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2xNavi_and_dots.jpg2xThe Navi221 viewsSomething I made for this.
Cute and funny.
1 commentslinkiala
3navi2vy.pngNavi221 viewskao
569.pngsome dragon with navi,no it's not link151 views..........2 commentskokorokpotleaf10
6.PNGNavi131 viewsWhat I think Navi looks like. Yes... It's very blue.
Navi (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
aaaaa0001.JPGChildish Colouring!180 viewsYay for childish colouring!1 commentsMelundomeiel
annoyedlink.jpgSo it happens to ezlo...529 viewsu know Ezlo can be just as annoying as Navi, no?5 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
Bishilink copy.jpg
Bishilink copy.jpgZora Tunic367 viewsThis was just a quick sketch and I wanted to color it. So it's Link in a zora tunic and Navi.
*Hey!* *Listen!*
5 commentsSusie Q
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPG
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPGThe new Master Sword Pedestal!216 viewsDIE, Navi, DIE!!! Muahahaha!

I do know the master sword looks a little small, but that's cause I ran out of paper. ^v^' Eheh heh...
3 commentsPrizzZel
clrnavicomic.jpgLink and Navi454 viewsWell, I think there has been a lot of negative vibes flowing around here lately, and I think we need to lighten up a little. So, I thought I would try my first little comic. I am not sure if this idea has been used already, if it has, sorry, I didnt remember. I thought of this cause Fyrborn commented once that he would like to put Navi in a bottle and throw her out to sea. It reminds me of what little kids to to bugs when they catch em. haha Hope it makes you laugh! (pencil sketch, prismacolors)14 commentsGirlink
Copy_of_scan0008.jpgFAIRY THINGS!!!!!!!200 viewsYAY!!!!!!!A FULL colored picture of Navi and the other Faries.The H~Fairy is a Healing fairy.Oh the stuff under them is their fairy dust stuff.6 commentszeldamovie?no!!!
dark-link-and-navi.jpgDark link kidnaps navi387 viewsThis situation could be possible in the game, right? ;-) It's would be very good XD7 commentsLinkgirl
Darkpower.jpgGanon's Navi Sucking Vortex389 viewsthis is the vortex thingy ganon makes right before Link and him fight... this is the way i see it... oh wait no... thats what link would see from his eyes... ya thats it... (its wallpaper size) at least i think it is... if its not, its still works as a dang cool bg!12 commentsdude_thats_evil
Dark_Link_And_Link.pngDark Link & Link397 views Whew! It's been 4 days since I've posted anything. (I had artist's block!) So I just drew this pic of Link & Dark Link. (The next pic I post will probably be another Link & Dark Link one). I think Dark Link is cool, (Link is 2!) I just added Navi and another random fairy next to D.L. It can be Tael if u want it to be...but 2 me its just a random fairy.

Dark Link & Link (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
earplugs2.JPGNavi being annoying327 views I thought that Navi needed to be annoying in at least one picture, so enjoy!5 commentsKifan12
Earrings b&w.jpg
Earrings b&w.jpgEarrings (WIP)540 viewsAnother picture inspired by a post on the Nintendo Forums. Someone posted that years ago, in a Nintendo Power magazine, a girl asked how Link got his ears pierced, and they responded that Rauru must have gotten bored during Link's seven-year sleep. I decided to let Navi get in on the action, too. Edited in Photoshop.9 commentsArt1st4786
faeriez.pngNavi, Tael, and Tatl161 viewsLink is giving the fairies a pep talk and these are their reactions. :)lemonfairy
Fairies!^-^.pngAll of the Fairies262 views The title pretty much explains it all... Done 100% in MS Paint
Navi, Tatl, Tael, Ciela, Leaf, Neri, and Fairy (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fairies.jpgFairies beneath the glow195 viewsThis is what I think the main Zelda fairies look like underneath that light. Navi's got a baton and looks like a marching band leader, she's even got a blue cummerbund! Nothing real special about Tatl. Tael looks like a samurai, or a soul reaper (from the manga Bleach) wearing purple.
Navi, Tatl, and Tael (c) nintendo
Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests.
9 commentshauu13
fairyboy.jpgweirdos963 viewscant we learn to just get along15 commentsMichelle K.
gameover.jpggame over1013 viewsnoooooooooooooo!!!!!!20 commentsMichelle K.
gotafairy.jpgI got a fairy614 viewsOn the contrary of the last pic I uploaded, this one reflects the joy that Link felt when he first saw Navi. Remember he was the strange boy who didn't have a fairy, and all of a sudden, he got one! But it would come with a great responsibility... Also note that Link's capless again, but now he's young Link, he's facing the opposite side, and it's morning, not dawn, like in the other pic. ^_^ I hope you like it!7 commentsMalu CLBS
Hero_and_Princess_2.pngThe Hero and the Princess341 viewsNot sure if that will be the final title... but here is the colored version of something I drew probably almost 2 years ago... Young Link and Zelda from OoT (with their older counterparts in the bg) =]5 commentsbrigette
HEY_Listen.PNGHey! LISTEN!248 viewsFASHWOOOOOO!2 commentsTeevo
JealousNavi.jpg347 viewsFrom
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