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Bokoblin0.pngBokoblin472 viewsA red Bokoblin from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Barquero
Dark_Nut_Back_Up.pngBack Up167 viewsI am ASHAMED to call myself a Zelda Fan, I've been MIA. This time, I have a good excuse! Back in Sept. I started a job working at a Trucking company. And I've been working there ever since. computer died......again yes...I've Pre-ordered Skyward Sword and ordered a Players Guide for it. And I was watching a playthrough of the game but the person just seriously stinked at playing it period...Seriously a person asks for help what do you do?
ANYWAY, this here is used by the Dark Nuts or Dark Knights in Twilight Princess when Link gets them armorless they'll throw their sword at him and pull this baby out, now that I Look at it, looks like both the hilt and blade needs to be longer....Of course, I'm working on a few more swords and hopefully the Goddess Sword from Skyward Sword IF, I can find an official art to it....

Dark Nuts/Dark Knights Back Up Sword and Dark Nuts/Dark Knights by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

2 commentsAmy122
Does_she_even_have_arms__by_Chosen_of_Xenodrupe.pngSkyward Sword95 viewsI drew this last year, shortly after the concept art for Skyward Sword was revealed.~.2 commentsWaann
Ghiranhim.pngDebbie~166 viewsLe gasp! An upload from me. Yeah, I've kinda been inactive on this site, but I still do art and all. But I'm on dA now, for most of it.

So anyway, the Fabulous Debbie! I mean Demon Lord Ghirahim, the villian in Skyward Sword. He is rather bishi and fabby~

Debbie/Ghirahim (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Goddess_Long_Sword.pngGoddess Longsword290 viewsHere's the Goddess Longsword, I finally gotten the True Master Sword in my game, I keep having to stop because my wii Remote needs to charge...and I don't have a Wii Remote Plus, I only the Wii Remote with the built in Plus. I want the Plus so I can attach it to my Wii Remote and keep playing. I did have a bit of a problem with Ghirahim's second encouter battle and the same with the Imprissoned, but it was fun with Groose's help! :)

Goddess Longsword/Fi by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto

2 commentsAmy122
Goddess_Sword.pngGoddess Sword108 viewsI've been working on this sword for a while now the only thing that didn't turn out okay is the guard...other than that. It looks good. Maybe the blade needs to be longer and the hilt....

Goddess Sword/Fi by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Goddess_Whitesword.pngGoddess Whitesword106 viewsSame base/model from Goddess Longsword, just different coloring.

Goddess Whitesword/Fi by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Master_Sword.pngMaster Sword283 viewsI finally realize why it's named 'Master Sword' Fi named it Master Sword because the Sword belongs to her Master, Link. So instead of naming it something silly, like Link's sword she named it Master Sword as in saying 'this is my Master(s) Sword' I never knew that until I got the Master Sword and I finally got the True Master Sword. I finally finished up in Faron Woods, so its time to head back to Lanayru to get some Tumble weeds and to find the Dragon. Of course, this is similar to the Wind Waker's unpowered Master Sword. Anyway, I just used the same base from my Skyward Sword Master Sword, just changed the guards, the gem, and the top of the hilt, and Removed the Tri-force symbol that was on the blade.

Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Practice_Sword.pngPractice Sword155 viewsThis is the first sword Link gains in Skyward Sword! After this he obtains the Goddess Sword, which I'll do later.

Practice Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
resting_at_the_ruins_by_princessoftwilight72-d42t72q.pngResting at the Ruins252 viewsSkyward Sword comes out next month and I'm majorly excited. :D I hope it is as awesome as it looks :) Enjoy guys!!! 3 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Skyward_Sword_Master_Sword.pngSkyward Sword Master Sword129 viewsNintendo Claims that this Master Sword is suppose to be the same one from Twilight Princess but, they're wrong. Look at the difference between this one and my Twilight Princess Master Sword.

Anway, I just used Twilight Princess Master sword instead of creating a new one. Had to do a lot of changes too..had to change the color of the blade, take out some gold marks that was on the sword...even some that was on the blade...Other than that eh, it's good I suppose.

Skyward Sword Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
SS_Zelda__#50937;_#44172;_#49884;_#50857;.jpgZelda in Skyward Sword203 viewsIt seems so long time have passed, ever since I uploaded fanart here :) (And personally, I haven't been drawing anything due to many other things to do...)

This time, I tried to give some change to my way of painting, though I couldn't assure whether it is better than before :)

Skyward Sword Zelda (C) Nintendo.
Art (C) sjsaria
6 commentssjsaria
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_03fA5.png414 viewsflimsykitty
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_EgM5V.png321 viewsflimsykitty
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_pGrOg.png304 viewsflimsykitty
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_PmVZz.png368 viewsflimsykitty
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_r0zIg.png274 viewsflimsykitty
the_legend_of_zelda_skyward_sword_conceptart_s9LOk.png255 viewsflimsykitty
zelda_skyward_sword_art-28.jpg266 viewsflimsykitty
zelda_skyward_sword_art-33.jpg403 viewsflimsykitty
zelda_skyward_sword_art-34.jpg391 viewsflimsykitty
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