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01 The King of Bad.mp3
01 The King of Bad.mp3The King of Bad!!!557 viewslol i like this song... ok, its ganondorf's song with the the lttp dungeon theme.... I tried to fix as many errors as i could before posting this song, but there is still one section that went all crazy on me during the transfer from studio to computer... and i have a question please tell me what u think about the beat! 60% of the tracks were devoted to making it the coolest freaking beat ever! (hopefully) 23 commentsdude_thats_evil
alttplink.JPGLooking for Dungeons524 viewsHis hat is on is belt!5 commentsThat Guy
comic_trapslol.jpgComic- Traps328 viewsUm, yeah. I was bored. But I'm satisfied with it. ^_~
I really like the way chibi link came out!
But seriously, some dungeon traps are so obvious...
1 commentsaquawolf
complete_hyrule_map_by_rooro22-d33hx9d.JPGComplete Hyrule Map210 viewsI never liked Nintendoís idea that there are always different Links and Zeldas. In my opinion they are (of course except of Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks) the same persons.
Thatís why I created a map of a complete Hyrule with every location and dungeon of the game maps.
The Twilight Princess map was my first step because of the borders of Eldin & Co. Then I just put all the other places in.

If you find mistakes or if you think, there will be a better solution for a location, please tell me! And Iím not sure if I choose the right words (I only know the german names which are different from the english ones)
3 commentsRooro
DodongoDungeon.jpg233 viewsFrom Next Generation
Dungeon+Dodongo.jpg524 viewsFrom
dungeon.gif983 viewsLink looking at a dungeon entrance (flipped horizontally).
dungeon2.jpg962 viewsAnother version of the above image (normal).
dungeon3.jpg1488 viewsBetter version of above image.1 comments
dungeoncrawling.jpgDungeon Crawl559 viewsA pic of Link and Zelda in a Dungeon. She does have the Nayru Shard of the Triforce and is using magic. Link is just kind of having a good time.8 commentsHero_of_Light
dungeonkeys.jpg648 viewslord-of-shadow
DungeonOrGerudoTrainingCenter.jpg238 viewsFrom Next Generation
Dungeon_Map.gif406 views
Dungeon_Map.gif324 views1 comments
eyeofwater.jpgThe Eye of Water267 viewsThis is a close-up of the monster off alttp, its the 6th dungeon in the darkworld... if you know what i'm talking about... lol ya, this was done with mega photoshoping, and i think turned out rather well...7 commentsdude_thats_evil
gsg-daniela-eaglestower.jpgEagle's Tower2964 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official Link's Awakening German Player's Guide! Notes: A great image of Link fighting his way through a dungeon. Done in the same style as the Japanese art also in the US players guides. I'm happy to see there is so much more out there.1 commentsMelora
gsg-daniela-turtlerock.jpgAwaken Turtle Rock3789 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official Link's Awakening German Player's Guide! Notes: Link using the ocarina (flute) to open Turtle Rock's dungeon. Done in the same style as the Japanese art also in the US players guides.1 commentsMelora
gsg-daniela-waterdungeon.jpgWatery Dungeon2017 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official German A Link to the Past Player's Guide!Melora
Legend_of_Zelda__Jelly_Ambush_by_Dayu.jpgJelly Ambush221 viewsLink ambushed by jellies D:2 commentsDayu
Link with Boss key copy.jpg
Link with Boss key copy.jpglink with boss key135 viewsits link and hes about to kick some ass of some monster in some castle somewhere thats alot of somes but seriously he looks ready to kick some ass.Unttin7
Link.jpgLink in a dungeon104 viewsfdlpm1
linkdungeon2.jpg2349 views Link wandering through a dark dungeon.
linkdungeon3.jpg2453 views Link wandering through a dark dungeon.
linkdungeonfinal.jpgcautious Link250 viewsfreehand color pencil7 commentsGirlink
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