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36.jpgPrecious Treasure290 viewsSymphann and his baby daughter, who finally has a name! It's Flette; lightly based on the word flute because I got myself a new flute today!
Symphann's right wing is messed up because I had to draw it with the computer, after I colored the whole thing I realized I forgot to draw it in, so I quick did with the mouse pad thing that a laptop has.
3goddesses.JPGgolden goddesses158 viewsThe way that the 3 golden gods are going to look like in my fan-fic. A bit of info on the 3 sisters. The battle ax Din is holding is to show her great power, and it's also for cutting down hordes of other worldly beasts. Din is usually has a good control of her feelings, but when she's angry she could kill anything. Farore is a mute so she communicates through thought speech, and is a master at bending peoples minds to her will. Nayru, although it might not look like it, is a master swordsman, and can beat anyone at a swearing contest. By age Din is the oldest, Farore is the middle child, and Nayru is the youngest.
Nayru, Din, and Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
The smudge in the upper right please ignore it. It's where I messed up and didn't have an eraser.
3 commentshauu13
Bosses.pngA Link to the Past Bosses423 viewsSince some of you wanted to see another one of these pics I tried to do one of all the ALttP bosses. And guess what, I totally f*#ked up. It ended up sounding like the Discovery Channal did a documentry on Zelda boss. It makes me mad because I tried really hard on this. There are probable SO MANY screw ups in it but i uploaded it any way.2 commentsbounty hunter
Copy_of_scan0003.jpgZelda102 viewsI had a great one but i messed it up so my scanner wouldnt read it so now heres a quick draw because it was before dinner i did this and there is one more i need to update today.HAZA!!!!!!!my drawing skills SUCK!!!3 commentszeldamovie?no!!!
dance.PNGZelda:Princess of Hyrule's request: Twilight Princess Zelda121 viewsAnd she's doing a move from the dance Nimbooda? Oh man, this is how you just know you've seen too much Bollywood stuff. Let's see, how many details did I get wrong this time? Other than the sash, I already know that that's messed up. Well anyways, hope you like it Zelda:Princess of Hyrule!
Zelda (c) nintendo
Nibooda (c) I have no clue...
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
darklinkchibi.PNGDark Chibi Link269 viewsA really quick picture done (kinda messed up) of MS Paint (again, old!) of a Dark Chibi-ish Link. He looks a bit dangerous...:D5 commentsFanatic!
Daydreamer_v2.JPGDaydreamer 2304 viewsThis is basically just my other picture after being messed with on HP image Zone.2 commentsjiminycricketX
epona_1024x768.jpgAutumn Epona1046 viewsI messed around with the official art for this and made Link a little bigger, since his size and arm were really screwie. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -Thanks2 commentsMelora
epona_1280x1024.jpgAutumn Epona242 viewsI messed around with the official art for this and made Link a little bigger, since his size and arm were really screwie. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
epona_800x600.jpgAutumn Epona233 viewsI messed around with the official art for this and made Link a little bigger, since his size and arm were really screwie. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
Explorar0014.jpgGive me magiks947 viewsFacing these untold horrors approaching to her, she couldn't help grumbling at their attempts. Nobody messed with the Great Witch Maple, Puppet Master of the Quetzals
Removing her pointy hat, she stretched the inner side of it at a reality defying size and pointed the bottomless darkness against her foes. Taking a deep breath she chanted

Let the ceremony consecrate the marriage
Let me be the protégé of five magiks
Give me Alchemy
Give me Wizardry
Give me Sorcery
Magic if you please
Master all of these
Bring him to his knees

Defying all logic, numberless creatures started to pour out from her hat, from all the sizes and of all the nightmarish shapes the wickedest mind could think of. Soon, they'd outnumber her rivals. Soon, they'd consumer them all. Soon, only one would stay alive.


