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ChaosLink and Malon.jpg
ChaosLink and Malon.jpgChaosLink and Malon370 viewsSince I never got around to doing a pic for halloween,.I drew one that might be conciderd scary,.
Also GL kinduv wanted a pic of these two anywho.
ChaosLink formaly known as FrankinLink,.changed his name cause he was more evil then just a monster,.
just a short story Iv'e been writing,.too love involved for this site though,.
but thought the pic was good.
In the story ChaosLink was supposed to kill Malon but I changed it cause I like redheads..and in the story,Chaoslink is a clone of both me and Link,.so it makes sense.
7 commentsFyrborn
DSCF0010.JPGClassic Link costume303 viewsI had to cut material, put it together, then sew. It's my halloween costume. Any suggestions (going to wear a belt and i ordered gloves)5 commentsThelegendoflink190
Halloween finish.png
Halloween finish.pngHappy Halloween!1002 viewssorry it's kinda late... but ZL kept freezing when i tried to upload it! ^^;

link is a ghost...
malon is a cow...
and zelda is a witch! <3
12 commentsbrigette
halloween3.jpgHappy Halloween-Dark Link676 viewsDrawn for Halloween 2005 ^^ I worked very hard on this picture~ I really like how it came out! Sketched it out on paper and finished it in Photoshop CS ^^15 commentsChibi-Rinku
hallween.PNGZelda Halloween '09117 viewsThe five Links, Zelda, Ganondorf and Vaati all dressed up as difffeent things for Halloween. They're gonna go get candy... If you want to know who each character is just say so, and I'll tell you (too lazy to write them all right now).
All characters and outfits (c) their respectful owners
art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
happyhalloweenclr.jpgHappy Halloween!501 viewsHee hee, thought Id draw up a holiday sketch, so here ya go! Looks like Zelda picked out Link's costume, (yes that's him in the pink) he doesn't look too sure about it..haha Nothin like a little cross-dressing to get you in the mood for Halloween!! :)15 commentsGirlink
happyholidays.pngHappy Holidays591 viewsWahey! It's done! 'Tis teh Five Links representing different holidays!

Red's got Christmas since he's like the little kid who loves presents and all the good cheer. Plus he's in Red

Blue is Valentines day because he's the guy who keeps trying to get all the hot chicks, but I don't think this is gonna draw them any closer though (Will draw Red closer though, heheh.. w)

Vio is teh Easter Bunny! Mainly a filler really. But I bet deep down inside he must love that costume!

Green is St Patricks day. I couldn't think of any others but he's this since it's a green day.

Shadow is Halloween since he's the evilest and scary-est. Obvious really o.o

Enjoy Children! Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy Halloween! Happy St Patricks Day|! Happy Valentines Day!

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!!
2 commentsKeitii
Happy_Halloween_by_Yuese.pngHappy Halloween !!189 viewsChibi Link and Vaati ^^8 commentsangel of light
kat.jpgHappy Halloweenies!497 viewsSo yes. Its meee! I'm Link :D I made that myself and my mom took this picture of me earlier tonight before I went trick-or-treating. I drew the triforce on my hand, just for added authenticity. Tights are uncomfortable, and that's just from a female perspective. Poor Linky, lol.18 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Magma_as_Saria_and_Vaati_as_a_zombie.jpgMagma and Vaati in costumes143 viewsIt's nearing Halloween where I live, and you know what that means! Candy and trick-or-treaters!
Be glad you don't live at Magma and Vaati's house though! If you decide to give out the candy, Magma might steal that bowl right from your hands.

Saria [what Magma is dressed up as XD] and Vaati are (c) to Nintendo
Random crocodile is (c) to me XD
Magma is (c) to me
Trans-Hylians are (c) to me
Hylians are (c) to Nintendo
Art is (c) to me and a friend [she drew some of the candy]
Don't steal or claim, kay?
8 commentsVaati_Lover
parallels.jpgParallels508 viewsLink and Zelda decided to dress up as (what many seem to consider) their videogame parallels!

This was supposed to be for Halloween, but I'm lazy and slow. So they're going to an anime convention. >__>;;;
6 comments[cuccoattackforce]
Pumpkin.jpgHappy Halloween! (9 months late)448 viewsHey, I finally uploaded the pics of my Pumpkin from last halloween. I made a collage so you can see all the details. I loved that thing, I didn't want to throw it away..... Anyways, it looked really cool in person and I had a really fun time making it.8 commentsSusie Q
smile.PNGRed Link...135 viewsI put the makeup on his face and the tassle/string thing at his collar as a sort of "hint" (barely) as to what I'll draw him as for halloween. I think the makeup is a nice touch for him, it makes him look good... I don't think I'll post what he's gonna be here; though, I don't know... If you want to know what he'll be just say so, and I'll tell you.
Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
11 commentshauu13
vaati_sign_halloween.JPGHappy Halloween!278 viewsYup, 'tis Vaati. He's dressed up as Link for Halloween. Yay.2 commentsvaati_girl
Zelda_Halloween_PT.jpgHappy Halloween! (lol)327 viewsYes, I am aware that this is very, VERY late, ut I wanted to post it anyway.^^ I really haven't had time to get this on, so I'm posting it now. It's pretty clear as to who everyone is, but if you want reasons as to why they are what they are; let me know. I'll add it to the description later.^^ I hope you like it!
Zelda, Midna, Green, Blue, Red, Vio, and Shadow (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Me
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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