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01 - Track 1.mp3
01 - Track 1.mp3Gerudo's Tripp'n Remix668 viewsI have no good ideas for a title right now... (please give me some ideas). Ok heres the breakdown... umm... first off, i need to explain the fact that this is NOTHING but a rough draft... I just wanted to mess around with the song, and as always, i apologize for the countless errors... What this is for, is; i am wondering if you like the sound of it so far. (BE HONEST!!! I CRITIQUE YOUR STUFF HONESTLY, SO I'D LIKE YOU TO DO THE SAME TO ME) now about the song... i made the beat by myself, (dudeofrandomness actually didn't do any of it...) Please let me know what you think!34 commentsdude_thats_evil
110 - Octorok.png
110 - Octorok.png253 views1 commentsdavogones
111 - Golden Octorok.png
111 - Golden Octorok.png294 views1 commentsdavogones
124 - Octorok.png
124 - Octorok.png259 viewsdavogones
1wing.jpgShadow With One Wing107 viewsI was bored one day and felt like drawing this. Yeah... No real explanation here.
Shadow (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
13 commentshauu13
43_Octo_Ring.gif254 views
Boss6_Octogon.gif342 views
Boss6_Octogon_Underwater.gif377 views
DeityVsHaruko.jpgHaruko vs. Deity120 viewsI kinda thought this up one day while working on Okada, and it's been incomplete ever since. The pose for both was used from Kacfrog711 on DA. Everyday in October she will upload only dark fanart, sometimes she'll upload other months but mostly it's October.

Anyway the drawing was pretty hard..the poses were mostly hard, and drawing Deity's sword...>< I'll never draw a man again (but I do have some ideas to redraw Dorjan and Aki, plus some other guys....) and I'll never draw a weapon by free hand ever again! You men are hard to draw, broad shoulders, big hands a triangle like body. Compare to us women it's much easier for me to draw us ^^ which I like because we're much easier.

Haruko by: Me
Orge Deity by: Nintendo
8 commentsAmy122
doctor.jpg773 viewslord-of-shadow
FlyingOctorok.gif409 views
GleeBig_001.pngGleerok n Big Octo707 viewsHaha. I originally spelled Gleerok as Gleeok. BUT WITH MY AMAZING PHOTOSHOP ABILITIES I CHANGED IT JUST FOR THIS IMAGE.

Artwork and Designs are Maria Mc.
1 commentsMariaGemini
Hate_n_on_the_octorock.JPGHate'n on octorock163 viewsfsa official art with funny captions!2 commentsdarklinkbeta200
hplj.jpgLink_Rules_All's request: Link Jr. VS. Harry Potter128 viewsThe camera made it come out horrible! And the fact that I sketched it and didn't darken the lines made it so the camera missed some lines. And yeah. LJ is on the bad sie of the pic when it come to quality... And he looks feminine... And NiGHTS is in the background chasing Octopaw. I have no idea why I put those two in the background though, it was really random... And Harry's saying Expelliamus (sp?)... Hope you like it LRA, but I won't blame you if you don't...
L.J. (c) LRA
Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
NiGHTS, Octopaw (c) sega
art (c) hauu13
16 commentshauu13
linkboomerang.jpg1317 viewsLink throwing his boomerang at an Octorok.2 comments
LinkOctoFront.gif301 views
LinkOctoSide.gif247 views
LoZ1--Octoroks.jpgLoZ1 Octoroks67 viewsThe two kinds of Octoroks from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as reference, and drew two since the game had two colors for Octorok.
LoZ2--Octorok.jpgZelda 2 AoL Octorok218 viewsOctorok in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, and I used a sprite as a reference.

He may look cute, but drop your guard at your own peril! He may be getting a rock ready to spit out!
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
Maggy_and_her_pet_Octorok.jpgMaggy and Pebbles115 viewsMaggy's a Linka! That's a female Link. She was going to be a regular, everyday girl-until her mother married someone with the 'Link' genes. She got the triforce and now everyone calls her a boy. Her pet Octorok, named Pebbles, follows her around and helps find clues to get to the boss. 4 commentsVaati_Lover
Octoballoon1.gif272 views
Octoballoon2.gif289 views
OctoMini1.gif277 views
OctoMini2.gif234 views
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