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045 - Goron.png
045 - Goron.png222 viewsdavogones
066 - Goron Merchant.png
066 - Goron Merchant.png262 viewsdavogones
10goron4wb.pngGorons206 views2 commentskao
12-15-2004 08;33;04PM.JPG
12-15-2004 08;33;04PM.JPGLink and The Goron Mask93 views1 commentsTheFullmetal
12-16-2004 05;50;29PM.JPG
12-16-2004 05;50;29PM.JPGGoron Link109 views1 commentsTheFullmetal
126 - Biggoron.png
126 - Biggoron.png377 views1 commentsdavogones
7goronsruby4jj.pngGoron's Ruby167 viewskao
biggoron colored.jpg
biggoron colored.jpgBiggoron Pose493 viewsThis is a simple resketching of the classic OoT pose, just with the biggoron sword rather than the master & hylian combo. It was my first fan art pic ever, period, which is why the boots and such are so funky.9 commentsKoroks Rock
Biggoron.gif288 views
biggoron.JPGGoron Sunrise283 views1 commentsThat Guy
BiggoronMoving.gif1534 viewsIron Knuckle
Biggorons Sword.png
Biggorons Sword.pngBiggorons Sword280 viewsI finally did the Biggorons Sword. I've been meaning to do it ever since I finished to Master Sword but I forgot. Injoy!!6 commentsbounty hunter
Biggorons_Sword.gif242 views
Biggorons_Sword_Equip.gif386 views
BIGGORON_S_SWORD.jpgBIGGRORN'S SWORD151 viewsHere's the Biggoron's Sword WITH no folding lines! I have to find the other sword on my cd's and save it to my computer!Amy122
Bigoron_s Forge.jpg
Bigoron_s Forge.jpgBiggoron's Forge545 viewsThe Master Swordmakers workshop, another learning experiance for me. THis one was tough. 9 commentscoasty30
brokengoronsword.jpg915 viewsBroken Goron Sword.
claimcheck.gif563 viewsThe Biggoron Sword claim check.
croq.pngScribbles78 viewsJust a few doodles. There are only random OCs on the right part of the paper. ^^'1 commentsWaann
Darnaku.jpgDurnaku293 viewsThis is the first of my darknut designs. The first and formost change is the name. These are enemies that you fear to fight in Wind Waker, that are great and ruthless fighters, yet they have one of the worst names. So I changed it to durnaku (Dur Na Ku). At least that is what they would call themselves in their own tounge. I could see hylain common folk calling them darknuts for a shorter, easier to remember name (like gator for Alligator). They still have their bulging design seen in Wind Waker, but they have become more animal like as well. This design is the base of the Durnaku. All other designs will be based on this( The same goes for my Goron and Zora, they are all bases to draw on). I plan to do a armored Durnaku, and also a wild one, untamed by the dark powers and fully animalistic in nature. Keep an eye out for them4 commentsBraxis
darunia.jpg2691 viewsDarunia, leader of the Gorons.7 comments
darunia.jpgDarunia's Confusion1236 viewsThis is another oldie, drawn from an abstract impression of what the Gorons say to child link as he first explores their city. The idea is, in a nutshell, that Ganon comes in full of self-righteousness and threats and ominous portents, to the utter confusion of Darunia, who thinks everything is going fine.

I had some fun with the background here, adding in my plethora of Goron expessions and the unique goron ? mark: it was mostly to make up for my poor goron drawing skills.
12 commentsKoroks Rock
darunia.jpgdarunia with megaton191 viewsThisone didn't turn out like it should... But what the heck.3 commentsBerg
EBMMoBk3co_001.pngEBM:MS Book 3 Cover708 viewsHear it up for Maria! WHO CAN'T DRAW GORONS WORTH ANYTHING. =D8 commentsMariaGemini
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