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creation_of_hyrule_part_1.swfThe Creation of Hyrule508 viewsTHIS IS NOT THE FULL THING!!!!!
I wouldn't even recommend watching this at all. The full version is almost 4MB, so it
didn't fit on this site. NEW SITE: (there's a link below) to see it
(be patient, it's a big file), then come back and comment (please comment!).
Note that I made that site just for this file, there's nothing else on it. If it doesn't
work, that's because too many people have seen it and I've exceeded the data
transfer limit.
Now go, watch it,
and then finish reading this description (if you want to). Go. Now.

I realize that the lightning didn't work out like it should have. I think I'm going to add
sounds, including thunder, to it. eventually.
Also, I know it's
jerky, especially when the camera jerks before the sun moves. And the rest is just too
But overall, I think this is my masterpiece (which, you could argue, isn't saying much....)
and I'm really happy with how it came out.
I used Terragen (obviously), Irfanview for renaming and JPEGing, MX Flash 8 for converting
it to Flash, and... that's it. BTW, KR, the code didn't work.
6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
dance~0.swf843 viewsif someone wants to sing it for me i'd be glad to add in your voice, but i decided my voice (bass) is not fitted for such a song (go listen to some russians hear to see what i sound like).

Also, if anyone has any dance suggestions i'll take them, but for now this sums up the animation pretty well. As always though, it's a work in progress :)
12 commentsKoroks Rock
dancing.gifAoL Link Dancing362 viewsNot my prettiest animation (i hate the colors, even though I adjusted the some), but it conveys a mood that I wanted to show visually.3 commentsKoroks Rock
epona.swfgalloping epona659 viewsan animation of epona galloping. i might do something with it like put link on her or put a background.( im missing a frame for some reason! sorry!! thats why its kinda jumpy...)13 commentseponagirl
Freedom2.gifFreedom191 viewsA little animation I made. Actually this was my first animation! Click for better view.
Sprites- SemiJuggalo
glasscolorized2.gifcolorized stained glass animation815 viewsI like this one better than the other stained glass one, I got it to work better. Thumbnail dumbness (again). That seems to happen with all my animated masterpieces (lol...masterpieces...)13 commentsdudeofrandomness
goron ruby.gif
goron ruby.gifGoron Ruby339 viewsI decided to do a background this time, instead of just white. dude_thats_evil did some editing on the background for me (like taking out the ocarina of time--yes, that's why link's partially underwater. he's part-way underwater.)11 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
gtftftjh.swfsome animations from past1317 viewsoioioi i hope this works. I stuck in the tetris thing at the end just for the hell of it 20 commentsbathroomhacker
hyrule.swfhyrule (castle?) sunset400 viewswell, this is an animation of my hyrule castle pic. except there is no hyrule castle. and for
a good reason, too: the castle was put in by paint, and took about 10-20 minutes, and
doing that for 66 separate frames would be..... stupid.
once i completed this, i was about to upload it, and realized it went too fast. so, i made a new frame to stick in between every frame i had, and now it's slow. and now it looks good. I had a lot of problems making this. maybe a third of the pictures had the wrong ground covering, and i had to redo them. and then i hit some naming problems, which were the result of, and resulted in, renaming each frame 2-3 times, and converting each and every one to a jpeg. believe me, renaming 66 frames that many times is NOT FUN!!! but music helps. i spent a lot of that time listening to dte's "beat of the dragon," thanks a lot for making it, it saved my life.
ok, enough complaining. i personally like the sunlight on water and the sunbeams in the air. COMMENT!!
20 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Link forum sig.gif
Link forum sig.gifLink Signature522 viewsA Link Sig I made for myself at one point.20 commentsMysticWarriorTai
linkfightpt1.swfstart of a fight 'tween link & his evil dark (but happy!) counterpart978 views>.< too bad the quality didn't turn out so good in the end ah well. yes the shield is about 20 times better than the actual link model, but i made the shield originally for my more serious animation and just imported it into this one to use cuz i didnt feel like making another shield14 commentsbathroomhacker
linkfightpt2.swflink against his dark(but peppy!) self part2 (is there a part one? yes there is.)1100 viewsyes i realize the second scene here with the balls look like sh*t. when i converted it to flash i made the framerate a lot smaller, to save memory, unfortuantely, the balls fly fast already, and got reeeaaallly choppy afterwards.
amazingly this only took up 1 500 kb.. meaning i had at least 500 kb left to upload. guess i could have made it longer.. i was hoping to add sound effects (makes the animation way better if theres sound) but whenever i convert it to flash the sound gets screwed up and plays at the wrong times so.. ah well. ive only played one rayman game and the dude was like shooting balls (er- glowing balls) and stuff. i wanted to put a face on link, but that wouldnt have worked since i wouldnt be able to animate the face. Phew, aaaaand im spent.
15 commentsbathroomhacker
LinkVSDlink.gifLink VS Dark Link326 viewsafter a small small talent animation..finally gave birth to..this...its kind of cheesy but my gifanimator is cheesy...not to mention my way with sprites..I think it came out took me like 5 or six hours to do..time I should have been sleeping...hope you guys like^-^.....will link servive..15 commentsFyrborn
majora.swfMajora Thingamugum1224 viewsMusic Track (moderate volume)
307 KB
Flash 6

