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029 - Great Butterfly Fairy.png
029 - Great Butterfly Fairy.png651 views1 commentsdavogones
030 - Great Mayfly Fairy.png
030 - Great Mayfly Fairy.png620 views1 commentsdavogones
031 - Great Dragonfly Fairy.png
031 - Great Dragonfly Fairy.png583 views1 commentsdavogones
1995670.jpgJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 1205 viewsThis is the newer verison and the better one, I had to use ref on the sleeping princess to Magalink's Sleeping Zelda, and the comic style as in the "Windows" I used ref to Serenitythefreakinfairy on DA. In the second panel that "ball" is suppose to be the spell the young wizard is enchanting. His hand is what I think what would look like if I was looking at him in person and if he was holding the book... Some of my writing got cut off so I had to type it out. Stupid Scanner. >>

"Stories are told of Princess's being held prisoner in their own castles; some were put to sleep by a witch or wizard and needed a Prince to break the spell. This one isn't a story, for this. Is real!"

Also it will read right to left just like tha Jap manga. I do hope everything will look better once I get past all of the Narator talking so the Characters will be able to speak. And I might draw a picture of Akako's mother who's never mentioned in the Fan fic =)

OC's, Storyline, style by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
14 commentsAmy122
2xNavi_and_dots.jpg2xThe Navi221 viewsSomething I made for this.
Cute and funny.
1 commentslinkiala
5fairyocarina8dr.pngFairy Ocarina221 viewskao
9.PNGGreat Fairy from Twilight Princesss137 viewsHer hand looks terrible and her hips are a bit small... And yes, that's it.
Great Fairy (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
AntiFairy.gif584 views
AntiFairy1.gif483 views
AntiFairy2.gif357 views
AntiFairy3.gif332 views
AntiFairyMoving.gif903 viewsIron Knuckle
Anti_Fairy_moving.gif423 views
Archer_Link.JPGArcher Link302 viewsLink getting ready to go shoot something. (Linke a squirrel, a fairy, or a talking hat named Ezlo.)1 commentsjiminycricketX
b-faerie.jpgFairy1762 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora.
1 commentsMelora
b-faerie.jpgFaerie716 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
B1L_minishcap_fairyfountain.midFairy Fountain699 viewsIron Knuckle
bloodlinkweb.jpgSometimes a Fairy Just Isn't Enough367 viewsha, well, Ive been off writing doujinshi and managing a yaoi site at (dont visit the site unless you are 18 please!!!!!!)
buuut....I just remembered that I had a gallery here forever ago (I'm sure no one remembers, I haven't had a comment like forever....) ha but anyway, here is a little sketch i did and butchered in photoshop...........enjoy! OH, its a pencil sketch colored in Photoshop, and it is Link of course, kinda sad, well bawling really...awww dont you just want to hug him??? :)
Girlink (aka Ayame)
3 commentsGirlink
bottledfairy.jpg1123 views1 commentslord-of-shadow
BottleFairy.gif306 viewsIron Knuckle
bowarrow.jpg1418 viewsThe Fairy Bow used by Adult Link.2 comments
cestculculaussimaismoins.png[Sketch] Midna (Twilight Princess spoiler)158 viewsAaaand that's what I draw when I'm supposed to be working. Drawn in literature class. :)9 commentsWaann
Cindy.JPGCindy504 viewsShe is another fairy that I made up. made from colored pencils, its kinda old so....7 commentsAllysa
clrfairyheal0001.jpgFairy heals Link368 viewsfreehand color pencil11 commentsGirlink
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