArt is LittlePidgey4 by the way =3

Here, Shadow's got a little plushie of himself from Red X3 And Blue has burned the cake in the kitchen!
The little picture in the frame is part of the pic, 'Football Team' I did

Red: "I made it! All by myself!"
Shadow: "Aaaw, wow! How cute!"
Vio: "Heheh, it looks just like you!"
Green: "How the hell did you burn the cake?!"
Blue: "I don't know!! Just help me out here!"

Red, Shadow, Vio, Blue and Green (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
5 commentsKeitii
snakefeather.PNGLink_Rules_Alls' Request-Battle of the Gods81 viewsThis was a request I did as a late birthday present for LRA. In it, three of his OCs, Dark God Naranu, Light God Naranu, and Salazar (the Basalisk/big snake), are fighting amongst themselves and Oni-Link (whom LRA calls Korosho). And Slazar is a demon, not a god. Yep. Hope you like it LRA!
Naranus, Salazar (c) LRA
Oni-Link (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I'm open for requests!
7 commentshauu13
vaati_bday14.jpgVaati's 14th Birthday XD303 viewsIn my fanfic, Vaati turns 14 (yes, 14). I am well aware that I got the colours on the Cartman slippers all screwed up. I am also well aware that he's wearing knickers over his pants. Why? Because he's cool enough to do that on his b-day, that's why! Just so you know, in my fanfic, the characters like things like South Park, Foamy the Squirrel (found here), and FS Manga (mostly Angua). They also like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

I am also well aware that he looks like a girl.
4 commentsvaati_girl
yaaay-tablet-web.jpgPraise the Goddesses!399 viewsIn celebration of my birthday present. (Which was actually kind of a while ago....) Well no more mouse-spaz-attacks for me! And don't believe the lies, Photoshop Elements is good enough >.>

Then again, I'm a PS n00b. x___x
3 comments[cuccoattackforce]
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