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Princess Ruto.jpg
Princess Ruto.jpgArt Trade for Ricky4480 viewsIt's finally here!!! I'm so so sorry I kept you waiting for so long!! You're the best and I can't thank you enough for you friendship!! I hope you like it!!40 commentsMagalink
Descendientes.jpgDescendants of the Wise Men3910 viewsThis is how I imagine the descendants of the wise men, you know, the maidens Link has to rescue in lttp. Mainly I took the pose from a pic of Ranma,
Hope you like it!
57 commentsMagalink
Imposible.jpgImpossible3067 viewsSaria dreaming about something not possible.50 commentsMagalink
kokiris.jpgKokiri Kids3052 views(Admin's Notes-
Magalink deleted her desciption. Because this is essentially a trace, it is in the rules that this link
be included in the description)
59 commentsMagalink
anni copy.jpg
anni copy.jpgTrade with Malon Aniku3019 viewsThis pic is for my good friend Malon Aniku.
This is a scene in the libray in the Spilled Goblet.

Anni: You don't have to kick him to wake him up.
Tetra: K! I won't kick him... "devilish chuckles"
Link: "wimpers in dreams"
Anni: Sounds like a little puppy, don't ya think?
Tetra: Hee... yeup.
Link: "in dreams -I know Tetra's around here"

I hope you like it Anni!
44 commentsdan heron
Kiss.jpgThe Kiss3001 views57 commentsMagalink
Navi.jpgNavi2931 views23 commentsMagalink
g-fairies.jpgThe Great Fairies2839 viewsAnother OOOLD pic, but still like it, the great fairies from Majora's Mask! The pose is from a pic of Ranma, with some modifications32 commentsMagalink
Cremia&Romani.jpgCremia & Romani2797 viewsMeh, I know the background sucks, but I think it's better than nothing at all! Jaja!52 commentsMagalink
Link-himelian.jpgMy Link2770 viewsI'm writing a fanfic, and this is how he looks in it!51 commentsMagalink
Fairy.jpgFairy2765 viewsThis is how I imagine the fairies look like inside that little ball of light26 commentsMagalink
Marin.jpgMarin2765 views21 commentsMagalink
Nabooru.jpgHolas!2760 viewsMeh, I really didn't know what title I should give to the pic, and I like the idea of her saying "Hi!" in the pic.
I took the pose from a pic of "Ah! My Goddess"
52 commentsMagalink
Link-groso.jpgA New Hero2729 viewsThe Link we're all waiting for!!56 commentsMagalink
Marin1.jpgBeautiful Maiden2704 viewsThis is a copy of a pic from Urusei Yatsura, one that I really like, and somehow made me think of Marin, so I drew her, instead of Lum, the original character.39 commentsMagalink
nabooru.jpgNabooru2698 viewsMy favourite Sage!16 commentsMagalink
Mayra-marco.jpgMayra2692 viewsIt was time for me to post this pic... I was waiting a bit...
I don't know why, but I feel really proud of this pic, I believe it's one of the best I ever did, if it's not the BEST!!
Now, to let you know a bit of her!! She's one strong character in my fanfic, she has the highest rank in the army of the elves (could anyone tell me wich one it is? I don't know how it is in english...) That's right!! She's the boss!! And since she's that powerful, she's the one that tought Link everything he knows, but of course, he ends up being better than her.
41 commentsMagalink
Awakening1.jpgLink's Awakening2686 viewsThe beggining of the game, one of my favourites I must say...34 commentsMagalink
Talt.jpgTatl2686 views20 commentsMagalink
Zeldita.jpgYoung Zelda2638 viewsThe young Princess from OoT.33 commentsMagalink
Dormida.jpgSleeping Beauty2637 viewsThis would be Zelda, from the 2nd game.41 commentsMagalink
helpme.jpgHelp me...2634 viewsThe beginning of "A Link to the Past".
22 commentsMagalink
Primeros.jpgThe Hero and the Princess2589 viewsThis is my version of Link and Zelda from the first game.32 commentsMagalink
Zelda(oot).jpgPrincess Zelda (OoT)2579 views29 commentsMagalink
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