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Amped_up_pt._1.jpgNew and improved "Amped up pt. 1"201 viewsNewly worked on amped up versions of Gohma (Upper left), King Dodongo (Bottom), and Barinade (Upper right).

I decided to make King Dodongo more like a t-rex and I gave him a bit of a crocodile skin. I also gave him more crooked teeth.

Gohma here is more like a mantis/crab thing and has needle-like teeth. I wouldn't want to be impaled on THOSE CLAWS.

Barinade is like a cross between a sea anemone, a jellyfish, and a squid actually. As you can see, he has electricity flowing through his body.
Whaddaya think?
1 commentsNiko the ninja
attendant.jpgNot only an attendant593 viewsI thought of Impa more like a surrogate mother for Zelda, so I drew this. Oh, and that's the Book of Mudora that Zelda is reading for bedtime.6 commentsMalu CLBS
carid sketch.jpg
carid sketch.jpgCarid rough sketch1033 viewsCarid is an orphan girl who was took into Hyrule's castle to be Zelda's "sister". She belongs to the race of the Ayikes, a race with amazing mental powers and monstruous physical strenght. She can crush a rock with her bare hands.
Even though she may seem harmless she was actually trained by Impa so she knows Sheikan tactics which combined with her natural powers make her a lethal weapon
7 commentsdan heron
Drawing_of_Impa.pngImpa274 views This is Impa from Ocarina of Time, I think she is a cool character. Sheikahs in general are cool, i love their red eyes.XD Enjoy the pic!
P.S. There will be more pics like this, except with different characters
P.P.S. I'll try to do character requests.
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
glass_impa.png896 viewsIron Knuckle
hikagi sketch.jpg
hikagi sketch.jpgHikagi rough sketch1007 viewsHikagi is Zelda's and Carid's adoptive sister. She's Impa's daughter so she's half Sheika, half Harinco. Very hyper but a Sheika at heart; very disciplined and extremly talented fighter.
There are three tribes of Harincos, the Canis, the Felles and the Scorpia; Hikagi obviously is a Felles. They have many feline features but she IS NOT A NEKO!!!!
4 commentsdan heron
Impa Warrior copy.jpg
Impa Warrior copy.jpgSheikah Warrior535 viewsImpa again! I think impa's cool. Yaeh, I've had this one on the computer but took about 2 months to finish cuz' I didn't work on it for quite a while. So yes.... Fire = fun. And yeas, there is another pic with a moon in it, just for you guys!
9 commentsSusie Q
Impa Young2 copy.jpg
Impa Young2 copy.jpgImpa in the Storm603 viewsThis is another pic of Impa, she looks a little younger in this pic. 10 commentsSusie Q
Impa!.jpg408 viewsFrom
impa.gif1590 viewsLink helping Impa.2 comments
impa.gif951 viewsImpa.
Impa.gif374 views
impa.jpg2706 viewsImpa, guardian of the Royal Family.1 comments
Impa.jpgImpa391 viewsI like her! She's cool!3 commentsMelilot
Impa.jpgImpa417 viewsIt's Impa, the sage of shadow. Impa is one of my favorites. I love the way this turned out, it has a bit of a darker or gothic feel to it. *IMPA ROX!!*8 commentsSusie Q
impa.JPGImpa Sprint413 viewsThe legs suck and she is too low to the ground. I like the idea though...2 commentsThat Guy
impa.jpgSage of Shadow265 viewsA full CG of Impa. Something about it makes her look a little scary, but I can't quite place it. I've just started learing a more realistic style in photoshop, so it's still very rough with lots of errors. I think I want to draw Impa more often--she's fun to draw!1 commentscerasly
impa2.jpg1878 viewsBetter version of above image.
impa2.jpg2264 viewsImpa.
Impa2.png898 viewsIron Knuckle
Impaclose.jpgImpa portrait423 viewsYes, yes, I know, another Impa. and yes, Iknow this one isn't perfect either, but I like it.
7 commentsSusie Q
impacrouch.jpgImpa - Sage of Shadow376 viewsThis is the first of hopefully a series of all the sages. I think it is really sad that there isn't much artwork for any of the sages. Like I said, hopefully I'll eventually do a picture for all the sages - if I don't get too behind in homework:) I always love feedback!5 commentsslvrwlf05
impadoor.gif1296 viewsImpa and Link looking into the room where Zelda sleeps.
impadoor2.jpg1707 viewsBetter version of the above image.
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