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Farore_by_Guardian_of_Heroes.jpgFarore162 viewsThis is the goddess of courage from the Zelda games. I put a lot more effort into her than i did into my Nayru picture as you can tell lol.
I had to take a picture of myself posing like that to get the hand right lol.
I am happy with how it turned out...well anyway, please be kind!
Oh, i think i should add that this is not how i would usually draw her. I usually giver her two Sailor moon-esque balls on her head! But with my new style it just didn't look....serious enough lol

Marker paper
Prismacolor markers

If any of you want to see my other art works copy and paste this address into your browser. It will take you to my DeviantART page:
11 commentsGuardian of Heroes
HadesRox-RQ-Midna_on_Wolf_Link-by-_PrincessofTwilight72.pngMidna and Wolf Link393 viewsThis was originally a request pic for someone on DA, but I wanted to submit it here for you guys too!^^ I love how Midna looks, she's adorable. X3 Wolf Link...could use a little work, but overally I'm pleased with this picture and I hope you guys like it too!

Next pic....Modern Zelda Characters, Shadow and Vio! (yes I'm bored)

Things used: Mechanical Pencil, Pigment Pens, Manga markers, manga eraser, Prismas, and Paint Shop Pro ^^

Midna & Wolf Link (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
12 commentsPrincess of Twilight
happynewyear0001.jpgHappy New Year!260 viewsYeah, I cheesed out, and did this in 5 min with a sharpie marker and photoshop fills..well, thats not the point. I hope you all have a good new year and please spread the love, not the hate, and all that...I wanted to write something profound but I am tired and cant think of shi*t, so just love yourselves and each other, make this year better, we can. Have a great 2006!!!!!!!!3 commentsGirlink
Link&Zelda -REJECTED.jpg
Link&Zelda -REJECTED.jpgLinkandZelda castlezelda367 viewsREJECTED was what I thought when I first saw this to keep with the light emotion and the sketch like look to it I colored it lightly with markers and colored pencils,..the BG is a blend of crayoncoloredpencilmarker, set the image out farther.
10 commentsFyrborn
linknightime.jpgLink at Dusk385 viewsThis is a picture I did in Prismacolor grayscale markers, scanned, and colored in Photoshop. I was just testing my new markers. I am pleased with it.15 commentsHero_of_Light
LinkRee11_001.jpgReeses and Link751 viewsLooks much much better in real life. 8 commentsMariaGemini
LinkReecom3.pngLink and Reeses comic 31605 views|: -awaits really idiotic comments.-12 commentsMariaGemini
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpg
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpgLink's sin...Ganon's death.251 viewsI wanted to do a ganon peice,on him being dead at the end of Oot...mainly cause this just came to one time..but also I don't have any recent ganon pics...hand drawn and colored with markers and colors...and edited with photoeditor...can you find the triforce...theres two...his death is white space dreamy.12 commentsFyrborn
Link___Zelda_7.JPGthinkin of u..252 viewsi TOTALLY ran outta that stupid cheap permanent marker crap, so now i have to use that stupid pen that only works when u write with it, NOT to ink out...wat pen is gud for outline uses?9 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
LozfL4wm.jpgJust Chillin'144 viewsEh. Having fun with markers and free time! This is also on my deviant account...which may/may not view better. But for now I hope you'll enjoy it!1 commentsMythicLullaby
melora_bumkin.jpgCountry Bumkin Link218 viewsPencil and crayola marker, just a sketchMelora
melora_intheshade.jpgIn the Shade322 viewsA weird little drawing of Link and Epona- I liked drawing her all slender, made her seem more fairy like to me. Done with a bunch of stuff; pen, pencil, marker, etc...2 commentsMelora
melora_link_green.jpgGreen Link241 viewsJust a sketch done with a ball point pen and colored with crayola markerMelora
melora_zelda_night.jpgZelda Night368 viewsA quick pen sketch I colored with prismacolor marker2 commentsMelora
Ocarina_Of_Time.jpgOcarina Of Time77 viewsTraditionally Done with Markers but edited in Photoshop 5 commentsXaldine
oracletrio.jpgOracle Trio377 viewsAll of my previous work was done with pen and color pencils. With this one, I decided to help myself a bit using color markers for the hair of the oracles. From the Oracle series, of course.3 commentsMalu CLBS
scan0003.jpgShojo art = hard269 viewsSooo last night I was bored before bed so I started doodling, and I decided I wanted to do a more shojo looking piece. Most of my art is more shonen influenced (I liked shonen stuff when I was a kid, DBZ, Pokemon, that kind of stuff) so I decided to try the opposite. Of course I didn't try that hard, but here's my 'shojo' art. Its Kiichi and Kouji and some side notes I wrote about how most men in shojo look incredible effeminate and this picture is no exception...4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
thinking about you finished.jpg
thinking about you finished.jpgThinking About You613 viewsThis one i like........a lot... I used a lot of smoth colors and markers. Link and Zelda look so cute, Link just thinking about her in his mind. How is it???9 commentsAllysa
TP Link coloredpencil.jpg
TP Link coloredpencil.jpgTP Link coloredpencil137 viewssecond part of art set.
Twilight Princess Link done in colored pencils...its uncanny resemblince to the markered one is because of my talent of keeping something the same..color wise.
3 commentsFyrborn
TP Link markers.jpg
TP Link markers.jpgTP Link markers172 views3rd part of art set.
Twilight Princess Link done in markers and ink..
6 commentsFyrborn
zelda.jpgZelda569 viewsDrew Zelda the second time. but this is crappy. i tried to change my artwork by mixing markers to give her darker shadowing. i guess i put too much.6 commentsAllysa
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