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ALTTP.jpgA Link to the Past - GBA235 viewsYeah, i was board one day, and I saw an offical art for the GBA version of my favorite Zelda game, so, I drew it and inked it. If you look extremly (yes, I do mean extremely) closely at his eyes, you may be able to tell that I coloured them blue.3 commentsMusica
Bubblybluebg.pngBubbly154 viewsNewbie Alert!

So, yeah, I got the idea for this pic after listening to the song "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. I love that song, it's so... gushy-cute. So, that song, mixed with my sad nerd-crush on Twilight Princess Link led to this. Link, surrounded by shojo bubbles. Lots, and lots, of shojo bubbles.

Oh, and I know my shading isn't the greatest, it's never been my strong point. Just be greatful it's shaded. I had to sharpen up the lines by hand using a 1pt sized bush and eraser because I don't know any other was of going about it.Aand the bubbles and background swirly-thingies were both brushes. Yeah, I'm a cheater. I found the bubbles on Brusheezy and the swrils on... some place that was linked on the Photoshop Support website...

Colored and re-re-reinked in Photoshop Elements 2.0. Oldskool.

Hope you guys like it!
3 commentsthepbjninja
Chibi_SPOILER_Midna.pngChibi Midna291 views Didja all miss me?(lol) Just a quick sketch of a chibi Midna that I doodled during free-period. So when I got home from school I inked it and the colored it in PSP, (kinda quickly) It was fun to mess with some of the effects, and I even found a night effect! WOO! Anyway, I hope you all like it!
Midna Nintendo
Art Princess of Twilight
Requests will be attempted to be done if you want one! ^.~
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
cookie.jpgI want cookies735 viewsI haven't uploaded anything in a long time.. XP.. this is a pretty old picture.. it's really popular on DA though.. I'm not sure why.. ^__^;; hehe. I coloured it with crayola coloured pencils and inked it with a black ball point pen. 8 commentsChibi-Rinku
Dark_Nut_Back_Up.pngBack Up365 viewsI am ASHAMED to call myself a Zelda Fan, I've been MIA. This time, I have a good excuse! Back in Sept. I started a job working at a Trucking company. And I've been working there ever since. computer died......again yes...I've Pre-ordered Skyward Sword and ordered a Players Guide for it. And I was watching a playthrough of the game but the person just seriously stinked at playing it period...Seriously a person asks for help what do you do?
ANYWAY, this here is used by the Dark Nuts or Dark Knights in Twilight Princess when Link gets them armorless they'll throw their sword at him and pull this baby out, now that I Look at it, looks like both the hilt and blade needs to be longer....Of course, I'm working on a few more swords and hopefully the Goddess Sword from Skyward Sword IF, I can find an official art to it....

Dark Nuts/Dark Knights Back Up Sword and Dark Nuts/Dark Knights by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

2 commentsAmy122
Din.pngOracle of Seasons- Din413 views A pic of Din, the Oracle of Seasons. She's my fav out of the Oracles, she is really cool.(And fun to draw) I hope you guys all like it! ^.~ Colored in Crayola Colored Pencils and inked in Pilot G-2 07 pens.
Din (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fighting_pose.jpgFighting pose132 viewsLink in a fighting pose. This version was inked, whilst the other was done in pencil. drawn on the 9th January 20082 commentsGreater Daemon
gerudolink_inked.jpgGerudo Link... meh.272 viewsBehold. What if Link were a gerugo... big "what if". Anywho, I'm a-thinkin' of writing a fic where Link is a Gerudo, and the antagonist... well, sorta. Probably for all of 2 or 3 chapters. XD

So aanyway, "if he's a Gerudo", I thought "he has to have stuff on his clothing that will show that." So I goggled up a piccy of Ganon and copied his generic Gerudo rattern onto some of Link's garments.

Ah, the cleverness of me!

