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01 The King of Bad.mp3
01 The King of Bad.mp3The King of Bad!!!590 viewslol i like this song... ok, its ganondorf's song with the the lttp dungeon theme.... I tried to fix as many errors as i could before posting this song, but there is still one section that went all crazy on me during the transfer from studio to computer... and i have a question please tell me what u think about the beat! 60% of the tracks were devoted to making it the coolest freaking beat ever! (hopefully) 23 commentsdude_thats_evil
ack.PNGO.o217 viewsA scene from The Shining? WhAt? And Shadow's being the crazy dude? Again, WhAt!?
Shadow (c) nintendo
The Shining (c) Stephen King
art (c) hauu13
12 commentshauu13
aliku sketch.jpg
aliku sketch.jpgAliku rough sketch1026 viewsAh, Aliku, the person who's destined to kill Zelda.
No info about her past, the only thing you can be sure is that she dreams of killing the Hylian princess and make her suffer until she gives her last breath X3
Aliku is crazy, btw X)
8 commentsdan heron
cloud-link.jpgcloud-link509 viewshz/bth made this sketch and his photoshop crashed or something so I took the liberty of coloring it (That's ok, right?) I took quite awhile to color it, then at the last second applied a crazy effect to it, and it turned into this, which I thought was cool. It looks like an etching in stone that was stained the proper colors or something. He's supposed to be in the zora-tunic but the last-second edit makes it VERY dark. And the eye turned out kinda strange...not the perfectest job but I thought we needed something different than my usual stuff.13 commentsdudeofrandomness
crazy.PNGCrazy Sepultra for LRA147 viewsWow, this looks strange. But, then again awesome.
Sepultra (c) LRA
art (c) hauu13
15 commentshauu13
crazyassbird0001.jpgWindwaker Bird491 viewsOk, a plea to the Zelda Experts out there, I dont remember exactly what this bird-thing looked like, so be kind...:) I think it turned out pretty cool anyway. (Pencil sketch, prismacolors)31 commentsGirlink
Crazy_Tracy.gif937 views
Deku Princess.jpg
Deku Princess.jpgGrown up Deku Princess537 viewsok, first off, this pic is old. Um, this is a concept design of what th deku princess woulc look like in 10 years or so. I got the idea from ZP where ppl were wondering what she'd look like so I drew this, but somebody else drew one and beat me to posting it, so I never displayed it. I took off her 'snout' cuz' it drove me crazy. 6 commentsSusie Q
Deku_Flower.JPGWherever The Wind May Take Us...403 viewsHey, the Deku people are cute, and I was bored one day, and... voila. Those crazy Dekus...4 commentsElphaba Boy
gerudo thief.jpg
gerudo thief.jpgGerudo Thief278 viewsThis was one of my earliest drawings from the Legend of Zelda. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite places to go in the OoT was the Gerudo Fortress. I loved the Gerudos because they were tough and knew how to survive. Plus I liked the music...4 commentsslvrwlf05
goron 2.jpg
goron 2.jpgGoron 2426 viewsIts been awhile since Ive uploaded anything, so I decided to show this little doodle. Its a basic goron, which are quickly becoming easier to draw now that I have a set apperance for them. The sword design is a little wacky, and not anything a goron would most likely use, but I was bored, so I just went a bit crazy. We'll just say this is a weapon he obtained as a spoil of war, collected from teh battlefield.8 commentsBraxis
guruguru.gif611 viewsGuruguru, the crazy organ grinder guy.
hits copy.jpg
hits copy.jpg100 000 hits in DA1071 viewsCommemoration pic for my 100k in Deviant Art X3
A pc with lots of blood and gore and cute girls!!!
hee hee, well, if you have seen my stuff for a while, you know that all my female characters kick ass, bash skulls and blow the shit out of anybody who messes with them. I have many crazy girls who are, well crazy, and would paint the city red, but I decided to show you a more balanced team.
Hikagi, Carid and Aliku (yay, more Alikuness! ). Dont ever make them angry, unless you want a slow and painful death X3
Hikagi uses steel tonfas, and as you can see, she enjoys playing with them. Carid uses a kompei (not sure if I spelled it right ^-^; ) and, besides of her brute force, she has psychokinetic powers, that's why she's floating. Aliku, now with her tantos <3 she loves them to death ^^

Hikagi: Otay! Who's next! "giggle" <3
Carid: Hmmm, that's one of my best jobs.
Aliku: And for mah next trick, Ah'm gonna need teh help of you sir!"

Hikagi, Carid, Aliku, Harincos, Ayikes (c) ME!!!!!
8 commentsdan heron
jeezfarore.PNGFarore142 viewsNo clue why I drew this, just felt like drawing a crazy person with green hair. They both aren't that good, so yeah. I like the crazed Farore personally! Drawn on paint with a laptop mouse pad.
Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
just_married.jpgjust married377 viewsthis art was hand coppied this is a drawing made by crazyfreak she dose beautiful art work this piece was originaly had zelda in it but i changed it to malon i also showed crazyfreak she felt so honerd to have someonecopy the same art of hers1 commentslilredfox14
keirai_and_umai.JPGOmg I am crazy.428 views Again, not me fault. Although I have no one to blame but really bad soap operas, it is not my fault.

4 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
Linkfox.JPGKeaton Mask510 viewsMy little sister was playing Majora's Mask and I thought it would be cool if the Keaton mask was a transformation mask. So here's Keaton Link. Went a little crazy with the highlights. You can still see the binding of my sketchbook over on the left. Pah.7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
linksexpression.jpgExpressions of Link554 viewsThis is what happens when you're bored and want to draw Link XD.. I love drawing different expressions ^^ hehe. 5 commentsChibi-Rinku
lrasupultra.jpgLink_Rules_All's character Supultra169 viewsThis was extremely fun to draw (specially the crazy laugh one). Hope she looks at least a little bit like you think she should Link_Rules_All! The two where she's kissing Vio were me thinking "She's an evil woman, so she has to know how to seduce people. And Vio's succumbs so easily to darkness, she should seduce him."
Supultra (c) Link_Rules_All
art (c) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
mad_minish.gifA very crazy Minish417 viewsThe Minish went nutters for the shiny dollar coin (It's got Sacajawea on it). I actually made this one a few months ago.13 commentsvaati_girl
masterrake.jpgTHE MASTER RAKE641 viewsInside joke with Eddz and Jenna. THE NEW ITEM IN TWILIGHT PRINCESS hahaha.. XD 7 commentsChibi-Rinku
midnaeaster.jpgChibi Easter Bunny Midna108 viewsAugh! I want to color it but I don't know how I'm going to!2 commentsKifan12
midnight.PNGmidnight stroll135 viewsZenia's taking a midnight stroll, and yeah... Must be real windy...
Zenia, and art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
Navi revamped.jpg
Navi revamped.jpgNavi532 viewsThis is another concept of what Navi looks like onder that crazy glow she has! I had an old pic, and I've been redoing some of my old stuff, so here is a new version, I hope you like it!11 commentsSusie Q
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