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1stday2.pngTetra 1st day as Captain299 viewswell there's really only one way for that to happen3 commentsachitka
5000_color_thanks_copy.pngTetra - alot younger132 viewsmaybe 6 or 7 she's so cute tooachitka
6581.jpgHoy, matey!195 viewsWoot! It's Tetra!Done on Oekaki of course. ( ;2 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
anni copy.jpg
anni copy.jpgTrade with Malon Aniku3428 viewsThis pic is for my good friend Malon Aniku.
This is a scene in the libray in the Spilled Goblet.

Anni: You don't have to kick him to wake him up.
Tetra: K! I won't kick him... "devilish chuckles"
Link: "wimpers in dreams"
Anni: Sounds like a little puppy, don't ya think?
Tetra: Hee... yeup.
Link: "in dreams -I know Tetra's around here"

I hope you like it Anni!
44 commentsdan heron
anniversary_grey.pngAnniversary401 viewsA bg made for ZLFF's first anniversary, it shows a greyscale Link and Tetra with some simple text. Both Link and Tetra have been somewhat altered in Photoshop.1 commentsKoroks Rock
battle.jpgBattle272 viewsLink and Tetra facing off vs Gannon1 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
Blue,Tetra,_and_Ruto.pngTetra, Blue, and Ruto536 views In my fic Blue loves Tetra(Zelda's older sister), but Ruto loves Blue. He doesn't like her back, and tries to make that point clear...but she won't take no for an answer. So when Ruto finds out that Blue likes Tetra, she HATES Tetra. So that is what is being portrayed in this pic. Enjoy!
Ruto and Tetra (c) Nintendo
Blue (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
P.S. If anyone wants a request I will try to do them ASAP.
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
BlueXTetra__In_the_Sand_v2_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngIn the Sand253 viewsOne of my fav couples from my fic.^^ Blue X Tetra! in this pic it seems they're actually getting along for once...I wonder how long that will last. XD This pic was drawn with a mechanical pencil and shaded with one too. I blurred and colorized it in paint Shop Pro, but I sort of like the original copy better...oh well! I hope you guys Like it!^^

Blue Akira Himekawa

Tetra Nintendo
Art Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
capntetra.pngCaptain Tetra180 viewsI can't believe I haven't uploaded this yet! Anyway, here's another version of adult Tetra. I based her outfit off her mother's outfit.3 commentsavroillusion
Conceited_Blue_Drawing.pngBlue Being Conceited487 views Just a drawing of Blue being his regular self. You know how he is. I just love his, and the other Link's expression (s). I don't see what Tetra, (or Ruto) sees in him. XD Oh, Well I hope you alll enjoy this!
Blue, Red, Green, & Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fototetrazen.PNGTetra and Zenia modernized?435 viewsIt's almost as if they're at a modern mall and are getting their picture taken in a photo booth. They don't really look like they like the camera though! Zen's wearing the Gloomy Bear tee and Tetra's wearing Camouflage. Drawn %100 in MS Paint.
Tetra (c) nintendo
Zenia (c) hauu13
Gloomy Bear (c) Mori Chack
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests.
6 commentshauu13
FSA-TetraTrackers_art.jpg2312 views4 commentsIron Knuckle
FSA-TetraTrackers_art2.jpg1432 viewsIron Knuckle
IM_A0010.JPGWW collage277 viewsSo, I did this two years ago for my now ex-boy friend's birthday. Edited in Photoshop (which i don't have on this computer....arg.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
IM_A0033.JPGTetra134 viewsOur favorite female pirate...maybe our favorite overall...who knows.zeldaiskoollink
linkAGU2.pngLink?266 viewsPicture of Link from the Wind Waker - a few years older (boy had to grow up sometime)5 commentsachitka
Linklock.pngLink Lock305 viewsI borrowed the name from a fic I read at The author described it as that peculiar look Link gets, like he has a lemon in his mouth, but doesnt want to let anyone know that. 4 commentsachitka
Link_and_Tetra_Chibis.pngChibi Link and Tetra440 viewsI've been having an obsession over these two lately... they're so just cute together <3 lol4 commentsbrigette
Little_Miss1.pngTetra...on some night162 viewsPart of an art trade...I have no idea why the person I'm trading with would want random crappy oekaki's from me - but since I said I would...I did.

Still I like how she turned out.
1 commentsachitka
medli.jpgUncolored Medli163 viewsOkay, so here we have grown Medli in OoT style. Yes, just like the Zelda like this, her hands are short. Also, her shoulders are wide. Although, I personally like her 'socks'. Tetra is coming up next...zeldaiskoollink
Miss_Saria.jpgSaria289 viewsI am proud of this drawing. on't know how to color this on the computer, though. I love drawing Saria, Tetra, and Zelda. (But Tetra's hair is pretty hard to draw!) I hope you like it!2 commentsHyruleZelda
moya.PNGTetra!117 viewsPirates are awesome. That makes Tetra awesome. No colors because, to be frank, I'm to lazy to put colors. So, um yes...That's it.
Tetra (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do requests
7 commentshauu13
MSPaint-Manga-Tetra-.pngManga Tetra167 viewsHello everyone!^^ This is just a pic of Tetra that I drew in MS Paint.^^ It's my attempt to make "screentones" like the ones that appear in mangas, (it was inspired by the PH and WW Manga and 4-koma that just appeared on ZL not too long ago) =D I hope that I was successful, I'm pretty satisfied with it. And I hope you all like it too! ^~ Please comment and rate if possible.

Tetra (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
NSS_Chapter_Two.pngChapter Two: Missing Tetra175 viewsMore cover art for my fan fic. Reflections on water be vexing me o.0achitka
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