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7triforce5bu.pngTriforce214 viewskao
9triforcearena1fg.pngTriforce Arena237 viewskao
awesomewlevels.jpgHero of Courage, Wisdom, and Power648 viewsPhew! This took forever to do, but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. The scene is supposed to be Link receiving all three pieces of the triforce (Zelda and Ganondorf are dead or something, notice they only appear as reflections beside Link's). Lots of work, lots of lighting effects, lots of satisfaction. Whad'ya think? Note especially the lighting on Link, with the blue and red, not to mention the water...17 commentsdudeofrandomness
AWhisperOfTheTriforce.jpg988 viewsFrom nintendo.com3 comments
b-the-golden-land.jpgThe Golden Land1939 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: The Golden Land is a realm the goddesses created to place their symbol, the Triforce. - Later to be known as the Dark World.Melora
christmas2004.jpgSanta Link224 viewsHe knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you've stolen the triforce!6 commentsgoldenforce82
Din.pngThe Goddess of Power1123 viewsthis time its Din!

yay red! wait... its more pinkish... o_o;
23 commentsbrigette
Dinfarorejanayru.jpgNayru, Farore and Din373 viewsAll three creating The Sacred Realm, I suppose. Anyway, I had wanted to draw these goddesses for a while now, so when I had the time, I drew them. Not very successfully, tough...3 commentsan-chan
Dragon_Link.jpgDragon Link140 viewsIn Curse of Charanatos, Link finds a magical mask that turns him into this beast. He gains the ability of all dragons including flight (duh), super strength, and fire breath. He can strengthen his fire breath via the Triforce of Courage and Curse of Charanatos isn't his only appearance...Niko the ninja
dungeoncrawling.jpgDungeon Crawl622 viewsA pic of Link and Zelda in a Dungeon. She does have the Nayru Shard of the Triforce and is using magic. Link is just kind of having a good time.8 commentsHero_of_Light
EvilLink aka possesedlink.jpg
EvilLink aka possesedlink.jpgpossesed Link aka evil Link183 viewsthis is possesed link from my fanfic, also could be known as evillink.
this link is from a part in reality where hyrule has fallen to ganon and the princess was lost.
when link got up the courage to take on ganon,who had the whole triforce, and defeated him the anger from ganon was transfered from him through the triforce to link, link who had been confused and distrught at killing ganon went mad with power..destroying his reality.
and nearly myself who was trying to help him calm down.
the marking on links head means courage, and the mark on his hand is the sign for the full power of the one should ever have the full power of the triforce
6 commentsFyrborn
fs_link_wallpaper.jpg971 viewsFour Links on red background w/Triforce symbol.
g-triforce.jpgTriforce1065 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by MeloraMelora
ganondefeated.jpg1561 viewsLink defeating Ganon and getting the Triforce of Power.
ganondorfjb0.jpgGanondorf's triforce206 viewsAll the triforce under the ganondorf's power1 commentsGanondorf shadow
ganty.jpgTriforce of the Gods:: Ganty140 viewsGanty, from the Triforce of the Gods manga by Akira Himekawa. M'kay?

You can view the image on DeviantART here:
glass_triforce.png1156 viewsIron Knuckle
Goddesses.jpgGoddesses of Hyrule243 viewsOkay, first of all, I know you all are wondering why there are four Goddesses when there's only three. The middle one is my own made up character (who's the spirit within the girl from another realm) and she's Hera, Goddess of Fear. She was banned and sealed within the human girl before Din, Nayru and Farore made Hyrule, and that's why the Triforce was the Triforce.

Yes, my fanfic is based off of OoC.
1 commentsSage of Ice
GoogleLogo3.jpgThe Legend of Google197 viewsA Google holiday logo for February 21, the anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda game release date in Japan. (20 years as of 2006.) Yet another project done in my Graphics and Design class; the sword, sheild and Triforce were sketched by hand then scanned and colored on Photoshop 7.0. The images were then melded into the traditional Google logo. Yay for Zelda and Google! 2 commentsHyperlink
gsg-daniela-triforce.jpgTriforce1756 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official German A Link to the Past Player's Guide!Melora
hylain.jpgHylain Guard493 viewsOk, I havent posted in a long time, but just to show that I am still working on zelda design, Here is a hylain guard. Nothing out of the ordinary went in to drawing this, but it did take quite awhile to get the armor to look right, and to look in a way that he wouldnt be too restricted to movement. I tried to keep the roman-esque feel of the hylians from oot, but also added thier own little style of armor. I decided silver armor and black cloth would look really cool, and the triforce symbol on the chest plate could be bronze, or gold. Hope you like it, comment any changes that should be made.7 commentsBraxis
Hyrule_Phoenix.jpgHyrule Phoenix287 viewsA realistic depiction of the phoenix that's beneath the Triforce on Link's sheild.3 commentsKeaton the Yellow Fox
impalink.gif1362 viewsLink shows Impa his birthmark, the symbol of the Triforce.
Iseeyoughostieboo_copy.jpgMidnight Ghost137 viewsMy friend Sian made this when she came round my house. She took my drawing I see you and smudged it, coloured it and put an image affect (blizzard) on it. I think it turned out quite nicely (seeing that it only took 5 minutes and she was just randomly putting the blue brush everywhere).

The story is that Zelda was having a midnight stroll and saw the ghost of one of her decendants. That night the ghost came to her in her sleep and warned her. The ghost was extremely guilty, having accidently killed her brother. She redeemed herself by warning Zelda about another plot to take the Triforce, and the ending to the tail is that she finally laid to rest untroubled.
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