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fox.jpg194 viewsIron Knuckle
keaton.jpg1010 viewsThe Keaton Mask, which can summon Keaton the ghost fox.Ricky
keatonthefox.jpgKeaton141 viewsWhaha... a Keaton. I luv these things to death. So cute. The shading on his back looks crappy though.Black_Mare
keaton_card.jpgKeaton Pokemon Card492 viewsjust a bit of fun i had with the templates from Pokemon Zeo.8 commentscerasly
Linkfox.JPGKeaton Mask538 viewsMy little sister was playing Majora's Mask and I thought it would be cool if the Keaton mask was a transformation mask. So here's Keaton Link. Went a little crazy with the highlights. You can still see the binding of my sketchbook over on the left. Pah.7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Run,_it_s_Navi!.jpgOh noes, it's Navi!123 viewsRun away, Maggra!
Maggra's the lil' foxxy there. Isn't she adorable?
Yeah, I know I put real clothing on Navi. I don't care. I think it's better then her being naked/wearing very revealing clothing.
Maggra is actually not part of a LoZ story, she's more of my OC that I draw for comics.
Maggra is my character.
Navi and LoZ are copyright to Nintendo
Art is copyright to me.
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
Ryu_s_third_form.jpgRyu's final form201 viewsBelieve it or not, this IS the best villain from the Dimensional Trilogy. Like I said, "He looks like Godzilla but with wings and a blade-covered tail." Actual size is sixty feet high.

Link, Sonic, Mario, and Fox had to go super just to fight him, but did they prevail? You'll have to see for yourself.
Niko the ninja
Shadow and Link.JPG
Shadow and Link.JPGNew friends?208 viewsTrue fanart has arrived. ^_^ This is a drawing of Link meeting my Keaton demon Shadow. Notice that Shadow is a fox demon, but related to the Keatons from MM. It took me a while to get Link's hair done in a side view way >< But it turned out okay, no? I wish I had my inking pen so I can ink it and color it to make it look better.

If your wondering what Shadow looks like (as in color ways) here- Silver hair, icy sapphire blue eyes, lightish skin color, silver fox ears with black tips, four silver fox tails with black tips. Outfit- A long black Japanese kunoichi with silver outlines and belt with a icy blue dragon going aound on it (I didn't draw the dragon on her dress, gomen (sorry) XD), and bandages on both arms and feet.

Shadow is (c) to me.
2 commentsSage of Ice
the oni.jpg
the oni.jpgThe Oni1154 viewsWell, well, a very old pic of mine. Somebody reminded me I hadn't post this guy in this gallery so here you have it. A very Dan-esque Oni X3

This is my part of another trade with Oni_Fox_8431, one of the Great Ones of the old Zelda Legends.
I only had a poor reference of what his armor should look so I did my own version ^_^;;
This is one of my favorite versions of Link. I mean, it's not everyday that Link turns into a dark god of destruction X)
18 commentsdan heron
Too_bad__shes_already_mine_by_dan_heron.jpgToo bad, she's already mine763 viewsAnd continuing with the “Anthro” entries, now we have the original girl-girl pairing from my fic.
The Fox Malon and the Wolfo Ari X3 As you can see in the piccu, Ari is a bit possessive with Mal, and she can jump on somebody’s throat (male or female) if they give a bad look at her Mal. Luckily Malon knows all the tricks to keep her wild wolfos under control (most of the time it only takes a little kiss or a caress to her cheek to cool her down X))
Oh, and even if Ari sister of Kado and Link, she was born with the fur of an artic wolfos, so her tail, paws and ears are snow white.
Oh 2, I know it doesn’t show much, but Ari grows taller than Malon (she used to be sho small)
4 commentsdan heron
Vaati2.jpgVaati and shadowfox193 viewsHey Vaati_lover! Here's the other pic I told you i'd draw. Hope you like it!1 commentsdarklinkbeta200
Wolf_Link_Mobian.jpgMobian Link242 viewsThis is what I think Link would look like as a Mobian (Sonic) furry, as opposed to a Cornarian (Starfox) furry. I may color it later on, but I think it looks fine now.3 commentsLinksLove
Ya_know_ya_re_pushin_yer_luck_by_dan_heron.jpgYa know ya’re pushin’ yer luck757 viewsCuchi cuchi cu?
Uh… no…
Ah, Dizi and Numi, who doesn’t love these gals? ^^
Dizi is a Fox and Numi is a Keaton. These Gerudos are just opposite poles in almost everything. Just look at the piccu and you can get an idea of their personalities.
Dizi, as you can guess, doesn’t do funny, so Numi takes care of being the mischievous one. Sometimes, she puts so much of her in being mischievous that Dizi wants to dig an hole and wait for the chaos to end ^-^;;; But, despite her girlfriend’s bubbly personality, Dizi loves her with all her soul.
Btw, Dizi usually wears a more “harem” type of outfit (short vest, transparent harem pants), but when she’s out of the desert she likes leather X3
1 commentsdan heron
yearofoxzelda.PNG2009- The Ox163 viewsHappy Chinese New Year folks! Zelda's bringing in the Year of the Ox with some dancing. ^-^ Drawn 100% in MS Paint.
Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
10 commentshauu13
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