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bloodlinkweb.jpgSometimes a Fairy Just Isn't Enough339 viewsha, well, Ive been off writing doujinshi and managing a yaoi site at (dont visit the site unless you are 18 please!!!!!!)
buuut....I just remembered that I had a gallery here forever ago (I'm sure no one remembers, I haven't had a comment like forever....) ha but anyway, here is a little sketch i did and butchered in photoshop...........enjoy! OH, its a pencil sketch colored in Photoshop, and it is Link of course, kinda sad, well bawling really...awww dont you just want to hug him??? :)
Girlink (aka Ayame)
3 commentsGirlink
Great_Bay.jpgGreat Bay255 viewsSixth one, Link pays a visit to Mikau's grave. Cant' help thinking in Super Smash Bros. Melee !Ludovic
I want some bread!.PNG
I want some bread!.PNGVisit my website! LINK COMMANDS YOU!273 viewsIf you're reading the description, please tell me.
Keyword: "n00bs don't read it"
4 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Inu and Link.jpg
Inu and Link.jpgLink and Inuyasha1172 viewsOh! I remember this, I did this on september the last year, so IŽll upload it n_n, by the way i have the most of my draws in the next site, also there is a pic of myself so if you want to visit... IŽll be very glad that you can n_n.21 commentsSnow White
Likehepromised.jpgLike he promised482 viewsYou remember when Saria said to Link as he was leaving the forest 'promise you'll visit' well i dont think anyone else ever did a pic like this and i thought that it was a nice thought of Saria being really happy when he did visit. She is standing near the know it all bros house, recognise the hole where you go to get the Kokiri sword. Picture Link entering through the entrance hole thing (oh and at this point, just to add to the cuteness, Link doesnt see her yet and i picture some Kokiri's shouting 'Links come back!') I know im going into a lot of unneccesasary detail but...(look i actually did a background!) i like this pic, i though it was cute =^^= what do you all think?9 commentsRachel
LoZ2--Moa_and_friend.jpgZelda 2 AoL Moa and Girobokku109 viewsThe two ghastly eyes from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link

For Moa, I used an official art as a reference. For Girobokku (exact English name unknown; I'll have to visit the Zelda wiki to know), I used a sprite as a reference.

Anyway, here they are, haunting a graveyard (I know Girobokku appears in the "Valley of Death" near the final palace, but still...). For Moa, have the cross ready--some of them are invisible otherwise!
Picture_193.jpgZelda, realizing she is in love154 viewsOk, here is the Princess, in her bedroom, FINALLY realizing she is in love with Mr.Hero!
This is my first piece of work(though I doubt I can call it a piece of work... I really can't color anything, If you guys know about a good computer coloring program, please tell me... I'm kind of alienated when it comes to this)

Please comment, it's really important for me...

Thanks for the visit,

Pirates_ Fortress.jpg
Pirates_ Fortress.jpgThe zora eggs rescue at the PIRATES' FORTRESS478 viewsThis was made with pencil, only. Since I didn't use any rulers it's a bit odd. Most of my work has the date, name of the game when the scene appears, title and sometimes other extra info. Thanks for visiting my gallery and hope you like it. Ludovic8 commentsLudovic
TPLink 2006.jpg
TPLink 2006.jpgTPLink 2006182 viewsMy newyears pic,.
pencil version
I havn't finished the colored one yet,.
But I'll get to it,.
My Link didn't have a good newyears,.and nether did I,.
I never seem too,.
4 commentsFyrborn
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