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034 - Farore.png
034 - Farore.png439 views1 commentsdavogones
16147560a6737468431o.jpgMelartis, Din and Nayru166 viewsAh another practice doing the protrait side of the faces. Hmm forgotten to add Farore, ah oh well next time. I really enjoyed playing Oracle of Seasons, didn't try Oracle of Ages though.2 commentsDivine_Link
1farore0px.pngFarore181 viewskao
3.PNGFarore, Goddess of Courage110 viewsAnd plants, wind, and animals. It's so green.
Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I do take requests
4 commentshauu13
3goddesses.JPGgolden goddesses159 viewsThe way that the 3 golden gods are going to look like in my fan-fic. A bit of info on the 3 sisters. The battle ax Din is holding is to show her great power, and it's also for cutting down hordes of other worldly beasts. Din is usually has a good control of her feelings, but when she's angry she could kill anything. Farore is a mute so she communicates through thought speech, and is a master at bending peoples minds to her will. Nayru, although it might not look like it, is a master swordsman, and can beat anyone at a swearing contest. By age Din is the oldest, Farore is the middle child, and Nayru is the youngest.
Nayru, Din, and Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
The smudge in the upper right please ignore it. It's where I messed up and didn't have an eraser.
3 commentshauu13
BottleFarore;sCharm.gif744 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
Dinfarorejanayru.jpgNayru, Farore and Din378 viewsAll three creating The Sacred Realm, I suppose. Anyway, I had wanted to draw these goddesses for a while now, so when I had the time, I drew them. Not very successfully, tough...3 commentsan-chan
Explorar0007.jpgThe sweet little girls ^^ not!1423 viewsWell, would you look at that? The image I used for my second pic for Magalink, now you can see it like an individual pic.

Din, Nayru and Farore, our sweet little girls posing for us.
You know, I'm tired of Nayru always being the meek and quiet sister of the three, that's why mine is a flirt!! XD Farore isn't a little girl, she's a girl ready for adventures and ass kicking any day of the week!! And Din is our lovely, smexy and quiet girl who always get mad with her sisters ^^

I still need to draw Majora and Shalin to finish with the five sisters of the Hyrul.
9 commentsdan heron
Faeroreop.jpgFarore433 viewsWell this is Farore, i always pictured her younger than the other two so thats why...she looks younger! anyway what do ya'll think15 commentsRachel
farore.gif1449 viewsFarore, Oracle of Secrets.
Farore.gif950 views1 comments
farore.jpgFarore, Goddess of Courage363 viewsThis is how I imagined this goddess. This was my second Zelda fanart ever. I made it when I was in high school o.O long time ago... Anyway, enjoy!Malu CLBS
Farore.pngThe Goddess of Courage1219 viewsFarore, the goddess of courage! ^__^

yay green!
35 commentsbrigette
Farore2.jpgFarore379 viewsThis is very, very old, I know it's not perfect but oh, well, nothing is. So enjoy!4 commentsSusie Q
Farore2.jpgFarore473 viewsWeee! its farore! i took the costume from the oracle game and added my own things. looks like shes doing farore's wind, what do you think? ^__~

4 commentseponagirl
FaroreMoving.gif749 viewsIron Knuckle
faroreop.jpgFarore447 viewsThis is supposed to be a painting that would be in the temple of time. It's just a tribute to the Goddesses. It would symbolise their protection over the sacred realm.3 commentsRachel
faroreswind.jpg878 viewsFarore's Wind.
Farore_by_Guardian_of_Heroes.jpgFarore218 viewsThis is the goddess of courage from the Zelda games. I put a lot more effort into her than i did into my Nayru picture as you can tell lol.
I had to take a picture of myself posing like that to get the hand right lol.
I am happy with how it turned out...well anyway, please be kind!
Oh, i think i should add that this is not how i would usually draw her. I usually giver her two Sailor moon-esque balls on her head! But with my new style it just didn't look....serious enough lol

Marker paper
Prismacolor markers

If any of you want to see my other art works copy and paste this address into your browser. It will take you to my DeviantART page:
11 commentsGuardian of Heroes
gerudot1.jpgKaly254 viewsThis is a teenage gerudo character I drew. I'm working on this pic on photoshoop. Yet, I haven't made a fanfic for her.

BTW, I was Farore44 before, but now I have the same username at if anyone ever wants to read my fanfics.
3 commentsjade2824
Goddesses.jpgGoddesses of Hyrule251 viewsOkay, first of all, I know you all are wondering why there are four Goddesses when there's only three. The middle one is my own made up character (who's the spirit within the girl from another realm) and she's Hera, Goddess of Fear. She was banned and sealed within the human girl before Din, Nayru and Farore made Hyrule, and that's why the Triforce was the Triforce.

Yes, my fanfic is based off of OoC.
1 commentsSage of Ice
Golden Goddesses.jpg
Golden Goddesses.jpgThe three golden goddesses847 viewsWhoo! I'm excited about this one, I just finished it! and by that I mean it's been finished less than 2 mins. I really like the way this turned out, it started as an experement, I didn't think I'de be able to do it. But somehow I did it! So yay! I hope you guys like it too! Please comment!12 commentsSusie Q
goldgodspark.PNGA Day in the Park- lineart149 viewsThe Golden Goddesses, and Asmodeus, in a more modern type of setting (as well as get up). Basically, Farore is chastising Din and Nayru is having to sit between the two so as to keep anything dramatic from happening. All while Asmodeus looks at them, wishing his sisters would let him be part of the family. (Yes, he's their brother...)

And the random person in the random...

Din, Nayru, Farore (C) Nintendo
Asmodeus, random person (C) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
jeezfarore.PNGFarore150 viewsNo clue why I drew this, just felt like drawing a crazy person with green hair. They both aren't that good, so yeah. I like the crazed Farore personally! Drawn on paint with a laptop mouse pad.
Farore (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
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