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005 - Sorcerer Vaati.png
005 - Sorcerer Vaati.png1205 views1 commentsdavogones
046 - Minish Vaati.png
046 - Minish Vaati.png1001 views2 commentsdavogones
134 - Vaati Reborn.png
134 - Vaati Reborn.png1295 views1 commentsdavogones
135 - Vaati Transfigured.png
135 - Vaati Transfigured.png1090 views2 commentsdavogones
136 - Vaati_s Wrath.png
136 - Vaati_s Wrath.png1210 views1 commentsdavogones
angel of darkness.jpg
angel of darkness.jpgVaati... With WINGS!!! XD302 viewsThis is the best pic of anyone I have ever drawn with wings. I'm freaking serious.8 commentsvaati_girl
Angua.jpgAngua346 viewsThis is Angua, a character in my fic. Believe it or not, she is the princess of Ecassa, a country right next to Hyrule, and she's Vaati's girlfriend. She is extremely popular, and wouldn't be caught dead in a pink dress and a tiara. She is nice to a lot of people, has dated a lot of guys, and has a ton of friends, like Shadow Link and Bird Head Link (aka Minish Link). You don't want to make her mad, though. She may look innocent, but if you do something to make her mad, she'll set a bunch of cats on you. That would hurt. Lots. Ow.

BTW, she sees evil spirits.
9 commentsvaati_girl
B1L_minishcap_vaatibattle.midVaati - Transfigured battle873 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
castlevaati.pngWindows of Dark Hyrule Castle233 viewsMy second picture of Vaati. ...That eye ornament was a perfect circle when I drew it, but it loks kinda...warped now.1 commentsavroillusion
christmaszelda2.jpgHappy Holidays!509 viewsHappy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Chibi Rinku! XD

drawn on Photoshop CS~
3 commentsChibi-Rinku
darkness.jpgShadow274 viewsI've been reading the FS+ manga...Shadow is fun to draw. This is from a picture of him and Vaati I did.Keaton the Yellow Fox
Darkness_by__Princess_of_Twilight.pngDarkness523 views It's the evil people! Ganondorf (my stlye-since I couldn't draw th TP ones hair right on this angle ><), Dark Zelda who looks too cute to be evil, and the Dark Link from my fic, (which means he's one of the Link's who went evil, it's a secret!) Anyways I tried to use my Prismas again, I'm pretty satisfied, hop you like it everyone! n.n

Ganondorf, Dark Link, and Dark Zelda (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
And Kifan I'm sorry it took so long to respond, I made my request under your Sleeping Zelda picture.^^
14 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Dark_Link_Dark_Zelda_and_Vaati_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngDark Link X Dark Zelda...and Vaati1151 viewsHi everyone! I have't gotten around to posting anything really since I've had a lot of homework recently. T^T Anyways requests are getting done, but taking a little longer. Sorry to whoever has one. >< I'll try my hardest to get them done!

I found this pic in the bottom of my drawing pile and it was already drawn so I just had to ink it, color it, and get it up here.^^ It's a pic of Dark Link, Dark Zelda, (they look happy together as far as evil people go lol )and a very angry and very little Vaati. XD I tried to stick with a consistent color scheme of red, black, white, and purple because I thought it looks nice that way.^^ I hope you all like it!^^

Dark Link, Dark Zelda, and Vaati (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
demon_god.jpgOriginal characters, with wings!264 viewsSeveral of my original characters. We have the Demon Queen (Telphinia), Vaati's girlfriend (Mohan), the Goddess of Light (Zenia), and an unnamed demon warrior. These girls appear in chapter 1 or 2 of my fan fic. But before I can post it I have to have a name for the unnamed demon. I'm going to have a little contest: give me a name for her and if I use the name you give me you get a request! I'd like it if you gave me a first and last name for her, but just a first name is fine to.
All people in the drawing (c) hauu13
15 commentshauu13
e.GIFVaati shooting the air423 viewsYet another random thing. 5 commentsvaati_girl
fire.PNGVaati 116 viewsThis is what happens when I listen to Hell is For Children. Vaati's in the pic because the song is about chld abuse, and my background for Vaati shows him as an abused child.
Vaati (c) nintendo
Hell is For Children (c) Pat Benatar
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
fourswordsguys.JPGFour swords guys185 viewsThe six main dudes from four swords; Vaati, Shadow, Green, Vio, Blue, and Red (in that order). Vaati's wearing a button up shirt, loose purple pants, and he has an eye patch. Shadow, Green, and Blue are all wearing their normal tunics. The Shadow and Green pic is almost as if Green were touching a mirror and his reflection was Shadow. Blue just killed some enemy, probably a deku baba. Vio's wearing his preferred clothes. And Red is wearing a traditional unmarried woman's kimono.
Vaati,Green,Shadow,Blue,Vio, and Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open to requests and trades now! :3
6 commentshauu13
FSA_Vaati.pngWind Sorcerer Vaati973 viewsSubmitted by Lesoria.Ricky
ganon_party.jpgHyrulian Cafe885 viewsThis was drawn for Seranatra.

I'm lazy and used photos for the background but the rest of the characters I drew from scratch. I know Ganon's outfit isn't entirely accurate, but I was (again) too lazy to draw it right. XD I hope you like it anyway!
16 commentscerasly
gtc_vaati02.jpgAnother Pic of Vaati400 viewsThis is another draw I made of Great Vaati X3
It has some time since I made it
you can see more in my gallery of deviantart ^^
2 commentsShinigami_Gtc
gtc_Vaati_sama.gifAnother pic of Vaati411 viewshere is another pic of Vaati, Im gettin' used to Photoshop, so I made this :P
8 commentsShinigami_Gtc
hallween.PNGZelda Halloween '09121 viewsThe five Links, Zelda, Ganondorf and Vaati all dressed up as difffeent things for Halloween. They're gonna go get candy... If you want to know who each character is just say so, and I'll tell you (too lazy to write them all right now).
All characters and outfits (c) their respectful owners
art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_hauu13!.pngHAPPY BIRTHDAY hauu13!!!391 views Happy bithday hauu13( aka Neko-san) It's your gift! YAY! Vaati and Ganondorf got you a pie (any flavor you want it to be) So I hope you like it, and HAPPY birthday!14 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Happy_Halloween_by_Yuese.pngHappy Halloween !!189 viewsChibi Link and Vaati ^^8 commentsangel of light
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