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IM_A0010.JPGWW collage233 viewsSo, I did this two years ago for my now ex-boy friend's birthday. Edited in Photoshop (which i don't have on this computer....arg.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
komalli.jpgKomalli rough sketch904 viewsThe prince of the Ritos of Hyrule. A gentleman, sweet talker and quite the ladies man. He's a romantic guy and girls love him.
Unlike his cousin Quill, Komalili is an excelent student and is knows good maners.
7 commentsdan heron
maple.jpg1 is good 2 are better886 viewsQuill (the guy on the left) is a Rito. Icnoyotl (the guy on the right) is a Feles. And Maple is a Veerial, or demon, like Midna.
These three are romanticaly involved, and it's not one of these cliched, "oh, I love you, but I love him too, oh woe is me." Nah, Maple loves these two guys and they love her back, and she decided, if you can't have one, keep the two!!
So yes, I guess you can imagine this means the boys are bisexual and Maple is really happy X3

1 commentsdan heron
MedliDrawingColourYAY.jpgMedli Hovering176 viewsI realised that I havn't done any WW art (except for my Handcopy of Medli that i did aaaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ago) wich is silly, cause i'm a huge MedliXKomali fan, so rlly i should have done some pics of them....

ANyway moving on. I was in a bit of a state, 'cus I was bored of drawing Gerudo and I aske my aunt to pic a name from a list (it was a list of species in LoZ) originally she picked gerudo, then picked shiekah.... But i complained i couldn't draw them, so she picked Rito. And who's everyones faveourite Rito???? No, not Quill.... No not Komali either.... Medli.

So this is her all grown up!!! I was gonna draw Komali, but couldn't be bothered.

So here she is, hovering in the wind...

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
puzzle_t.pngCompleted Quill Puzzle640 viewsSubmitted by Lesoria.Ricky
quill.jpg1482 viewsQuill, one of the Rito.
quill.jpgQuill rough sketch922 viewsQuill in my fic is a lot younger, quite a trouble maker and cousin of Komali.
Both are in Hyrule's university along with Maple and Majora. Quill's goal is to get a date with Maple, although that seems quite difficult at the moment.
Maple just can't stand the poor guy and usually beat his poor ass
7 commentsdan heron
Quill.jpgQuill356 viewsthis is a gift for a friend on Deviantart and Fanart central.

bleh! I messed up the leggs and the body >< ... and the face... grr... the only thing Im content with are the wings
6 commentsDust_Bunny
Quill.jpgQuill176 viewsAnother pastel. Can you find Link in this picture?2 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
QuillGAIA.jpgFirst Class - Fledgeling Quill X3420 viewsShe's baaaack~ :O8 commentsTara Cobi Jenkins
ZeldaDC.jpgRito Dreamcatcher116 viewsHey ZL. It's been awhile I since uploaded fan art here and so I drew this concept entirely on Paint. Heh, it took me two days to finish with the mouse.

As you see I titled it "Rito Dreamcatcher" because of the Ritos; they look a lot like Native Americans and some tribes represent the eagle as their spirit of guidance. Like how Quill poured his wisdom to Link in The Wind Waker.

Fanart RM
5 commentsCaranthir Felagund
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