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1415615.jpegMerry Christmas371 viewsJust a little present for his princess <310 commentsRooro
Akako.jpgAkako103 viewsI got done with this, I think...Either Christmas Eve or the day before. The dress came from Alyssia who did this with Akako for Christmas. Anyway, even tho I didn't get a lot of presents, I will say this, this year was the BEST Christmas ever! It acutally snowed on Christmas day, we here in NC, actually had a White Christmas, and I think the last one was, 100 and some years ago.

Sorry it's up so late. The side it suppose to be saying Merry Christmas, but dad's stupid Scanner cut it out.

Akako © by Me
7 commentsAmy122
baka_na.gifChristmas215 viewshaha, isnt funny!....again Red and Link!...i know its stupid!!

Red- Hey I'm Santa Claus!
Green-Another fool....
well if you could read it in japanese i think it would be more fun!, but there's people that cannot read japanese, well i hope it'll make you laugh!
6 commentsfiorella
Christmas.jpgChristmas Time!2565 viewsA pic I did a year ago for the christmas, I know it doesn't have a meaning now, but I wanted to share it with you.36 commentsMagalink
christmas2004.jpgSanta Link190 viewsHe knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you've stolen the triforce!6 commentsgoldenforce82
christmas20042.jpgSanta Link 2197 viewsGanon will be lucky if all he get's is coal!3 commentsgoldenforce82
christmaszelda2.jpgHappy Holidays!459 viewsHappy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Chibi Rinku! XD

drawn on Photoshop CS~
3 commentsChibi-Rinku
conte_de_NoŽl_(moy).pngMerry Christmas and Happy new year140 viewsWhat ?! Am I too late ?? Noooooooo, I think not Xd
I wish you a merry christmas , I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ^^
O my god ... I'm very silly sometimes ^^""
8 commentsangel of light
Crimbo Link - color.jpg
Crimbo Link - color.jpgCrimbo Link - color222 viewsSame picture, only here I added a dash of color. No intricate shading techniques, just some color to brighten up the pic :)10 commentsCheebee
Crimbo Link.JPG
Crimbo Link.JPGCrimbo Link125 viewsThis is a little picture I did about 2 years ago, I thought it would be funny to depict Link in a christmas atmosphere. Nothing special, just thought I'd add it... :)1 commentsCheebee
happyholidays.pngHappy Holidays544 viewsWahey! It's done! 'Tis teh Five Links representing different holidays!

Red's got Christmas since he's like the little kid who loves presents and all the good cheer. Plus he's in Red

Blue is Valentines day because he's the guy who keeps trying to get all the hot chicks, but I don't think this is gonna draw them any closer though (Will draw Red closer though, heheh.. ¨w¨)

Vio is teh Easter Bunny! Mainly a filler really. But I bet deep down inside he must love that costume!

Green is St Patricks day. I couldn't think of any others but he's this since it's a green day.

Shadow is Halloween since he's the evilest and scary-est. Obvious really o.o

Enjoy Children! Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy Halloween! Happy St Patricks Day|! Happy Valentines Day!

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!!
2 commentsKeitii
link2.jpgXmas Day446 viewsThe red head is ME! I was thinking of this while thinking of christmas. Mai Valentine is my other nickname my nicks are Ami or Mai Valentine. BTW check out my other Drawings in my files!1 commentsAmy122
Merry Linkmas!!.jpg
Merry Linkmas!!.jpgMerry Linkmas!!!!181 viewsAfter a long day of drinking eggnog/martinies Link was a little bombed so he decided to give Ganon a present.. an active bombchu...
Have an explosive christmas!!! Zelda legenders!!!!!
we wish you a linky christmas we wish you a linky christmas and a exploded Ganon.
6 commentsFyrborn
merryxmas4swords.jpgMerry X-Mas folks124 viewsThe 4 swords people wish you a merry Christmas! Green's had a little too much eggnog and he's being all tipsy. Vio's wearing a Santa-ish outfit, and is staring at Green or the spilled eggnog on the floor. Shadow's wearing reindeer antlers, and he's stopped reading to stare at Vio. Red and Blue are trying to get the star on top of the Christmas tree, but I think Blue's about to drop Red. Vaati and Mohan, one of my original characters, are under mistletoe kissing.
Green, Red, Blue, Shadow, Vio, and Vaati (c) nintendo
Mohan (c) hauu13
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
MerryXmasLink0001.jpgAll I want for Christmas....200 viewsWell, as I wrote out my rent check today, I realized it is Freakin December already!!! Another year gone....well, happy holidays to everyone, here is Link with a little sprig of mistletoe, if you like kissing, it's a good thing to have this time of year...haha What I REALLY want is the new Zelda game...Looks like that's not gonna happen...:) Pencil sketch, ink, photoshop....5 commentsGirlink
Merry_Christmas___08_by_Red_Fan.pngMerry Christmas '0839 viewsChristmas art I drew for 2008. I know... its 2010....Red_Fan
riuminku2.jpgRiuminku (totally redone)170 viewsSinse the other pic I did of Riuminku (OC) sucked incredibly, I decided to totally redo her, and I think I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Still the same person, though- mischievous, teasing, outgoing, loyal. As I've said before, she's a Vershka, a race with the ability to control shadows to do a wide range of things, though they don't use the full extent of their power. The full explanation is in my fic, I've already got [that part of] it written, waiting to be uploaded.^^
And I got me some prismacolor pencils over Christmas, so a color version will probably follow... quite shortly.
4 commentsaquawolf
scan0006.jpgMerry Christmas or something like that.428 viewsThis is a Christmas card/drawing for my bestest friend. If you don't get it, you're either really young or insanely ignorant.4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
StarGateZant.pngZant in Stargate Garb141 viewsI guess you could say this is my Christmas Gift to all you ZL members, a drawing of Zant in the outfit of one of the guards from Stargate~ Zant's outfit in-game shares something with the outfits of the Stargate guards, which sparked my interest into drawing this picture.

I hope you guys enjoy, and had a lovely Christmas~

Zant (C) Nintendo
Stargate (C) Lionsgate Films
Art (C) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
The_blade_rests....jpgThe blade rests...141 viewsI haven't contributed anything in a while, so here goes; this is the master sword glade from ALTP, if you couldn't figure it out. I made it using Blender and Bryce, which explains why everything is so nicely textured, but arranged nothing like what I want. Also, I've discovered that it takes an UNHOLY amount of trees to make a forest! Anyways. There is actually a lot of detail in the model, (right down to a triforce inscribed in the blade) but you can't see it. Merry Christmas!Png_pyro
vaati01.jpgVaati winter fashion378 viewsVaati in a slight change of style, hope you don't dislike it.
And now ready to take Christmas
(-I'll get you Sandy Claws!-)
4 commentsAltaire
ZeldaJUL3.jpgTP christmas wallpaper163 viewswell, I made some improvements to my last wallpaper, think it turned out pretty well =)Macke87
ZeldaXmascard.jpgLink's Christmas Wish435 viewspencil sketch, ink, Photoshop..Sorry its messy, it was a quick one...Happy Holidays to everybody at ZL!!!!!!!6 commentsGirlink
Zelda_Christmas.pngMerry Christmas!!!398 views I wanted to draw this pic, because I was in the Christmas Spirit. Red looks so cute. :3 All of the other Links are small versions of themselves, and Red is prctically killing Blue by hugging him.(lol) Vaati is like a big plush, pillow, and Zelda is a collectible doll. Cute huh? I threw midna and Tetra in just for kicks. Enjoy, and have a reallly good holiday season!5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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