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051 - Funday School.png
051 - Funday School.png294 viewsdavogones
Animeclub-dudesindistress.jpgLink in distress347 viewsHeh heh... I'm a member of the Anime Club at my school, and we have art contests every now and then. The theme for this contest was Dudes in Distress. Unfortunetly, I had more time to work on this than I thought. I colored it with colored pencils, then found out that I had another week to work on it. I tried to improve it in Photoshop, but, well, as you can see... I ruined it...
However, the original one took second place in the contest! Yea!
3 commentsLinksLove
Anni 010.jpg
Anni 010.jpgDragon Oracle954 viewsOh no! Not Medli and those atrocious fans! Obviously, I was drawing at school and had no reference for Valoo ^^;11 commentsMalon Aniku
Back problems.jpg
Back problems.jpgBack Problems394 viewsI thought about this during one of my high school history classes and drew it out. I finally found the time to post it. Hand drawn, edited in Photoshop.7 commentsArt1st4786
Big O real -4powers.jpg
Big O real -4powers.jpgBig O real -4powers-275 viewsWent back to my roots of drawing with this one,.I used to draw realistic animal pics when I was younger,.like grade school,.some20 years ago..Gobooros oboroos at his best or how ever you say his name??
Whoo!! plus owls are cool
11 commentsFyrborn
Chibi_SPOILER_Midna.pngChibi Midna290 views Didja all miss me?(lol) Just a quick sketch of a chibi Midna that I doodled during free-period. So when I got home from school I inked it and the colored it in PSP, (kinda quickly) It was fun to mess with some of the effects, and I even found a night effect! WOO! Anyway, I hope you all like it!
Midna Nintendo
Art Princess of Twilight
Requests will be attempted to be done if you want one! ^.~
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Death_valley.jpgDeath mountains300 viewsMore like Death Valley.
Ok, I'll make this quick. It all started a few months ago when i saw my old death valley pics (the ones that looked like the volcano in Mario 64; they've been deleted now for being bmps), and noticed that someone (RICKY, maybe?) kept suggesting that i add a "glow" to them. I had just learned how to do that, so i started changing some stuff, and after a few hours had something like this. About a month later i came back, made some changes, and went back to school. a couple weeks after that, i wrote a few scripts, and my comp worked on rendering a movie of this for 4-5 days (really). it was 26 MB, i got it down to 6MB, but my trial period for flash ended (KR: Help!!!). anyway, i took one of about 450 frames, converted it to jpeg, stuck it as my wallpaper, and uploaded it.
Yeah, it's Death Valley. That's lava in the bottom. I've gotten better at mist and sunbeams, as you should notice. enjoy. and, of course, COMMENT!!!!
7 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
DVC01779.JPGDark Link's Last Breath191 viewsHi everyone. This is a drawing I've made long ago at school. Its dark link being defeated by an arrow lol
Hope u like it!
Please comment!!
Falcon.jpgHawk578 viewsI actually drew this for my school cus im in charge of drawing. (we're the falcons) but i decided to turn this into that hawk from Twilight Princess. hope you like it!!32 commentseponagirl
farore.jpgFarore, Goddess of Courage362 viewsThis is how I imagined this goddess. This was my second Zelda fanart ever. I made it when I was in high school o.O long time ago... Anyway, enjoy!Malu CLBS
footballteam_small.PNGFootball Team624 viewsHere's the 5 Links playing Football =D Heh, this is in time for the World Cup ^ ^ Go England!! =D Does anyone know when it is anyway?

Anyways, Green's in the middle, since he's the main guy, so he's got the football.
Blue, as over-confident as he is, wants the football so he's peeved and trying to get it.
Vio's concentrating, since he's the calm one, so he's choosing the right moment to take it away from Green.
Shadow's been put in as goalie 'cause he's a 'shadow' and wouldn't want to be out in the open field too much.
Red's decided to be a cheerleader. Seems typical of him. I think of him like Momiji from Fruits Basket. Momiji wore girls uniform to school 'cause he said he likes it so I thought Red would like to wear a girls uniform too ^ ^ That's why Shadow's kinda confuzzled.

Now I look at it, they're not really being a very good team o.o; I guess they need to work a bit more on Team-work..

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul
6 commentsKeitii
Green_dragon.pngGreen Dragon196 viewsGot bored in school(that's hwy the paper's got squares on it)Volvagia
Keaton_Sheik.JPGKeaton Sheik177 viewsI drew this in the preparing room with my friend Eve while we were costume people for the school play. People really didn't need that much help with their costumes so me and Eve had a lot of time on out hands. I think this turned out pretty good.1 commentsDragon of Great Bay
Link portrait small.jpg
Link portrait small.jpgLink from SC II261 viewsWe did portraits in school and I thought I should do Link as well. So here you go this is the result^^2 commentsVolvagia
link sketch.png
link sketch.pngLinky580 viewsthis wont be posted long. i made this in school cuz i was bored on my break. sorry i didnt finish his whole body.8 commentsAllysa
link3.jpgPrincess's Studing423 viewsThis is Princess Zelda and Princess Akako *from my fan fic* the background was WAY hard I had to remember doing the school hallway back in my 9th grade year that was in Art 1. I'm going to redraw this one! UPDATE: this one is current being redrawin.10 commentsAmy122
link_from_loz.jpgLink from loz164 viewsI was bored in summer school algebra.
So I decided to draw link in chibi form.

sorry about the paper that's all I had..... ;_;
1 commentsatamari 101
LRA_BDAY.pngBirthday Pic152 viewsWell, this took me WAAAYYY longer than I had hoped due to schoolwork. T^T Anyways, it's two months over due, so...Happy Belated Birthday LRA!^^
L.J., Sadaka, and Saphero (C) Link_Rules_All
Ruto, Navi, and Pit (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
12 commentsPrincess of Twilight
M+Z2.JPGMidna and Zelda!160 viewsHaha! Here's Princess of Twilight's request! I got it on before school! Yay! I hope you like it. I kind of simplified their outfits, so enjoy!

4 commentsKifan12
Me..._With_Vaati!.JPGMe... With Vaati!141 viewsHi everybody! I'm new here, but don't worry if you don't see my art very much, I have school. The one with green eyes is me, and I bet you can guess which one is Vaati. Hope you like it!! And no saying, 'Hey, this is stupid. I don't like this.' I hate people who judge me by what I draw, and I like kittys!4 commentsVaati_Lover
MedliwithHarpcolouredwitfaerieepona_copy.jpgMedli with her Harp197 viewsi did most of this during break at school. then i finished it at home... Uh, thats all i have to say really...
Uh, she's just a bit younger in this one than my other one... and shes, um, strumming her harp...

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
2 commentsFaerieEpona
melora_oszelda.jpgOld School Zelda490 viewsI was just trying a style out, didn't come out quite how I had planned. Sketched on paper, colored in photoshop2 commentsMelora
missfairy.PNGMiss Fairy311 viewsOr Navi! From the manga, Red called her Miss Fairy, and I decided to doodle her in Paint one day in school 'cause I was bored X3

Miss Fairy (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
My_style_Midna.pngMidna My Style346 views I drew this in School a while ago, I think Midna looks good with this hairstyle, but she looks a little too thin. Oh well!2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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