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anju.gif1084 viewsAnju, receptionist at the Stockpot Inn and Kafei's fiancee.
b-sealing.jpgThe Sealing of the Golden Land1870 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: The Seven Wise Men sealing the Golden Land in the Imprisoning War.Melora
cheese.PNGLRA's Request- Get out of the castle right now!120 viewsWoo, Harkinian looks like he's about to blow a vessel! L.J. and Oni Link/Fierce Diety/Draygin (shut up, that's the name I have given him) are in some deep trouble.They're about to get thrown out of the castle into the courtyard. Well then, Hope it's to your liking LRA.

On a random side-note: anyone seen the Star Trek movie? (Gawd I must be a supreme geek/nerd for asking that.)

Oni Link (c) nintendo
L.J., Harkinian (c) LRA
8 commentshauu13
Chibi_Oni-Link.jpgthe paddle of a new day289 viewsChibi Oni Link and Skull Kid after the fight on the moon1 commentsNeti
croq.pngScribbles160 viewsJust a few doodles. There are only random OCs on the right part of the paper. ^^'1 commentsWaann
DoubleHelixSword.JPGDouble Helix Sword139 viewsHere it is, Oni-Link's sword. I don't like the way the tip of the blade came out. I tried to look up it from someone else in MS Paint to see if they had done it so I could use reference. Which I found none. I don't think I'll ever redo this again.

Double Helix Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
epona~0.swflink and epona jump640 viewsits kinda cartoonish, sorry.. do you like the little pole in the middle? haha13 commentseponagirl
fantasy_oni_link_by_red_fan-d4w22o5.pngFantasy Styled Oni Link532 viewsWell at least my fantasy style.

Don't know what to say about this except that he was grocery shopping and noticed something...

<//v//< hnngh...

And yes, that is my deviantart file. I was just too lazy to remove the watermark... Plus I like to watermark things I made, which in this case is the clothing.
ferice deity dark link!.JPG
ferice deity dark link!.JPGoni dark link320 viewsI just edited off a fierce deity picture but i turned him into dark fierce deity since im such a fan :)4 commentsWhite_werewolf
FF-LinkA.jpgFinal Fantasy Link (Original rough)180 viewsI have a habit of drawing charcters in different styles to see if thier design would still work. Most of S. Miyamoto characters (Link, Mario, etc.) look great in the style of Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Black Jack). So with this one I tried the style of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Toshiyuki Itahana). I also uploaded the final of this but it's unfinished (too lazy)1 commentsDogmanSP
fiercedeity0005.jpgMy Oni Link310 viewsWow, seems like everyone here is working on Oni Link lately, thats cool, I LOVE HIM!!!! Here is my version, pencil sketch, Ill color it later, either with pencils, or if I'm feeling brave, with Photoshop!!!!13 commentsGirlink
Fierce_Diety_Link.pngFierce Diety Link (Oni-Link)307 views Yay! I finished this pic! I had to use the game for the colors, so I'm not sure if the sword is right...But anyway, I think he is so cool, and he looks awesome!5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
ganonizstyle.PNGGanondorf Prince of Darkness (and Doom)166 viewsGanondorf in the style of Invader ZIM (AKA, Jhonen Vasquez's way of drawing). Don't even ask why I drew this, it was made on the spur of the moment. Yes.
Ganondorf (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
GanonvsLink0003.jpgGanon VS Link, the final Smackdown296 viewsWell, I am playing TOOT right now, and I got to Big Ugly last night, (he killed me), but I will kill him tonight....That rainbow tail is cool, I would like to do this in color with a background....tooo tired.....Freehand pencil sketch...9 commentsGirlink
gerudolink_inked.jpgGerudo Link... meh.272 viewsBehold. What if Link were a gerugo... big "what if". Anywho, I'm a-thinkin' of writing a fic where Link is a Gerudo, and the antagonist... well, sorta. Probably for all of 2 or 3 chapters. XD

So aanyway, "if he's a Gerudo", I thought "he has to have stuff on his clothing that will show that." So I goggled up a piccy of Ganon and copied his generic Gerudo rattern onto some of Link's garments.

Ah, the cleverness of me!

Nestled in his hand he has 3 throwing knives. And a scar on his cheeck from some random battle. And his cloak is tattered because I luff tattered cloacks.^^
1 commentsaquawolf
gsg-daniela-konigrichard.jpgKing Richard1665 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official Link's Awakening German Player's Guide! Notes: A great image of Richard done in the same style as the Japanese art also in the US players guides. I'm happy to see there is so much more out there.Melora
img006_(12).jpgLink and Volgia125 viewsTHIS is adrawing I did a while ago,I worked hard onit hope you like it2 commentskjrules
img007_(5).jpgFIERCE DIETY LINK100 viewsIt's a rough sketch of oni Link or fierce diety link I just did I hope you like :]kjrules
IM_A0009.JPGCallie123 viewsYeah...this was a sort of cross between Sonic style and Malon. Take from it what you will.zeldaiskoollink
kat.jpgHappy Halloweenies!496 viewsSo yes. Its meee! I'm Link :D I made that myself and my mom took this picture of me earlier tonight before I went trick-or-treating. I drew the triforce on my hand, just for added authenticity. Tights are uncomfortable, and that's just from a female perspective. Poor Linky, lol.18 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Link vs Ganon.jpg
Link vs Ganon.jpgLinkVSGanon253 viewsThis I took alot of time on to get his skin to look almost like a stone smoke color and,. since his head looked kind of demonic,..and he's basicaly all dark and black I thought I'd give a sweet demon colored head..and the swords,..heh thats a secret..Another tribute to GL's defeat of Ganon,..and Toot HOORAAYY!!
5 commentsFyrborn
linkandshadow22.jpglink and shadow358 viewsyeah. if you dont like shounen-ai, then just leave. dont flame, dont bash, and dont be mean.
yes these are both men. yes they are about to kiss.

i like yaoi. there. it's out in the open. everybody knows it. now get over it if it displeases you.

thank you. -_- *bow* that is all.

13 commentsoni-bu
link_marin.jpgLink + Marin + Egg462 viewsthis is a scene i think should have been in the game. link doesn't even talk to marin before he makes her and the island disappear. this is the night before he goes to wake the windfish, and he is trying to comfort marin even though they both know she will soon vanish forever, a mere dream. that game really is very sad. ;_;
i painted this today because I was bored out of my mind and sick of doing all my art with the computer. i've wanted to do Link's head at this angle for quite some time. i think it makes him look so sleek. i've been on a link/marin kick latley. in this painting, i didn't want either of their eyes to be showing, it should be more impressionistic. i am quite fond of this, especially Marin's hair. I didn't use any references so please don't harass me about clothing. I wanted to draw Link with all his clothes on, but i was having a horrible time with his shirt, so i decided to leave it out. He is supposed to be in those little white tights he wears, having just finished a swim. yes, i know he doesn't wear them in LA and his hair is different... deal with it. XP
5 commentscerasly
Link_the_hedgehog.jpgLink the hedgehog212 viewsThis is what I think Link would look like if he was "Sonic-ified." I'm a big fan of the blue blur and that's what inspired me.

You'll notice I didn't use colored pencils. This artwork was colored in via watercolor
3 commentsNiko the ninja
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