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Do_ya_mind!01.pngDo ya mind?154 viewsIt's Link! And a goat! That's eating his tunic! In one of my ever changing chibi styles! Woo!

Yeah, I seriously don't know what the deal it with those TP goats. They look more like mutant bull-baboon-ram hybrids than actual... goats. And I know a thing or two about goats, my grandma has a bunch of them.

Dig that cheesy background.
6 commentsthepbjninja
goht.jpg1721 viewsGoht the mechanical goat boss of Snowhead Temple.
ordongoat.jpgLink and Ordon Goat162 viewsYeah, very exciting title... I just wanted to draw Link and Ordon goat and practice shading fur. Those goats are so cute. 5 commentscyen
ordongoat4lra.PNGOrdon goat cheese for Link_Rules_All177 viewsA request that LRA made about a month (?) ago. He wanted me to show it ruling with pain so I decided to have Neko-San throw the cheese at TP Link. Hope you like it LRA! Drawn 100% in MS Paint. 18 commentshauu13
Saria Unicorn.jpg
Saria Unicorn.jpgHoly Beast -- Forest Sage296 viewsSaria's animal form, from a fan fic I'm working on, I tried to make her look young but once again my pooir ability as an artist ruined it ^^U

unicorns don't look like horned horses, acording to original medieval lore, unicorns have a caprine (goatlike) look and are much smaller than horses (tanx to Koroks Rock for this info =) ).
Peter S. Bagle allso descrives unicorns ar creatures that have deer's leggs, goat's feet, lion's tail and horse's body

but I made her look more deerish becouse deer are better adapted to the woods than horses or goats
11 commentsDust_Bunny
zora.PNGZora Concept403 viewsThe release of TP is drawing nearer, and since Nintendo released some Goron art, I decided to create a picture of what I think the Zora might look like in the game. This is the 2nd picture I have fully Photoshop...ized(?)

Things I really like about this picture are the fish hook earrings, and the cool little fin goatee on the male. Also I didn't realize until I finished, but the girl kinda looks like Laruto, and the guy looks like Mikau (thanks to his tats)

>.> also there is a reference to another, famous Zora.... its not too hard to spot :D

feel free to comment!
4 commentsTheUrgeT0Herbal
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