Our lovely Maple, ready to kick ass >D
9 commentsdan heron
Four Sword.png
Four Sword.pngFour Sword462 viewsI was running out of ideas for Zelda swords to do on paint so I made this. It didn't take too long because I did it just for fun. But tried really hard to make a good looking blade but I really messed up and cept it like this. My favorite part is the jem at the bottom, it came out really good14 commentsbounty hunter
Island of the ancients theme.jpg
Island of the ancients theme.jpg'Island of the ancients' logo188 viewsAs you can see, this is Scarface. The same T-rex you saw battle that Dodongo.

THIS is what happened to a spinosaurus that messed with him. Arm ripped off, Sail snapped off, and jaw (including tongue) snapped right in two.

Kinda makes you think twice about JP3, huh?

Ol' Scarface is the king of this island.
Niko the ninja
Kayli.jpgThe Gerudo Thief193 viewsAh yes. One of my original characters has been... drawn and changed. This is Kayli, my female Gerudo. Originally, she's Nabooru's reincarnation, but for my fanfic, she's her sister. xD; This took me forever to finish with getting it right. I still think I messed up on some parts but that's just me. But annnnnnyways... What do you all think?Sage of Ice
lelda.jpgPrincess of Twilight's Lelda134 viewsWell, to me, she looks a little weird, and tell me if I messed up really bad. I didn't scan it (like I should have) because my scanner is going screwy too. I hope you don't hate it.5 commentsKifan12
Link and Forrest.jpg
Link and Forrest.jpgTwiligth Rider369 viewsumm... not sure of the name of the Twiligth Princess horse ^^U but I COMPLERLY MESSED UP POOR LINK!! >< I'm just no good at drawing people =(17 commentsDust_Bunny
linkmalon.jpgLink and Malon398 viewsI drew this for a friend who's going through rough times. She loves Link as much as I do and looks very much like Malon.
i know Link's face looks a bit.. messed up. Sorry bout that!
5 commentscerasly
linksakaya_edalzelda_complete.jpgA Hope, a Dream, and a Whisper1165 viewsLink's in the bg, Sakaya (my OC) is in the forefront, and Zelda's with Edal (my other OC, who's Sakaya's cousin). And just so u kno, that's not a scar on Sakaya's forehead. Nope, she's not a Harry Potter wannabe. I made her up before Harry Potter came out, about 7 years ago. Sakaya's got a golden lightning bolt on her forehead. And yes, i kno Sakaya's right arm looks messed up.

And no, i didn't come up with this wonderful title! I'm awful with titles, but my good booday, Ritz, The Pink Bunny of Doom, the master of titles, did her magic for meh. Thank u so much, my kick-arse friend!! XD
9 commentsSora
Link___Marin_sunset_2.JPGLink and Marin Sunset (Redone)262 viewsThis is basically the same picture as my last one, only I messed around with it on HP image zone. It looks much cooler now.2 commentsjiminycricketX
LoZ1--Stalfos.jpgLoZ1 Stalfos97 viewsYeah, it's hard to draw skeletons, and this was my first attempt at drawing skeletons.

Anyway, its a Stalfos from Zelda 1. I tried to use the manual art as reference, but again, this was my first attempt at skeletons, so I kinda messed it up bigtime.
malon.jpgMalon403 viewsJust thought I'd make an appearance again. So, this is Malon. Originally she was supposed to be at Hyrule Market, shopping, with a basket in one hand. Something (a pretty dress maybe?) was supposed to have caught her eye. I know she's missing an eyebrow (oops..) and her hands are messed up. I cannot draw hands >.<3 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Merchant.jpgMinish Merchant290 viewsbleh! kinda messed up >< sorry7 commentsDust_Bunny
Minish Tree.jpg
Minish Tree.jpgMinish Tree284 viewsI just loooove the Minish ^-^ they're so cute!!! messed them up a bit tough ><9 commentsDust_Bunny
Minish.jpgMinish Sketch 2301 viewsanother no-good sketch ^^U at least this one is not as messed up as the first one11 commentsDust_Bunny
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