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133 - Black Knight.png
133 - Black Knight.png714 views1 commentsdavogones
armos.gif724 viewsArmos knights.
armos.gif1937 viewsAn Armos Knight.3 comments
Armos.JPGThe Stone Warrior171 viewsGood ol' Armos Knight, personally I think it turned out kinda weird, I'm still experimenting with Windows Paint, seeing what I can pull off with it.2 commentsBlackHawkA100
ArmosKnight.gif771 views
armosknight.jpg1270 viewsArmos Knight.1 comments
ArmosKnightBlue1.gif722 views
ArmosKnightBlue2.gif742 views
ArmosKnightRed.gif595 views
ArmosKnights.jpg338 viewsFrom
assy.jpgMy winged knight745 viewsOh, I’m sure you wondered who was paired Assy with X3 Some of you guessed that it was Gorgias, former prince of Werran.
Yes, PRINCE, meaning a boy X) First boy-boy pairing! Yippee! “throws confetti to the hordes of fangirls”
Gor is the little one on the left, he’s a Griffin. The Goddesses of the Hyrul have races that work like guardians for each one of them. Din uses the Red Lions and the Griffin. Asmodeus is a Deva.
Their relationship started very slow, but they quickly learned that the other was what they needed.
Things between them went smoothly until Werran was taken over by the White Cross and the Pristine Army. Gorgias asked the Quetzals to help him recover the country, and they did it. However, that didn’t change anything in the royal family. Gorgias was still an outcast. At least his mother accepted the fact that her son wanted to be her daughter, and even took a liking Assy.
2 commentsdan heron
BlackKnight.gif1078 viewsIron Knuckle
BlackKnight2.gif650 viewsIron Knuckle
Dark_Nut_Back_Up.pngBack Up365 viewsI am ASHAMED to call myself a Zelda Fan, I've been MIA. This time, I have a good excuse! Back in Sept. I started a job working at a Trucking company. And I've been working there ever since. computer died......again yes...I've Pre-ordered Skyward Sword and ordered a Players Guide for it. And I was watching a playthrough of the game but the person just seriously stinked at playing it period...Seriously a person asks for help what do you do?
ANYWAY, this here is used by the Dark Nuts or Dark Knights in Twilight Princess when Link gets them armorless they'll throw their sword at him and pull this baby out, now that I Look at it, looks like both the hilt and blade needs to be longer....Of course, I'm working on a few more swords and hopefully the Goddess Sword from Skyward Sword IF, I can find an official art to it....

Dark Nuts/Dark Knights Back Up Sword and Dark Nuts/Dark Knights © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

2 commentsAmy122
fallen_knight.jpgA Fallen Knight of Hyrule713 viewswhoops, just realized i didn't reskin the shield. Dangit.

Bleh. This is a screen from my game Mod, in a level called Dormant Menace (which is actually a revision of my first game map, ever). The idea is that there are bodies and pools of blood left around from a recent battle, and this is just one of many.

I couldn't tell you how many verts are onscreen, because this compiles about three different models. there are about 4 textures being used, three 256^2 and a 64^2.

it took me about an hour to reskin and remodel the knight (which is not originally mine, but i've done a bumload of work to it). the blood spats took me about 5 minutes. place would have been about two minutes too, except that i changed some inherent apects of how this stuff is called, so it extended that prcess to about twenty minutes.

So, not a terribly long job, but a productive one with results i'm pretty happy with. Remember that there are about twenty of these in the map, so it has to be low-poly enough to not slow down gameplay
9 commentsKoroks Rock
FightWithKnight1.gif1777 viewsFrom zhq.com1 comments
FightWithKnight10.gif1647 viewsFrom
FightWithKnight2.gif2122 viewsFrom zhq.com4 comments
FightWithKnight3.gif1194 viewsFrom
FightWithKnight4.gif1333 viewsFrom zhq.com1 comments
FightWithKnight5.gif1521 viewsFrom zhq.com1 comments
FightWithKnight6.gif971 viewsFrom
FightWithKnight7.gif1328 viewsFrom zhq.com1 comments
FightWithKnight8.gif1046 viewsFrom
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