Nestled in his hand he has 3 throwing knives. And a scar on his cheeck from some random battle. And his cloak is tattered because I luff tattered cloacks.^^
1 commentsaquawolf
Link Slice.png
Link Slice.pngLink Slice217 viewsHere's my sketch of Link. I inked him, then I had to do some major editing on paint. I didn't edit his hair and eyes because it would probable mess him up. I also didn't edit the inside of the shield because I like the effect it gave.2 commentsbounty hunter
link.pngLink178 viewsThis is a quick drawing I've made with a kinda tww style. I wasn't looking at a tww model or something, it was just my remembers lol
Its not actually a ZLegends character but i've had no other choise to put it here -_-'
well, i like it so im posting it here.
This link and the Zelda drawing took me like 30minutes of drawing, painting and inking
ive made it in normal paper with a normal pencil, then the colour is with a special pencil-aquarela ones. ive painted it with the pen and then watered it to make that acuarela style. and then inked with a normal pen ^^
hope u like them!!
please, comment!
1 commentsHyrule_SwordsMan
linkman.jpgNOBODY--finished!586 viewsSame pic, just inked with the lufforly sharpie and colored with GIMP. Yep.7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Link_and_the_Ladies_inked.jpgLink and the Ladies - inked1071 viewsI inked it! Wahoo! Tho the ink might've bled a bit in certain areas, i think it's k...15 commentsSora
Link_Resting-small.jpgLink Resting Beneath a Tree131 viewsOnce again, I drew and inked this picture, and then scanned and colored it. It is my second shot at computer coloring. By the way, the shadows around Link are from the leaves above him. Please tell me what you think!1 commentssora56
Link_Rulez__Gift_by_Red_Fan.pngLink- OoT123 viewsWas a gift for my sister.
I drew the wrong sword sadly.... I noticed AFTER I inked....
mangalink1.jpgManga Link308 viewsYeah, yeah, Im still trying to get the hang of manga style art, my own characters are coming along great, but I thought since I am still practicing, Id draw up Link and throw it into photoshop..(Pencil sketch, inked, and colored in PS)5 commentsGirlink
Midna_Lineart.pngMidna424 views This just started out as two little Midna drawings (how she looks in my fic), then I inked them (hence the filename being 'Midna_lineart'), then I colored it in PSP. The little one is her with her hair down, and the front one is her using magic! YAY! =D I hope you all like it!
Midna (c) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
If anyone wants a request I will gladly try to do them, ASAP.
22 commentsPrincess of Twilight
NGHInk1.JPGThree Years Before (Inked)173 viewsThought I ink this piece for those who like to color. Anyone is welcomed. Enjoy!

Nabooru and Ganondorf Shigeru Miyamoto
Horoso Link_Rules_All
Artwork Divine_Link

2 commentsDivine_Link
Red_Linky_by_Red_Fan.pngRed Linky135 viewsFirst picture I inked and colored with colored pencils.2 commentsRed_Fan
Sakaya_newstyle_inked.jpg"And she calls to you"712 viewsTitled by Ritz, the Pink Bunny of Doom. It's a different style of Sakaya. I'm happy i inked it ^^8 commentsSora
scan0008.jpgNabooru's sage dress505 viewsit got messed up when I inked it. I hate that >.< Well anyway, its Nabooru in a sage gown. I had to use Zelda and Ganondorf's SSBM trophies to design some of it because I didn't have any official or of Nabooru anywhere.5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
tetrafinal.jpgTetra586 viewsAh ha, here is Tetra in color, I did a few minor changes to the pic, inked it, and colored it in was a quick job, I have a comic and a children's book I am illustrating right now, so not a lot of time for Zelda fan art...well, hope you like my 20 min color job...:)8 commentsGirlink
Time_transcending_courage_by_Nenilein.pngTime-transcending courage145 viewsThis one was done during a pretty boring day of school. There was just me, physics and my drawing utensils. Naturally, I put physics aside and drew instead. XD It was latter finished up in Macromedia Fireworks. The left half ist Wind Waker Link, while the Right Half is Ocarina of Time Link. The fairies are both Navi, just that one is in Wind Waker style. The Triforce of Courage and Farore's symbol were added to the sketch last. This was partly inspired by my fanfiction "Linked Chronicles", since it features Wind Waker Link and Ocarina of Time Link meeting and learning about each other.4 commentsNenilein
Vaati Inked.jpg
Vaati Inked.jpgVaati Inked299 viewsIt's my Vaati, only I inked him ^^. PLEASE comment on him8 commentsbounty hunter
Winter_Red_by_PT.png Red Adorable Pose230 viewsOkay, this one was actually drawn out of the blue one day and I thought it was adorable! :3 So I inked the drawing and scanned in the lineart, then I decided to try something different and color this pic COMPLETELY in Paint Shop Pro, with various effects.^^ I was going for an anime styled sorta thing for the coloring, but over all...I hope you all like it!^^

The Adorable Little Red is (C) Akira Himekawa/ Nintendo
Art (C) Me
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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