This odd, rapidly produced animation was made to the specifications of a friend... what the heck he wanted it for I have no clue, but he sent me some text and some instructions and I did it.

Relatively simple animation, uses background music I edited out myself, pictures gotten from the multimedia gallery next door, right here in zeldalegends. That's about all I have to say.
18 commentsKoroks Rock
master sword1.swf
master sword1.swfmaster sword animation347 viewsthis is my first flash! well, it hardly counts, all i did was import all the pictures. i'm
planning on some real flash thingies soon.
so anyway, here's my master sword from a buncha different angles. i actually had
fun on this, it wasn't really tedious, because i had to decide where to make the
camera go. it freezes before it stabs you on purpose, i didn't realize it would look
weird like that. so anyway, please comment, even if you're just saying that it bores
you and in fact you don't even like zelda at all...
14 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
medlibeakmove.gifMedli187 viewsA Medli animation I made by editing a Malon base that I found on Zelda Central.1 commentsLuneste
melora_card.jpgHappy Holidays489 views(plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture)

I tried to make a festive picture of Link and Zelda. It's OoT style, but I was thinking of the old animation a little. I always hated that Link, but I loved that Zelda. I really dislike Navi's wings, I should have had them mirror each other. Done in photoshop and sent out as a card for my site, History of Hyrule
6 commentsMelora
OOT on fire.gif
OOT on fire.gifOoT on fire316 views.... I hate my animation thumbnails!!! I don't understand why my animation files act up every time! Sorry again! I was bored, so i decided to draw something on fire... so there u go!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
rock1.gifRock152 viewsA animation I made for Link_Rulez. Click for a better view. Please comment. Thanx
Link- SemiJuggalo
Rocks- Debug
3 commentsRed_Fan
ruby.swfgoron ruby280 viewsKR made this for me awhile ago, i never got around to uploading it, and i just rediscovered it in my inbox. he took my gif animation of the goron ruby and put the spiritual stone music in. so thanks KR, and thanks DTE for helping on the background, even though you think it sucks.8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
rupees.gifRupees (animated gif)365 viewsI know the quality is really crappy, it's even worse than a gif usually is. i want to make this a Flash animation, but i'm totally confused on how to. any easy tips anyone?8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
sunset.gifTwilight Princess Sunset435 viewsthis is an animation of 40 pictures like the one i did before. for anyone who didn't see the other one, this is the sun in the trailers for tp setting. yes, i know it's huge. both the sun and the filesize. And it still goes faster than I wanted it to. and the lighting of the clouds changes sorta abruptly, but that's terragen's fault, not mine26 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
the calm before.gif
the calm before.gifThe Calm Before...350 viewswell, here's my second landscape animation. for info on how this actually relates to zelda, check the first one. this actually looks a lot like the tp weather, with the moving clouds and the cloud shadows. this is actually another sunset (you can see part of the sun on the--hold on--the right side). and the clouds aren't actually moving, it's just the light changing...i'll try to use that again later. this one was only 27 pictures, so it was less miserable to make than the last one, but i had to do it twice, because the first was over the size limit.6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
the-legend-of-zelda-gcn-200.gifOut With the Old and In With the NEW!!!307 viewsI got the idea for this little animation while i was watching the behaviors of this gallery toward the Zelda games. I noticed that most of the new pics were 'Twilight Princess' related. So i felt like destroying the old Zelda logo in replace of the New one. Again sorry about the thumbnail pic. Zelda Legends needs to figure out a way to fix the thumbnails of gif animation. 5 commentsdude_thats_evil
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