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046 - Minish Vaati.png
046 - Minish Vaati.png991 views2 commentsdavogones
132 - Minish Ezlo.png
132 - Minish Ezlo.png593 views1 commentsdavogones
Adult Link.JPG
Adult Link.JPGAdult Link, manga style367 viewsFirst of all; thank goodness that the site is up and running again. 2nd; Minish Cap kicks ass.

And last of all; this is a pic i drew a while ago. it's not perfect, i know. the arms are too long for my liking, and his waist is a bit skinny. apart from that though, i think its alright
10 commentshappy_macgyver
Angua.jpgAngua342 viewsThis is Angua, a character in my fic. Believe it or not, she is the princess of Ecassa, a country right next to Hyrule, and she's Vaati's girlfriend. She is extremely popular, and wouldn't be caught dead in a pink dress and a tiara. She is nice to a lot of people, has dated a lot of guys, and has a ton of friends, like Shadow Link and Bird Head Link (aka Minish Link). You don't want to make her mad, though. She may look innocent, but if you do something to make her mad, she'll set a bunch of cats on you. That would hurt. Lots. Ow.

BTW, she sees evil spirits.
9 commentsvaati_girl
A_modern_Minish_by_dan_heron.jpgA modern Minish657 viewsFor my Saria "anthro" I had only a few choices since the Legend of Zelda isn't exactly creative when it comes to forest related monsters. The main choices were Dabas, Deku spruts andů I think that's all. The rest of the plant monsters are too abstract to give them a human form.

That's why lovely Saria got to be a Minish ^^ yeh, I know this little race lives everywhere, but they originally came from the Forest, and are always hiding from people, just like the Kokiris. Besides, they are so friggin' cute you want to hug them X3 Just like Saria!
I know only forest Minish have feathers like tails, but what the heck, a feather tail is cute ^^

Oh, and Minish have those really big eyes that are very shiny. That's why she looks a bit weird.
Oh2: she's a bit older here ^-^;
Oh3: she's human sized
2 commentsdan heron
B1L_minishcap_cave.midCave787 viewsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_cloudtops.midCloud Tops923 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_cuccochase.midChasing Cuccos824 views2 commentsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_darkhyrulecastle.midDark Hyrule Castle2099 views8 commentsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_fairyfountain.midFairy Fountain697 viewsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_hyruletown.midHyrule Town855 views2 commentsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_minishvillage.midMinish Village764 viewsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_minishwoods.midMinish Woods725 viewsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_royalcrypt.midRoyal Crypt712 viewsIron Knuckle
B1L_minishcap_vaatibattle.midVaati - Transfigured battle868 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
becomesmall.jpgBecome small619 viewsFinished this yesterday. As you can see, it's from Minish Cap, and it's Link becoming small at one of those stumps. I managed to find a screencap with Ezlo saying all this Hylian letters, and I translated them. It means "chiisaku nare" which is Japanese for "become small". That's why I named this drawing like that. I hope you like it. I personally wanted this to be all about perspective and the magical lighting coming out of the stump, and I think I managed to make it really well.6 commentsMalu CLBS
boxart.jpg924 viewsMinish Cap artwork from the European Packaging.Ricky
castlevaati.pngWindows of Dark Hyrule Castle227 viewsMy second picture of Vaati. ...That eye ornament was a perfect circle when I drew it, but it loks kinda...warped now.1 commentsavroillusion
Colored_Minish_Cap_Pic_with_BG.JPG"Whaah?!!"238 viewsA dear friend sent me sum new excellent set of colored pencils and i tested it out on this minish cap pic, thank u daniela!
Ezlo: "Watch out, Link! A huge girl's huge shoes are headed straight for us!!"
Link: "WHAAAH?!" *turns*
Ezlo: "Hey U can see her underpanties from here!"
Link: "ur riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeee"
2 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
explaination.swfWhy Zelda and Link always CoExist1639 viewsSoundless
270 KB
Flash 6

This is a short, small flash I've made using Minish and OoT official art (and a screenshot from the GCN movie) in an effort to humorously explain why there's always a Link around when there's a Zelda.

Note that I'm trying to set a basis for how to introduce flash, so people can know if they need to dampen their volume, or be ready for a long wait, or even have a compatable browser.
21 commentsKoroks Rock
Ezlo.jpgMinish Ezlo323 viewsI'm content with the background, but the staff thingy should be better >< it's really cheesy..

hmm... I don't know... ther's something about it I don't like >< maybe it's the staff-cheesyness thingy
7 commentsDust_Bunny
ezlo.pngEzlo - That Minish Cap262 viewsHe has good hair so why not? - Oekaki6 commentsachitka
ForestMinish.gif440 viewsIron Knuckle
ForestMinish2.gif424 viewsIron Knuckle
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