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bloodlinkweb.jpgSometimes a Fairy Just Isn't Enough339 viewsha, well, Ive been off writing doujinshi and managing a yaoi site at (dont visit the site unless you are 18 please!!!!!!)
buuut....I just remembered that I had a gallery here forever ago (I'm sure no one remembers, I haven't had a comment like forever....) ha but anyway, here is a little sketch i did and butchered in photoshop...........enjoy! OH, its a pencil sketch colored in Photoshop, and it is Link of course, kinda sad, well bawling really...awww dont you just want to hug him??? :)
Girlink (aka Ayame)
3 commentsGirlink
Cat nap colored.jpg
Cat nap colored.jpgCatNap-colored147 viewsThis is the last of Girlinks Pics that hadn't been colored,.so I wanted to do something cool..this is the colored versionFyrborn
Dark Rose.png
Dark Rose.pngDark Rose494 viewsThis sword is for Girlink. She wanted a sword that looked feminine but still looked badass. I gave the hilt a lot of curves because women have curved bodys. I added the rose I used in the Great Fairys Sword to make it more girly. I really like how it came out, I hope you like it Girlink. 17 commentsbounty hunter
Girlink andthe Lizalfos.jpg
Girlink andthe Lizalfos.jpgGirlink andthe Lizalfos267 viewsthis was just a pic I wanted to draw of what I thought Girlink would look like as a hylian.
shes being stalked by a lizalfos.
to me the back ground still didn't come out looking very good.but ohwell,I'm not that good at backgrounds..HOPE YOU LIKE IT GL!!..,and if you want I could add you to my fanfic,if you wanted..I would just need back ground charector information.
6 commentsFyrborn
Girlink_s Link.jpg
Girlink_s Link.jpgGirlink's Link168 viewsthis was a sketch that GL sent me that I thought was so cool I had to color it but it was on something that would color weird so I had to hand draw it to look just like it,.its off just a little bit in the eyes but..
I just thought it had to be colored...MWHAHAHAH
2 commentsFyrborn
My wolflink.jpg
My wolflink.jpgMy WolfLink198 viewsvery happy at how this came out...took awhile mainly cause the upload was down and my scanner wouldn't do what it was supposed to do...hope you like it Girlink!!^-^6 commentsFyrborn
Oot blue bubble.jpg
Oot blue bubble.jpgOot blue bubble166 viewsOot Oot blue bubble spooky.
wonder if it would fight with Girlink's Poe? that would be an evil fight..
the clash of the skulls!!
wings and robes flapping!!
umyeah..whooo E_V_I_L!!
5 commentsFyrborn
Strickin with Steel.jpg
Strickin with Steel.jpgStricken With Steel222 viewsDid this pic for Girlink for her defeat of Toot,..showing Ganon's last death throll before transforming,into MEGAPIG..he's nekid cause his musculs ripped his clothes off..and I was to lazy to draw them..haha.
for those who never saw him chuck red blood in Toot,can see it here,..none of that green stuff here...
7 commentsFyrborn
triforce_phoenix.jpgPhoenix of the Triforce (Fanfic)750 viewsThis was an early idea for a 'possible' zelda ending, here Link defeats Ganon, and recovers the Triforce, he takes pity on the inanimate object, so his wish, was for it to be reborn as this celestial being. (art requested by GirLink!)63 commentsRICKY
waiting for hero to return-color.jpg
waiting for hero to return-color.jpgWaiting for her hero to return343 viewsI got strict orders to color for Girlink,and this is what has come to be..hahaha.
anyway, Thanks too GL for letting me post them too,because if you had wanted to post them it would be no probulm..hehe I added the almost forgotin tear.
I love my spriting skill with MSpaint.
Hope everyone bows to the SKILL that is GIRLINK!!
8 commentsFyrborn
Zelda 2.JPG
Zelda 2.JPGZELDA, for Girlink239 viewshere is the second one, I have givin color...THANKS SO MUCH GL FOR LIKING THE COLOR!!
And I'm thrilled to post them for you.
THANKS ALOT,MASTER OF SKETCH...S#!T!! was that Frankenlink...GIT OVER HERE Frankenlink..
8 commentsFyrborn
Zelda copy.jpg
Zelda copy.jpgCaptive442 viewsThis goes out to Girlink who beat me to the punch on princess Zelda's poor treatment as a captive. Basically, I'm still trying to get the hang of photoshop (I know, I know, uber boring gradient in the back, but I don't want to do a background). I think I'm getting better, but colors still look like some bizzare type of painting. . . you probably noticed that I'm going for a little more realism than the. . . well whatever style they're done in by the official artists.
As for the context of the scene going on, bad guys should be bad guys. The rest is up to your imagination.
9 commentsScipio
Zelda-save me..JPG
Zelda-save me..JPGZelda-Save me292 viewsGirlink I know you liked the color in this one,as in all of them.
thanks for letting me post them for you..heheh
and I even signed it too like you said I could..right there next to your sig.
not sure why alot of people don't seem to like our team pics,,concedering alot of them wanted to see them colored...
Well hopefully it will bring atleast people to come and see it,..thats what counts.
6 commentsFyrborn
zeldarealps.jpgZelda real -Tears-310 viewsAnother CO,OP by Girlink and I.
I think it turned out awsome,thanks to a little PS tinkering by GL.
glad you liked the way the eyes shed those tears GL
thought it was a good focalpoint to color by.
Woohoo!! team work!!
now wheres my frankengun I'm hunten me down a frankenlink.
3 commentsFyrborn
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