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aryll01.jpgAryll373 viewsJust Aryll looking at... well, let`s say birds and stuff.
(Link`s wind waker sister in kinda my style... hope you "kinda" like it)
3 commentsAltaire
aryllchuchucerdo.jpgAryll and chuchu343 viewsWhat is this? Aryll just made friends with a chuchu? nah, maybe she hasn't seen it and it's just about to jump on her.

Simple prismacolor, I`m yet to dominate them. Maybe some day. Hope you don`t mind the drawing style, it`s kinda what I do.
1 commentsAltaire
espectra.jpgEspectra309 viewsOh, the humanity!
Will you ever forgive me?
For I have written a fan-fic with my low english level!!

This one is Espectra, the sword she holds is supposed to be nearly invisible... but is not. She's one of Kuzzle's soldiers, unlike Kuzzle, she`s a little more serious.
1 commentsAltaire
kuzzle01.jpgbehold the weirdness of kuzzle287 viewsOh, the humanity!
Will you ever forgive me?
For I have written a fan-fic with my limited english!!

This here is Kuzzle, the wizard that summons Link to "test him and stuff". There is a reason for his actions, and he's "kinda" stupid.
2 commentsAltaire
Linkness.pngLink Manga Style286 viewsWell, as you already know I'm trying to improve my Manga Style of art. I drew Links face with more "action" in it then my OC Altair. It's a png so it will look better and less crapping, so try and deal with the slightly large file size.5 commentsbounty hunter
linksaria01.jpgSaria and Link533 viewsLink suddently stops and says, you stay here...
-I want to go with you! I can fight... well, a little.
-No... It`s just that one fairy is annoyng enough.
6 commentsAltaire
linkviolentochuchu.jpgCHAAARGE!!!398 viewsLink chasing a chuchu, and he looks pretty mad.
Some day I`ll discover all your secrets, stupid photoCHOP!!
I hope you don't dislike this one. And thank you, the ones that post a comment, you have my thanks.
5 commentsAltaire
linkzeldapuzzle.JPGthe hardest puzzle ever782 viewsGanondorf has imprisoned the golden power inside the terrible... cubeee!!
try to solve this!
17 commentsAltaire
makar01.jpgMakar solo318 viewsHere`s the weird leaf named Makar... loks kinda... leafy.
Drawn using just a poor pencil...
3 commentsAltaire
malonsketch01.jpgmalon's sketch314 viewsJust another sketch... I was thinking about coloring it... just maybe, or maybe draw and color something else... ah... so tired... I've been sleeping about a hundred years, soon I hope to start drawing again---
hope you don't dislike it.

Any comment is most welcome, it's allways nice and useful to know what other people think...
and fot everyone, keep drawing!
1 commentsAltaire
malonsketch02.jpgworking malon sketch330 viewsAnother sketch, It's been a while since the last time I colored a drawing. Why does everything taste like cucko?2 commentsAltaire
Manga Mug02.jpg
Manga Mug02.jpgManga style300 viewsI'm trying to improve my manga style of drawing, so I've been studying my "How to Draw Manga" book to hone my skills. This is the best drawing I came up with, Tis my OC Altair.11 commentsbounty hunter
medlimakar01.jpgMedli and Makar360 viewsThe coloring is quite simple, due to the style I wanted to give to the image... and my poor skills.
To anyone who sees this pic (the two of you), I hope you don't mind the slight change of style.
4 commentsAltaire
minishsketch01.jpgminish sketch359 viewsLooks girly, it's indeed supposed to be.
Just a sketch, pretty simple I guess.
I'm aware mountain minish's hair usually looks different from forest minish's, what can I say.
... hope you don't dislike it.

Again, I thank those few ones that bother to leave a comment, I appreciate that. It's allways nice to know what other people think.
Now have a nice day, even at night!
And for everyone, keep drawing, I really like to see other people's work (to stea... enjoy them)
4 commentsAltaire
Original character.jpg
Original character.jpgOriginal character320 viewsThis is my original character. As you might see I'm not the best artest around, but i am trying. I don't have many photo editing programs on my computer so all i did was scan the drewing and slaped it on here. As for the characters info, he's a bounty hunter (go figure) and his name is Altair. Please feel free to comment.11 commentsbounty hunter
saria04.jpgSaria alterstyle390 viewsJust another slight change of style, no big deal, I hope you don't dislike it.
Pretty simple photoCHOP color, but it kinda goes with the style I wanted to give her... and with my poor skills...
5 commentsAltaire
sariasketch01.jpgsaria's sketch358 viewsJust another sketch, I've beeen so lazy lately...
That thing at the right is supposed to be part of darunia... but I was just sketching out of boredom... still I tried.
hope you don't dislike it.

Any comment is most welcome, it's allways nice and useful to know what other people think...
2 commentsAltaire
swiftblade.jpgswiftblade sketch324 viewsHyaaaa!!
You must feel the technique, not just hear about it!

Just another sketch.
Those "blade" guys are the coolest.
1 commentsAltaire
vaati01.jpgVaati winter fashion439 viewsVaati in a slight change of style, hope you don't dislike it.
And now ready to take Christmas
(-I'll get you Sandy Claws!-)
4 commentsAltaire
vaatistarereducido.jpgvaati's stare344 viewsVaati's suspicious stare.
Greedy, heartless, ambicious, that's what makes him one of my favourite characters from the Zelda series.

Ah, finally some free time to draw again, It's been a while and I'd like to try some more stuff on photoCHOP. I'm not sure I'll upload very often here, but if you have the slightest interest on my humble works, you may check on my humble DA account at
1 commentsAltaire
vaatitazadete01.jpgVaati at breakfast517 viewsSo thisi is Vaati at breakfast
what are you lookin`at? I need to eat, you know?
Link should just come out of a bush and get him while he`s distracted.
6 commentsAltaire
volvagialikelikewaiting.jpgvolvagia and like like befor link comes540 viewsWonder what those dungeon bosses do while waiting for Link to come and kick their butts.
Here's a theory... they have tea with their minions... that or play canasta.
7 commentsAltaire
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