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Aneko.jpgAneko252 viewsShe's second in command to Emiko who's the head handmaiden. She's also Gerudo as well.

Aneko by: Me

Remember, I'm accepting requests, either freehand or MS Paint weapons.
5 commentsAmy122
dxn.jpgDark LinkXNeko118 viewsDark Link gets an insane lady for a love intrest! There wasn't any character that I could find that would fit as Dark's partner. Yes, I'm lying. I just like Dark Link sooo much. TEEHEE.
Dark Link (c) nintendo
Neko, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
Group.jpgGroup164 viewsYes I went MIA for a good while, well this will be the last time I post anything on here. This site has really died down anyhoo, we have here, top and going clockwise, are, Akako, Chelsa, Aneko, Haruko, Umeko, Dai, and Akina,

Group by: Amy122

Btw, I'll be moving all of my art someplace else, and if I do anymore drawings that's the place where I"ll post my art.
11 commentsAmy122
HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_hauu13!.pngHAPPY BIRTHDAY hauu13!!!387 views Happy bithday hauu13( aka Neko-san) It's your gift! YAY! Vaati and Ganondorf got you a pie (any flavor you want it to be) So I hope you like it, and HAPPY birthday!14 commentsPrincess of Twilight
hikagi sketch.jpg
hikagi sketch.jpgHikagi rough sketch998 viewsHikagi is Zelda's and Carid's adoptive sister. She's Impa's daughter so she's half Sheika, half Harinco. Very hyper but a Sheika at heart; very disciplined and extremly talented fighter.
There are three tribes of Harincos, the Canis, the Felles and the Scorpia; Hikagi obviously is a Felles. They have many feline features but she IS NOT A NEKO!!!!
4 commentsdan heron
Lady_Aneko_by_Amy122.jpgLady Aneko237 viewsI so don't like the way her hair is, so I updated her. It'll be a while. Anyway, Aneko is one of Akako's handmaidens, and yes she's a Gerudo, her cousin is Nabooru. Her outfit has been updated as well.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and vote.
6 commentsAmy122
nekored.PNGNeko Red541 views 'Cause random-ness is great =D Red's turning Neko for some odd reason and Blue and Shadow are "WTF?!" And Red seems to have not noticed.

Shadow: "Uh, does this usually happen to Red?"
Blue: "Not to my knowledge."

Red, Shadow and Blue (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
3 commentsKeitii
ordongoat4lra.PNGOrdon goat cheese for Link_Rules_All217 viewsA request that LRA made about a month (?) ago. He wanted me to show it ruling with pain so I decided to have Neko-San throw the cheese at TP Link. Hope you like it LRA! Drawn 100% in MS Paint. 18 commentshauu13
svg4lra.jpgSupultra VS. Ganondorf for Link_Rules_All167 viewsLRA asked for a pic of Supultra his OC fighting Ganondorf, so here it is. The two girls in the backround are my OC Zenia and me, Neko-San in my fic. Fear my terrible swords and action poses! Me and Zen are betting on who's gonna win. Click on full view so you can see all the stuff I wrote. Zen's wearing a Gloomy Bear tee instead of her normal clothes (I'm jealous, I want Gloomy!)
Supultra (c) Link_Rules_All
Zenia (c) hauu13
Ganondorf (c) nintendo
Gloomy Bear (c) Mori Chack
6 commentshauu13
syais copy.jpg
syais copy.jpgCatnap: Hikagi1547 viewsYay! It's lil cute Hikagi. She was tired so she took a nap. Bad thing trees are bad places to sleep. It seems as if she were about to fall ^^;17 commentsdan heron
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