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a day at the Ranch.gif
a day at the Ranch.gifa day at the ranch340 viewsi did his free hand with colour pencils, it's link, Malon and the scary looking chick *points* yup her, is ment to be me.... how sad putting my-self with link and malon *shakes head*....sad2 commentsNirash
ADepressedMalon.jpg930 viewsFrom
Alira_s zelda and malon.gif
Alira_s zelda and malon.gifZelda and Malon280 viewsWell I don't think apples would keep Ganondorf away...

Though he wouldn't like it if they were thrown at his head!
1 commentswonder flower
anni copy.jpg
anni copy.jpgTrade with Malon Aniku3446 viewsThis pic is for my good friend Malon Aniku.
This is a scene in the libray in the Spilled Goblet.

Anni: You don't have to kick him to wake him up.
Tetra: K! I won't kick him... "devilish chuckles"
Link: "wimpers in dreams"
Anni: Sounds like a little puppy, don't ya think?
Tetra: Hee... yeup.
Link: "in dreams -I know Tetra's around here"

I hope you like it Anni!
44 commentsdan heron
BRIDES.jpgHere come the brides!1435 viewsThis is my first Zelda fanart totally colored with Photoshop! I'm so glad I got it! The Pendant of Memories was also made with Photoshop, BTW. Here, every girl that has wanted link for herself is here to see to whom Link is getting married! Malon is the one with Saria and Marin is the one at the left, looking at Zelda. Ruto is green with envy! XD20 commentsMalu CLBS
ChaosLink and Malon.jpg
ChaosLink and Malon.jpgChaosLink and Malon376 viewsSince I never got around to doing a pic for halloween,.I drew one that might be conciderd scary,.
Also GL kinduv wanted a pic of these two anywho.
ChaosLink formaly known as FrankinLink,.changed his name cause he was more evil then just a monster,.
just a short story Iv'e been writing,.too love involved for this site though,.
but thought the pic was good.
In the story ChaosLink was supposed to kill Malon but I changed it cause I like redheads..and in the story,Chaoslink is a clone of both me and Link,.so it makes sense.
7 commentsFyrborn
dizi.jpgDizi rough sketch1418 viewsDeasnucgi, aka Dizi, a proud and loyal Gerudo warrior. Cousin of Malon and one of the strongest and most skilled fighters in the group.
She uses twin scimitars to fight, huge scimitars that seem too heavy to be used properly.
Don't make her angry, she's very violent and brutal
13 commentsdan heron
epona.jpgEpona921 viewsThat's right! I thought, "Hey, if my Human characters are becoming anthros, why wouldn't an animal become an anthro too?"
Epona is a lovely girl adopted by Talon (Malon's father), and she currently works in the ranch. Pretty tough girl with a heart of gold. She and Mal get along really well, and "lil" Epona loves to hang around with Link. She has feelings for him, but they aren't love. The girl knows he's already with Aliku, and she has no wishes of becoming dead meat at the hands of a psycho Sygel ^-^;;
Oh, and if her eyes look weird, that's because I gave her horse pupils. They aren't like ours, they are horizontal, so now you know.
4 commentsdan heron
Explorar.jpgDesert Dancer Malon1026 viewsYou know? I think I may start uploading my sketches here in the scraps, I tend to doodle a lot during classes XD That's bad, boys and girl, you shouldn't do it! The Dan is a registered professional, so he has license to do things he isn't supposed to do during classes, always remember that.

And well, just like the title says, Desert Dancer, Malon. Yes, Malon! Our sweet ranch girl is part Gerudo, and like any of her desert sisters, well, she's a warrior at heart. She doesn't uses the typical twin scimitars of the Gerudos, she prefers claws, like Link's. Her lovely and sensual dance hides deadly movement that she uses to finish her enemies in a blink.
Here we can see her with her Gerudo outfit, I'm not very sure of what to change to it, but I'm sure I'm gonna change something.

As you can see, Mal is very different from Ari. The red has bigger breast, round hips, longer hair, and is very feminine, everything Ari wants in a girl X)
16 commentsdan heron
fourswordscouples.PNGFour Swords Couples249 viewsBasically, all my fan fic couples when it comes to the five Links... Yeah...

Vio, Green, Red, Blue, Shadow, Malon, Zelda (C) Nintendo
Rio, art (C) hauu13
1 commentshauu13
Giants...jpgGiants...203 viewsWow... I did this in like September 0_o... Anyway, however lame this comic may be, I still enjoy it, and if you happen to like it, I have a whole bunch of Zelda comics I did in the summer... Btw, the girl is supposed to be Malon...Melundomeiel
GotMilk.jpgGot Milk?421 viewsWow, this one is very, very old. I'm finally uploading it 'cuz I knew I never would if I didn't do it now. I like it though.5 commentsSusie Q
Halloween finish.png
Halloween finish.pngHappy Halloween!1014 viewssorry it's kinda late... but ZL kept freezing when i tried to upload it! ^^;

link is a ghost...
malon is a cow...
and zelda is a witch! <3
12 commentsbrigette
Handling_Cucoos_by_Mudora.jpgHandling Cookoos Rough232 viewsA rough sketch of Link and Malon Holding cookoos. Mudora
HyruleTown+Malon.jpg1638 viewsSource unknown1 comments
IM_A0009.JPGCallie125 viewsYeah...this was a sort of cross between Sonic style and Malon. Take from it what you will.zeldaiskoollink
just_married.jpgjust married381 viewsthis art was hand coppied this is a drawing made by crazyfreak she dose beautiful art work this piece was originaly had zelda in it but i changed it to malon i also showed crazyfreak she felt so honerd to have someonecopy the same art of hers1 commentslilredfox14
link and malon colored.jpg
link and malon colored.jpgLink+Malon colored1100 viewsmade from all colored pencils. THIS WAS REQUESTED FROM Dark_Mistress_666!!! (from fanart central) This like is my third request that I had ever done. I don't get request that much, but if you like you can ask. I take awhile to finish requests pics though. So do it one at a time. Okay, I really screwed up this pic, sorry, my posture making is really bad. I need more practice. Something is wrong with it in sooo many ways... :(
16 commentsAllysa
link and malon copy2.JPG
link and malon copy2.JPGLink + Malon716 viewsUmmm I'll color it later. I know there are im bad at posture soo sorry if it's weird. no ones perfect...wat can I say.12 commentsAllysa
linkandMalon.jpgLink and Malon394 viewsLink and Malon togetherleija
linkmalon.jpgLink and Malon401 viewsI drew this for a friend who's going through rough times. She loves Link as much as I do and looks very much like Malon.
i know Link's face looks a bit.. messed up. Sorry bout that!
5 commentscerasly
LinkMalonKiss.jpgGit 'er Cowboy!495 viewsHmmm, I wonder if Zelda's psychic connection to Link saw this coming...:) Yeah, that's Link and Malon about to share an intimate kiss...I felt so bad about the last pic where Zelda disses Link, that I had to give him a little retribution...haha Zelda doesnt look too happy....:) Pencil sketch, photoshop....11 commentsGirlink
Link_Malon.JPGLink and Malon340 viewsA romantic pic of Link and Malon Snoggin' :)2 commentsjiminycricketX
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpg
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpgThe Legend of Zelda: La Fantome De l'Opera278 really like Zelda, and I really like Phatnom of the Opera, so, i decided to combined the two, so, if you're familliar with Phantom, then here are the characters for you! Link is Raoul, Oni Link is the Phantom (it was either him or Ganondorf, so I went with the hot one), and MARIN is Christine, NOT Malon.7 commentsMusica
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