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Most viewed - Oekaki of the damned
vaati.pngVaati - Evil Minish367 viewsHard to believe so much trouble can be caused by one hat.15 commentsachitka
Link1st.pngLink's first meeting with the Deku Tree341 viewsBy first I mean when his mother brought him there. I alway imagined that scene was dark for some reason.15 commentsachitka
Alttp_Color.pngLink from A Link to the Past336 viewsMy seceond favorite Link - Yes he is. 12 commentsachitka
napster.pngWTF! Not again!!325 viewsI can just see Zelda saying that whenever she gets napped in this game or that4 commentsachitka
1stday2.pngTetra 1st day as Captain273 viewswell there's really only one way for that to happen3 commentsachitka
Venus.pngVenus - Queen of the fairies270 viewsShe always seemed like a trouble maker to me.5 commentsachitka
Linklock.pngLink Lock263 viewsI borrowed the name from a fic I read at The author described it as that peculiar look Link gets, like he has a lemon in his mouth, but doesnt want to let anyone know that. 4 commentsachitka
midna.pngMidna263 viewsMust be the hat8 commentsachitka
Tetra_Start.pngTetra - Oekaki250 viewsJust a picture of Tetra from the Wind Waker a few years older. Sort of a scene from my fic. She keeps ending up in a particular Garden and it's starting to make her a little bit angry.5 commentsachitka
Oracle_Link.pngOracle Link243 viewsOf all the Links, I've always liked him the most. He's one kick ass little guy who can dance the dance with the subrovians.

On an unrelated note: I noticed he looks alot like the new Link, just younger. Must be his face shape or sumthin...
5 commentsachitka
tetra_amused.pngMiss Tetra is not amused238 viewsI just like drawing the little chica.5 commentsachitka
linkAGU2.pngLink?231 viewsPicture of Link from the Wind Waker - a few years older (boy had to grow up sometime)5 commentsachitka
TetraSpeckcolorNew.pngTetra and a Speck223 viewsThis is Tetra (or at least how I see her in my fic) The little guy is Kage. Prior to this he was bound by the fairy queen to Saimon and his sister Kageri was bound to Senkyoku. They were then charged with 'looking after' the children they had helped the bad guy of the fic to corrupt When Link broke the binding between Saimon and Kage, he reverted back to his old self. But he's a fairy with a reputation for doing not nice things.

So Tetra decided to call him Speck instead of the name he held as a Tekuragari with the hope he could find his true purpose. Speck is minus his ethereal glow for a reason, but that's just too complicated to get into here.
Minish_Link.pngThe Minish Link218 viewsYup, just another in the continuing debacle of Linkage. It's the Minish Cap Link. Was a fun game, had a good time playing it. 6 commentsachitka
ezlo.pngEzlo - That Minish Cap217 viewsHe has good hair so why not? - Oekaki6 commentsachitka
Link_back.pngWhat the !$# is that?217 viewsJust trying out a new tool - tones and stuff

It's Link, with no place left to go. I'm sure he'll be fine though. Once he figures out what the !@#$ that is.
3 commentsachitka
NSS_Chapter_01.jpgWithin the Main215 viewsMore cover art. This time it's Chapter One3 commentsachitka
mirror.pngmirror mirror212 viewsHey, haven't drawn anything for a I thought I'd stop in. Is a scene from my fic. I'm in the middle of the chapter I am working on and I needed a break anyway.

She picked up one of the larger pieces and stared at her reflection. A crack running through caused her image to skew. Broken images fell like scattered raindrops in her head and Kageri felt ill. Master Hito was so sure that they’d killed the intended Hero when he was still an infant. Perhaps they did; she and Kage had sickened many children that year, though it was still possible that some might of escaped. Mournful cries floated up from her memory as bits and pieces of her broken past vied for her attention. It was always part of the plan, but the tekuragari regretted the taking of innocents.

She really isn't a very nice'd be better off staying away from this one.

So many things are wrong with that picture...ah well - hope you like
mido.pngThe Great Mido204 viewsIt's that kokiri every loves to hate...Him and Link having a nice chat.7 commentsachitka
NSS_Prologue_Clean.pngNagori, Saimon and Senkyoku, Prologue: Link Who?204 viewsCover art for a chapter of my fanfic of the same name...turned out better than I expected -

3 commentsachitka
birdie.jpgA really big bird203 viewsJust a drawing of that TWW Link having at a very large bird.2 commentsachitka
potter_color3.pngHero out of Time201 viewsEver wonder what Link decided to do once he gave up the Hero gig? Yeah that's him alright - heh want find out, just follow the link below.

1 commentsachitka
fishcolor.pngBoyfish200 viewsCan't really call him a manfish, cause he's lacking his manly tatoos. 3 commentsachitka
zill_BW01.PNG*stuff*198 viewsJust messin around - but the java applet froze - so it's not quite done >.<2 commentsachitka
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