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Art35.jpgLink cool117 viewsLet the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
A little link with the TWW style
5 commentsangel of light
birdie.jpgA really big bird216 viewsJust a drawing of that TWW Link having at a very large bird.2 commentsachitka
croq.pngScribbles130 viewsJust a few doodles. There are only random OCs on the right part of the paper. ^^'1 commentsWaann
fairy.jpegTWW Fairy192 viewsShe was too cute not to draw - oekaki 2 commentsachitka
fishcolor.pngBoyfish214 viewsCan't really call him a manfish, cause he's lacking his manly tatoos. 3 commentsachitka
Hyman.PNGFull Link!240 viewsHere is the full Linkage!
You may notice some strange things
on this picture...Like Link's hat is a different
green...The shortness of the Master Sword...
The gayness of the scabboard...It's all good though. The only thing I meant to do was the hat color thing. See, if TP was cel-shaded, I thought he would keep his old hat from TWW...

Keyword: "Full Linkage"
5 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
KORL.pngLong Live the King124 viewsOf all TWW characters I've never drawn this look I didachitka
Link Avatar.PNG
Link Avatar.PNGLink, in a TP TWW fusion style.257 viewsHello people. It's me, Home VCR, back with a vengenge! *Lightning strikes in background*
Well, here is my situation. For those who remember, I made funny comics, which I do not have any more. Now I have a scanner so I can put up drawings. But the damn thing makes the pictures too big! I'll have to shrink them, deforming the picture, or draw really little...*sigh* It's a hard art life for me.
Well, anyway, here is the face of a link picture I drew a while ago, in a TP TWW fusion style.
The Keyword is "Link's face"
2 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
link.pngLink164 viewsThis is a quick drawing I've made with a kinda tww style. I wasn't looking at a tww model or something, it was just my remembers lol
Its not actually a ZLegends character but i've had no other choise to put it here -_-'
well, i like it so im posting it here.
This link and the Zelda drawing took me like 30minutes of drawing, painting and inking
ive made it in normal paper with a normal pencil, then the colour is with a special pencil-aquarela ones. ive painted it with the pen and then watered it to make that acuarela style. and then inked with a normal pen ^^
hope u like them!!
please, comment!
1 commentsHyrule_SwordsMan
linkAGU2.pngLink?248 viewsPicture of Link from the Wind Waker - a few years older (boy had to grow up sometime)5 commentsachitka
Linklock.pngLink Lock285 viewsI borrowed the name from a fic I read at The author described it as that peculiar look Link gets, like he has a lemon in his mouth, but doesnt want to let anyone know that. 4 commentsachitka
link_ladder.pngTWW Link193 viewsI climbed way too many ladders in that game6 commentsachitka
Medli.jpgMedli600 viewsMedli from tWW! 'Twas done as a friend's request.11 commentsSora
Pirate_2_by_Yuese.pngPirate 2171 viewsThat Link ... We can't change him lol5 commentsangel of light
Pirate_by_Yuese.pngPirate183 viewsLink ? Pirate ? Nooooo !!!5 commentsangel of light
sekiban.pngTablet1078 viewsAn image from somewhere in TWW. This isn't from the opening. Not sure where it is in the game, or if it didn't make it in. Submitted by Lesoria.2 commentsRicky
TetraSpeckcolorNew.pngTetra and a Speck235 viewsThis is Tetra (or at least how I see her in my fic) The little guy is Kage. Prior to this he was bound by the fairy queen to Saimon and his sister Kageri was bound to Senkyoku. They were then charged with 'looking after' the children they had helped the bad guy of the fic to corrupt When Link broke the binding between Saimon and Kage, he reverted back to his old self. But he's a fairy with a reputation for doing not nice things.

So Tetra decided to call him Speck instead of the name he held as a Tekuragari with the hope he could find his true purpose. Speck is minus his ethereal glow for a reason, but that's just too complicated to get into here.
tetra_amused.pngMiss Tetra is not amused261 viewsI just like drawing the little chica.5 commentsachitka
Tetra_Start.pngTetra - Oekaki272 viewsJust a picture of Tetra from the Wind Waker a few years older. Sort of a scene from my fic. She keeps ending up in a particular Garden and it's starting to make her a little bit angry.5 commentsachitka
This_World_is_Yours_by_Yuese.pngThis Worl is Yours125 viewsLink and Tetra from TWW
This is a little art for Princessoftwilight, I hope that you liked it ^^
3 commentsangel of light
treasure3.pngTWW Link finding real treasure152 viewsYay for repaint and the smudge tool - makes for nice insta-glow1 commentsachitka
TWW+MQ_Cover.jpg906 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
TWW-All3Triforce.jpg5005 views13 commentsIron Knuckle
tww-BalladOfGales.mid6807 views18 commentsdavogones
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