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wowowwo bigger.JPG
wowowwo bigger.JPGZelda Bonus Comic Page two!813 viewsIm done! one more page to go....and hope you will enjoy it so far...sorry if its too big but its better if you click on it. I just did this last night. k bye.9 commentsAllysa
zeldaart.jpgTwilight Zelda811 viewsAs you know Princess Zelda is my favorite character in the Zelda series. ^__^ I just had to draw Twilight Princess, Zelda!!! XD She is the bomb!!!7 commentscrazyfreak
fgdf medium.JPG
fgdf medium.JPGZelda Bonus Comic!810 viewsThis is my second time making a comic, so it's not too good. My 1st was requested from ZP group, it was fun so I want to do it again. Now im working on the second page so hold up. It's almost done...Hope you like it so far. BYE! ^_-
(Click on pic to make it bigger so you can see the panels more clearly)

7 commentsAllysa
For You.psd.jpg
For You.psd.jpgFor You809 viewsYeup. That's Link and Romani... And some cuccos for some reason. ^^; Done as a request for someone on Sheezyart.15 commentsMalon Aniku
Explorar0021.jpg"gasps" Ari >3806 viewswell, just a lil doodle I did during my class of Costs and Graphic Production.
This is what I want for Ari's final design. Longer hair, this outfit for her every day life, and small breasts. She wants bigger breasts, because people calls her boy and then she has to beat their poor arses X)

Just pen, no pencil, nor idea of what I was doing until halfway, then I started shading X)
15 commentsdan heron
kom~0.jpgIt didn't wither this time804 viewsWell, we all know Medli and Komali are made the one for the other X3 I think this is one of the cutest couples Nintendo has officially made in the Legend of Zelda series. In fact, I think itís one out of five or so; the only other couples I can remember of are:
Mikau/Lulu, Anju/Kafei and Nayru and Ralph (Iím not really sure they were a couple, though).
In my fic, Komali is after Medliís heart too, but the young assistant isnít very sure of loving at the Rito boy. I mean, yeah, heís rich, charming, clever and many more things, but he also as a reputation of casanova in Hyruleís University. Still, as you can see, Medli finally accepts. You can imagine how hard it was for poor Komali, just look at him how exhausted he is XD
I think you can imagine where the title comes from ^^
5 commentsdan heron
fairyboy.jpgweirdos796 viewscant we learn to just get along15 commentsMichelle K.
kittykiss.jpgkitty kisses796 viewsi wuv kitties!!!!22 commentsMichelle K.
notcool.jpgcourage?791 viewssome of the monsters in the new game are so creepy!13 commentsMichelle K.
EBMoBo3_001.pngEBM Moon Saga Book 4 Cover790 viewsYeah.5 commentsMariaGemini
7202.pnglittle link784 views12 commentsZero-One
Link_and_the_Ladies_inked.jpgLink and the Ladies - inked783 viewsI inked it! Wahoo! Tho the ink might've bled a bit in certain areas, i think it's k...15 commentsSora
sketchlink.jpgsketch twilight princess782 viewslil sketch of link from the new game.13 commentsMichelle K.
tonalli.jpgTonalli rough sketch777 viewsA cute, little, bundle of love ^^
Tonalli is just too cute and naive for her own sake, she's the little sister of the Corķ family (Link's family, she's "adopted" by Kado) and is a lovely and easy to scare girl.
Her sting doesnt have poison but it's still very heavy and strong
She's of the same race than Hikagi
7 commentsdan heron
ganon_party.jpgHyrulian Cafe776 viewsThis was drawn for Seranatra.

I'm lazy and used photos for the background but the rest of the characters I drew from scratch. I know Ganon's outfit isn't entirely accurate, but I was (again) too lazy to draw it right. XD I hope you like it anyway!
16 commentscerasly
captain zora.jpg
captain zora.jpgCaptain Zora775 views15 commentsHobbit
collageoflinks.jpgLink Collage775 viewsMade it myself from a bunch of official art (I think all of it's OoT, credit to Nintendo). I intentionally left a *small* halo around each Link so the greens wouldn't bleed into each other.13 commentsdudeofrandomness
allmugs.JPGZelda mugs771 viewsEdited from Fire emblem mugshots
12 commentsUtherLink33
makar.jpgMakar Falling771 viewsOK, admit it. We've all at some pint said "hey Ma, watch this!" This is just my take on Makar having such an expirience.12 commentsKoroks Rock
epona.jpgEpona770 viewsThat's right! I thought, "Hey, if my Human characters are becoming anthros, why wouldn't an animal become an anthro too?"
Epona is a lovely girl adopted by Talon (Malon's father), and she currently works in the ranch. Pretty tough girl with a heart of gold. She and Mal get along really well, and "lil" Epona loves to hang around with Link. She has feelings for him, but they aren't love. The girl knows he's already with Aliku, and she has no wishes of becoming dead meat at the hands of a psycho Sygel ^-^;;
Oh, and if her eyes look weird, that's because I gave her horse pupils. They aren't like ours, they are horizontal, so now you know.
4 commentsdan heron
chapter 5 pic 2.png
chapter 5 pic 2.pngHeld As Hostage767 viewsthis is from my own zelda fanfiction, that person named Shiva is holding Zelda, you can see she is unconscious. if you want to read it go too:
Url Text
*Best if you put this URL on google search* ^_^
9 commentsAllysa
4links+shadowfixed.jpgFour Swordsish Variation766 viewsSo I was going to make a picture with the other various ideas that I had for the Link pic (from Magalink) and I put them all together and it just kinda turned into this. Of course, I made it so the links on top were green, red, blue, and purple (corresponding to 4 swords game), and the one at the bottom is supposed to be shadow link. The text was made by me following a GIMP tutorial. I thought it turned out randomly good. Considering it was sort of an accident. I fear that Shadow Link turned out too dark though...on the laptop it looked much brighter than this.55 commentsdudeofrandomness
dance~0.swf766 viewsif someone wants to sing it for me i'd be glad to add in your voice, but i decided my voice (bass) is not fitted for such a song (go listen to some russians hear to see what i sound like).

Also, if anyone has any dance suggestions i'll take them, but for now this sums up the animation pretty well. As always though, it's a work in progress :)
12 commentsKoroks Rock
moon_vs_sun.jpgMoon vs. Sun761 viewsMe trying to use new trailer pics again. (I really like that wolf by the moon pic, and I'll probably use it like 10 more times) Due to the random appearence of the wolf in the Z'05 trailer, I decided that link had the power of the moon or whatever, so yeah. And he's fighting that lava guy (who turned out horrid, at least his face did) with the sun behind him. Yeah.19 commentsdudeofrandomness
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