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coloredpirate.JPGPirate from Majora's Mask221 views A drawing colored with the computer that took me almost 4 hours because I shaded it in then had to erase all of the shading. It was hard but I'm pleased with the results :D. Hope you like it too.

14 commentsKifan12
Cutless.pngRapier306 viewsAww I really don't know where I was going with this one. It is a little diffrent then some of my other sword. Anyway, do you remeber that pirate like sword on the title screen in the first Zelda, well I guess this is it.8 commentsbounty hunter
IM_A0033.JPGTetra134 viewsOur favorite female pirate...maybe our favorite overall...who knows.zeldaiskoollink
Link and Pirate.jpg
Link and Pirate.jpgLink and Pirate243 viewsI draw really sloppy!! Anyway I still like how Link turned out. 5 commentsbounty hunter
LinkFairyGuyPH.pnglinkpirate_small1113 viewsIron Knuckle
linkpirate.jpglinkpirate_huge1275 viewslord-of-shadow
links+pirateguy.jpgpirategrab_small1306 viewslord-of-shadow
moya.PNGTetra!115 viewsPirates are awesome. That makes Tetra awesome. No colors because, to be frank, I'm to lazy to put colors. So, um yes...That's it.
Tetra (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do requests
7 commentshauu13
oos-pirates1.mid484 viewsdavogones
oos-pirates2.mid920 views2 commentsdavogones
oos-pirate_ship.mid475 views1 commentsdavogones
pirate.JPGChillin with Jack418 viewsAfter seeing "Pirates of the Caribean- Dead Man's Chest" I felt inspired to make a pic with both Captain Jack Sparrow and a few Zelda charaters. Jack seemed to fit in best with the Wind Waker Link, because of his connection with the sea.

Its neat to imagine what the other characters in this pic are thinking. Lol!

5 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
pirategrab.jpgpirategrab_huge1062 viewslord-of-shadow
pirategroup.pngPirate Group582 viewsYosh! Teh five Links pirates are done! =D This is what they look like in their pirate clothes from chappie 50.

I know Red's kinda cosplaying as Nami (from One Piece), but these clothes look really cute on him dammit! >.o;

Yay for pirates ~<3

Vio, Shadow, Green, Blue and Red (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
3 commentsKeitii
piratelinks.pngPirate Links289 viewsMy submission for littlepdgey4's Pirate Links Contest on DevArt. I did this at the last minuet, so it looks rushed. 3 commentsDark Dragon
pirateprincess.jpgPirate princess564 viewsVery similar to Alter ego, the only difference is that this happens in WW, not in OoT. Again, I used my style, not the one from the game. I don't think it was bad, though. But I like it my way ^_^4 commentsMalu CLBS
pirates.gif1001 viewsThe pirate captain with his skeletal shipmates.
pirates.jpg2088 viewsTetra and her pirate crew.1 comments
Pirates.jpgPirates!933 viewsSakaya, Link, Edal, Zelda/Tetra. Arr, matey.9 commentsSora
pirates.pngPirates of the anti-Caribean424 viewsARR!!! pirate ahoy in the vast ye dungeon, we might a' smite them with our boots6 commentsdude_thats_evil
Pirates_ Fortress.jpg
Pirates_ Fortress.jpgThe zora eggs rescue at the PIRATES' FORTRESS480 viewsThis was made with pencil, only. Since I didn't use any rulers it's a bit odd. Most of my work has the date, name of the game when the scene appears, title and sometimes other extra info. Thanks for visiting my gallery and hope you like it. Ludovic8 commentsLudovic
Pirates_Bell.gif472 views
Pirate_2_by_Yuese.pngPirate 2198 viewsThat Link ... We can't change him lol5 commentsangel of light
Pirate_by_Yuese.pngPirate204 viewsLink ? Pirate ? Nooooo !!!5 commentsangel of light
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