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Blue,Tetra,_and_Ruto.pngTetra, Blue, and Ruto538 views In my fic Blue loves Tetra(Zelda's older sister), but Ruto loves Blue. He doesn't like her back, and tries to make that point clear...but she won't take no for an answer. So when Ruto finds out that Blue likes Tetra, she HATES Tetra. So that is what is being portrayed in this pic. Enjoy!
Ruto and Tetra (c) Nintendo
Blue (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
P.S. If anyone wants a request I will try to do them ASAP.
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
BRIDES.jpgHere come the brides!1435 viewsThis is my first Zelda fanart totally colored with Photoshop! I'm so glad I got it! The Pendant of Memories was also made with Photoshop, BTW. Here, every girl that has wanted link for herself is here to see to whom Link is getting married! Malon is the one with Saria and Marin is the one at the left, looking at Zelda. Ruto is green with envy! XD20 commentsMalu CLBS
Conceited_Blue_Drawing.pngBlue Being Conceited488 views Just a drawing of Blue being his regular self. You know how he is. I just love his, and the other Link's expression (s). I don't see what Tetra, (or Ruto) sees in him. XD Oh, Well I hope you alll enjoy this!
Blue, Red, Green, & Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
earthsages.PNGMedli and Laruto: Sages of the Earth146 viewsFirst attempt at drawing a Zora and Rito, I think they came out rather good. I decided to modify their outifts (They didn't seem very sage like). So, what do you guys think?
Medli, Laruto (c) Nintendo
Art (c) hauu13
I'm open for trades and requests.
7 commentshauu13
haharutoisabitchop.jpgWhy Link runs avoids Ruto...475 viewslol this is a comic style picture, just having a laugh at how i think Ruto would be as a wife! OLD2 commentsRachel
Hylian Ruto.jpg
Hylian Ruto.jpgHylian Ruto865 viewsIf Ruto was a Hylian, I think so would look like this. Isn't she cute!12 commentsSusie Q
Ice_Cavern_Wolfo_Attac.jpgIce Cavern Wolfo Attack253 viewsLink in the Ice Cavern...ready to be pounced upon by a snow wolfo !Hyrule Chicken
IM_A0017.JPGLaruto145 viewsYay for the only Zora in WW...although she's dead...zeldaiskoollink
I_think_its_finally_done.jpgThe Random Ruto That is Finally Finished!!!542 views24 commentsdude_thats_evil
kasui sketch.jpg
kasui sketch.jpgKasui rough sketch1057 viewsKasui is a Zora, one of the modern Zoras. They change their looks once they reach their teenager years.
He's very loyal to his friends and quite romantic with Ruto X3 his girlfriend
6 commentsdan heron
kasui.jpgWild Happiness635 viewsYeh, I know some people is gonna hate me, but Kasui and Ruto break up in the fic.
Fortunately, they find love again, so donít be sad for them.
Kasui (the guy) is a Zora and Laetita, is a Ghoma. After he and Ruto broke up, Kasui became very bitter and even more violent than he already was. His hate for the Pristine Army reached the extreme and Link and Koshamu had to stop it more than once from doing something stupid.
He started to develop feelings for Laetita, unfortunately, the girl was part of the White Cross ranks. The Tecolotls arenít exactly Crosses, they are more like hired arms to fight the Quetzals.
Laetita had a really hard time trying to cope with her feelings and her duties, and she and Kasui fought many times for the control of the Holy Spirits of the Nahuals, Balams and Alebrijes. Kasui always beat her. Still, he never could bring himself to finish her off.
After some time, they decided that their love was worth defying some rules
Title comes from Laetita name, latin for Happiness
dan heron
laruto.jpg1995 viewsLaruto, ancient Zora sage.
Laruto.jpgLaruto508 viewsI've never played WW but I love zoras and I decided to try to draw Laruto anyways. It's not the best, but at least I tried! lol7 commentsSusie Q
link and konohamaru2.JPG
link and konohamaru2.JPGKonohamaru's new hero188 viewsThe first pic I did for my friend that is obsessed with Link and Konohamaru.Hylian Blood
LRA_BDAY.pngBirthday Pic156 viewsWell, this took me WAAAYYY longer than I had hoped due to schoolwork. T^T Anyways, it's two months over due, so...Happy Belated Birthday LRA!^^
L.J., Sadaka, and Saphero (C) Link_Rules_All
Ruto, Navi, and Pit (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Me
12 commentsPrincess of Twilight
malon and konohamaru.JPG
malon and konohamaru.JPGKonohamaru: "It's warm!"219 viewsOn of a few pics I did for a lady friend who Loves Naruto and Zelda. She loved this one ALOT!!Hylian Blood
medli.jpgMedli rough sketch1184 viewsMedli was raised in a Zoran tribe so she never got to see Valoo until later, when her tribe was killed and she was rescued by Kasui and Ruto.
Komali tries to make her his girlfriend but with poor results, Medli is too focused on her duty as assistant of Valoo
11 commentsdan heron
Nabooru.jpgNabooru the Sage of Spirit119 viewsHey everyone, I just finished drawing this piece today. Thought I draw Nabooru looking realistic, well sort of lol. Ruto and Nabooru are my favorite sages. :) I slightly changed her hairstyle letting some of her hair hang loose and also the design of her neck chocker looks different as well, because her original one looks hard to make out to sketch. Hmm her hand looks funny to me. lol

Artwork © R.M.
4 commentsCaranthir Felagund
Ocarina of Time.jpg
Ocarina of Time.jpgChibi Ocarina of Time1464 viewsjust a bunch of the characters from OoT in chibi form! ^_^12 commentsbrigette
ocarinacg.jpgOcarina of Time1046 viewsBleh this picture is one year old XP... Sorry about the watermark, it's to prevent people from stealing my art. I still kinda like this picture although i see a lot of mistakes ^^;; Thanks for looking!15 commentsChibi-Rinku
oot_girls_sm.jpgGirls of OoT.686 viewsAltogether, this probably took about 10 hours. I wish I coud post the full-size version, but it's 4.5 MB. O-o All the clothes were original designs, since I ddin't have any referances available when I drew it. After I finished it, I realized I forgot Impa. Oops. Maybe she's just so manly I forgot she was a girl of OoT, too! lol. Enjoy.5 commentscerasly
priests.jpgPriests443 views11 commentsLinkgirl
Princess Ruto.jpg
Princess Ruto.jpgPrincess Ruto220 views2 commentsKia
Princess Ruto.jpg
Princess Ruto.jpgArt Trade for Ricky4785 viewsIt's finally here!!! I'm so so sorry I kept you waiting for so long!! You're the best and I can't thank you enough for you friendship!! I hope you like it!!40 commentsMagalink
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